Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi everyone, I’m Sergei For folks who hasn’t watched my first video And I’m sure you haven’t watched it as there was a horrible sound I live in Thailand and my hobby is bodybuilding And I’d like to contest for the first time in my life I’ve no idea how it will be – I rely totaly on myself and information from the Internet, no one really helps me So I’d like to post videos on my channel as I’m sure there will be lots of mistakes which you, guys, can point on So how was it started It’s started in the beginning of January when I’ve finished bulking Weight: 96kg (With height 170cm) Waist: 86cm And byceps 41cm I’ve been cutting for about a month And I reached some kind of success.. Hmm, what kind of success?) Weight went down till 88kg And waist is 79cm now Bicep is 39.5cm Well, I think my bicep is genetically not big Or I’m doing something wrong, I’m not sure I planned to contest only on the 2nd April In Chiang Mai, Thailand And then I knew that there will be another competition on the 16th of March in Pattaya So I decided hurry my ass out and prepare harder To get into shape for this competition as well How I prepare? While I was bulking I ate around 4000ccal (and 400g carbs) For two weeks I smoothly reduced carbs to 150 and then I liked a book by Lyle Mcdonald “Ultimate Diet 2.0 It has a good system scientifically explained So I’d like to try to prepare by this book And I think around 3-4 weeks I’ve been trying it now Both training and diet as the system requires it alltogether And you can’t just take something one as it won’t work How it looks I’ll tell in my next videos Also I’m planning to make videos about my food, nutrition, training and last details before competetions And a lot of other things, I think, may be competetions, where and how to buy food, how to live in Thailand ans so on If you’re interested – like my video and subscribe – so I’ll be able to inform you about new videos That’s about all, I’ll see you later, bye!

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