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Hello Friends, I’m Aditi and I welcome you to Aditi’s Kitchen Today I will explain how to make homemade horlicks like protein powder This powder will be specially helpful for kids who eat very less and are underweight due to which their immune system gets weakened if given regularly, this nutritious powder will strenghten kids immune system, make their brain sharp, aid in child’s growth this video is useful so do watch it till the end before you start watching the video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel then click on the small bell icon in the side to receive timely updates from our channel Take a pan and put 25-30 almonds or 100 gms almonds. Dry roast almonds at low flame Color has changed and almonds are dry roasted. Now we will take out the roasted almonds in a plate and let them cool. We will dry roast other dry fruits in a similar fashion. Now we will dry roast 100 gm cashewnuts. we will dry roast just like almonds chashewnut has changed its color don’t roast the cashew too much now we will put off the gas stove and put the cashew in a plate and let them cool We will put on the gas stove again. now we will put 100 gm walnuts we will dry roast walnut as well walnuts have changed color and are dry roasted. we will take them out in a plate and let them cool off. now we put 50 gm pistachio and will dry roast it as well. if you are unable to find any dry fruit or ingredient which has been used in this recipe you can buy it from links provided in description and pinned comment on top all the four dry fruits are finally dry roasted and we will keep them for some time to be cooled off. Once the roasted dry fruits are cool, we can make a powder in a mixer grinder if we pulverise them while still hot they will not come into proper powdered form, but oil will ooze out of dry fruits. you can add oats as well, but it is totally optional. oats will also be dry roasted in a similar fashion and powdered. roasted dry fruits are now cool and we will pulverise them in mixer and grinder first we will pulverise almonds and walnuts please make sure than you don’t run mixer grinder on full power. keep running slightly at equal interrvals it will make sure blades don’t get warm and dry fruits don’t leave oil. Now we will pulverize cashewnut and pistachio as you can see we have pulverized the mixture and it’s non-sticky Pass both the mixtures through a fine sieve. We have to dry roast makhana/ lotus seed as well I already had lotus seed powder so I’m adding it directly Now we will pass it through fine sieve we will properly mix the fine mixture. this mixture contains all the dry fruits and makhana/ lotus seed this enhances brain power of kids and also improve their immunity I have added 1 tsp of coco powder I added coco powder as kids usally like to have chocolaty food items specially my little boy likes chocolate flavour. if your kid like some other flavour like vanilla you can replace coco powder with it horlicks like protein mixture health supplement for kids is ready. when you will add it in milk it will dissolve easily leaving no trace behind. add saffron strands saffron is also good for kids brain development. kids and adults both can take it as desired. if you liked this video then don’t forget to press the like button it motives me to come up with more of such useful videos.

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  1. This is really great as most companies use inferior quality ingredients these days.. it's better to make it yourself for safety of your kids .

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