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Homemade Sour Whey Recipe ingredients: the juice taken from the sour yogurt (from hanging the yogurt in a cheesecloth overnight) or the left over juice of making Persian Curd (Kashk), corn flour 5 tbsp, salt 1 tsp pour the juice taken from the yogurt in a pot and place it over the high flames let it to boil for 40 minutes uncovered after 40 minutes add teh corn flour to the juice it is better to mix the corn flour with cold water in order to dissolve completely before adding and let it to keep boiling check for the salt of the juice, if it needed, add some salt let it keep boiling until all the water is evaporated as much as it boils more over the flames, the colour will get darker after all the water is evaporated and it got thick, remove it from the flames put some black seeds in the desired mold and pour from the mixture in the molds until it gets solid Sour and Yummy Whey Subscribe for the Best

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  1. واقعا ممنون عالی بود ولی حیف که زیرنویس فارسی تامیخواهیم بخونیم نوشته انگلیسیش میاد نتونستم دقیق بفهمم چی به چیه

  2. سلام وعرض ادب
    چه چیزی سفتش میکنه بطوری که بار چاقو بخایم جداش میکنیم ومصرف کنیم؟

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