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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello my name is
Sanya and I’m glad to see you on my next channel
in which I am going to tell about cooking different
protein shakes, plus give some sensible
tips. So every video we
cook or gainer or protein shake, and
one of some banal separately, and sometimes useful
Council. Today we will be with you
and briefly cook gainer to talk about the products,
that it includes. so add 200-300 grams of yogurt.
Someone may add water, someone milk. Do I have to increase
kalloriynost, add yogurt.
The second product is a mess, Today we end of the video
We talk about the porridge. so 3 tablespoons oatmeal
add. Porridge contains Carbohydrates with a low glycemic
index, that is very useful carbohydrates. And the
useful feature porridge that protects our
the immune system. Also it contains a lot of protein,
carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Another wanted to tell
the differences between those cocktails that you and I are preparing,
from cocktails that sell sports shops
supply. The first differs it is certainly natural.
Here we see that the products we cook, we their
see, feel, do external inspection, shelf-life
to see what would be fresh It was.
All this is useful to easily usvoyaemo.Ya then I wrote a composition concentrates
all, if you look this shit, shit, concentrate
of shit, lactose, from which proberёt you, and not the fact
what it says on the package, It corresponds to reality.
On the fence too much that written.
Then there is of course the variety, we cook every day
gainer, later proteinvoy cocktail, cocktails will be
permanently different with different staff and they will not be bored.
A protein that you buy in the store, you drink one
the same composition day, then second, third, on day 5
You will already be sick of monotony, as you
You get used to it and vryatli it will benefit you.
And even better, our cocktails? This cheapness. All natural
cheaper, and in the purchase Gainer basically you pay for
brand, for a nice package. Next we add
egg is one or two. about egg, I think it is not necessary to describe.
The egg is the best product in the world that was created by nature.
Then add one banana – A source of easily digestible
carbohydrates. I take creatine, so I add it
in our cocktail. creatine he pours your muscles,
water retention in the body and so our muscles seem
a lot of bulk. More to taste add
or any Nesquik cocoa. I prefer chocolate
cocktails. And to enhance kalloriynosti
You can add here pack ice cream, though
this is a useless product but still. And add honey.
But I ended it so I did not add.
1 tablespoon of honey has needed. So we gainer
ready. Gainer has turned out with great
mineral content of easily digestible carbohydrates. Fast and slow.
Kreatinchik protein. practically this cocktail to replace a full-fledged
healthy breakfast. When to take it?
This is best between meals food, or between breakfast
and lunch or between lunch and dinner. You can pre-workout.
And now me useful Council – about the porridge. TOP 3 porridge
that we need, the most useful for the coefficients
efficiency to our body.
In the first place in buckwheat us, it contains
best of all protein cereals, which in addition to the amino acid
composition more suitable pitching we needed
carbohydrates, rich in vitamins, minerals. This porridge standard
all cereals. In second place is the oatmeal,
as I mentioned earlier too, plus all useful
It protects our immune system, It removes toxins from the body.
And in third place barley. I personally did not barley
particularly I love, but still. You say emae and where our
favorite pic, we’re his days and we eat at night. I want you
A little disappointed guys, Figure consists of 80% krahala,
it is even more potatoes useful than an athlete
Fig. The rice is almost lack of vitamins, minerals.
Figure for those who lose weight. The rest of the porridge too praktipcheski
useless. Munk it finally can not understand why
created, chickens can be seen feed only.
That’s all. Can someone I enjoyed today,
someone does not like it. In the following video we
cook protein. In comments you can write your recipes
cooking gainers and proteins may be I
I will be their voice and to do. Tk that subscribe to
channel, put huskies, share this video with your friends and

6 thoughts on “Как Cделать Гейнер в Домашних Условиях

  1. Как сделать Гейнер в домашних условиях. Рецепт приготовления углеводно протеинового коктейля

  2. Рецепт гейнера:
    Молоко или вода (200-300 грамм)
    1-2 яйца
    3 ложки Овсяной каши
    1 банан
    1 столовая ложка мёда
    пачка мороженого по желанию
    креатин 5 грамм

  3. привет саш а для набора веса он подайдет нет или чего еще добавить

  4. НЕ советуйте людям гробить жкт и выкидывать продукты на этот посредственный гейнер, если его можно назвать таковым.

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