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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Thai Hi to everyone I see it’s popular to make videos kind of “1 day from my life” So I followed the trend and made a video “1 day of my contest prep” Hi It’s 6:30am now I’ve just woke up That’s me sleepy Need to check weigh – you can’t see it, but whatever So, I’m going to bathroom do my stuff That’s my shape now My shape Allright So I’m going to do my stuff – I think no need to explain why there won’t be video of it So hygienic stuff has been done It’s coffee time now! I’ve got an espresso machine and coffee grinder It’s not like i’m coffee expert, just I like any kind of fresh grinded coffee from espresso machine Doesn’t really matter if it’s cheap or not – just not too bitter is fine for me Heat the cup As my girl woke up I can make some noisy stuff Love the smell *Call me crazy that I extract such a long time*:P Put rice to cook – not for me, for my girlfriend We cook it in microwave It’s easier And time-saving Rinse the rice, cover with water and leave for 20mins, medium power While drinking coffee check news, e-mails, messages etc. And eat some jam 0ccal Take vitamin pills as well and go for cardio I’ve got some energy from caffeine (may be also some yohimbine and clen :P) And it’s cardio time! Love an empty gym in the morning Totally empty! So this way I’ll be walking for an hour Till get really sweat That’s it, I’m done. Average heart rate is 147 Overdone a little Actually I do cardio 1 hour with such intensity to achieve heart rate 135-145 And to avoid burning in muscles for sure in my legs as that would mean lactate accumulation And it needs a lot of time to get remove it from muscle tissues And even if it doesn’t burn anymore, lactate is still there and it needs some hours to get away That would negative affect on my evening training, so to save power it’s important to control it Time to go home So I’m home, just took shower And now I’m making a protein shake Guys! Not because I’m so scared of CATABOLISM! And not because I think it’s so important. I think it doesn’t really necessary, you just need to eat something after awhile I drink my protein shake just coz I like the taste I use strawberry isolate with ice and egg whites (they give kinda milkshake consistence) So guys, around an hour has passed And it’s time to make breakfast It’s 10:30am now and it’ll be my first normal meal I’m making an omelette with egg whites, some chicken breast, tomatoes, garlic So that’s the food I’ve made – pretty simple I will eat, finished reading news, do some work And drive for some business So guys, finished eating Now I’ll go to motorcycle service center and then… Then go to bank, shopping mall and stuff like this My friends, I left my bike and now I’m a pedestrian And now I’m heading to the shopping mall – it’s not far (thanks God) And I’ll do other things there Go to the supermarket, get some food And then I think my bike will be ready Around 3 hours later They will change oil and oil filter, give it a wash and return It’s beautiful here We arrived I’m a little bit richer now So I’ve got plenty of time to… Dunno what to do I think I need to put some money on phone balance Then go get some food And I’ll have a sit somewhere, may be open a periscope stram Yeah, in case someone doesn’t know I have a periscope (I’ll leave link under the video) SUBSCRIBE! I have around 3 more hours I think I’ll have a coffee So, my friends, it’s 6pm now And it’s about time to go gym for kinda hard glycogen depleting workout It’s 2 circles of full body workout, 1 exercize for each group of muscles, 2 sets. 5 minutes rest between circle, 1 minute rest between sets But before I’ll stack myself with half portion of protein, coffee and secret ingridient It’s raw green sour mango (peeled already) It’s a popular snack in Thailand, don’t think you can understand the taste – Thais like to eat it with a mix of chili, salt and sugar or some kinds of chili sauce That’s it, I’ll eat it and go, don’t want show myself eating Allright guys, that’s my example of 1 circle I’ll have some rest now and repeat it again But not gonna shoot the same thing again I’ll keep shooting at home, byeee! So, I’m home Drinking protein again, same I showed you before It’s almost 10 pm now Dunno, feel really tired today Workout took 2 hours Plus 30mins cardio after It’s actually not like Lyle Mcdonald recommended in his UD2.0 According to his book It should take about an hour And it’s mainly big muscle groups But I’m on steroid cycle, so I added some more exercises for small muscles And it took kinda long time I added 30mins cardio as well May be if I’d be natural I’d never do it (and I’d never recommend to do it naturally with no steroids) But I think if you use steroid – you should work even harder I love theories and stuff, read books, especially Lyle Mcdonald’s I like the idea in his book “Stubborn fat” that we break up fat into fat cells first by intensive train and then utilize it in our blood flow by cardio So I decided to try something like that and kinda made myself really tired with that I’m finishing my shake now Take a shower Then finish some work and eat some more protein food And go to bed I think

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