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hey what’s going on guys living proof
Fitness back with another video I wanted to show you guys these weightlifting
hooks slash straps work kind of like regular
wrist straps that would help you with all the tension you know taking the
tension off the joints when you’re lifting really heavy over these ones
right here come with these hooks just wrap the strap around your wrist and
they come with the hooks that you do this place in the palm of your hand
which help take a lot of the the weight off your grip you know instead of having
to utilize a whole lot of grip strength now you could just wrap these things
around your wrist use those hooks place them on the bar and then very very
lightly use your grip which helps put a whole lot more tension on your back
focusing primarily just on building more muscle instead of having to concentrate
on keeping that grip strength so it’s a hold your weight up and which is pretty
awesome because you can you can use these for you know pull-ups lat pull
downs you know deadlifts barbell rows shrugs cable rows the whole nine and I
gotta say after I was done using these already by the next day my back was
extremely sore more sore than it normally is when I do back day and obviously I know it’s exactly why it’s
because I was using these and you could just feel it as you’re doing the
movement would you feel each and every single rep is more targeted towards the
muscle itself instead of having to focus on not falling from the bar because of
your grip strength or you know when you’re doing the rows same thing letting
go of the heavy ass weight when you’re doing the row so I would definitely
recommend these to everybody if you’re really trying to focus on you know
building the muscle otherwise what are you doing you know if
you’re not focused on a building the muscle what are you really doing anyways
visa or considerably a good price if I remember correctly my girlfriend did buy
them for me for her for Christmas and I just finally got the chance to use them
and they are awesome guys I’m gonna make a whole separate video on the wrist
straps which is regular wrist straps themselves but these hooks you don’t
have a pair maybe look into getting some and go try them out for yourself let me
know down in the comments what you think about them you can try them already but
plan on doing it and yeah guys go make you some gains a be sure to LIKE comment
subscribe and become living proof I’m making gains bro for you

12 thoughts on “★ Weight Lifting Hooks Review | Why Use Weight Lifting Hooks? | Living Proof Fitness ✔

  1. I need to buy them,I had lots of bros on the net saying that,if you can't hold certain deadlift weight in your hands,you not ready to lift it! Even if your back can,what's your opinion?

  2. These are awesome especially for anyone dealing with a tennis elbow (epicondilytis) that comes from over gripping.

  3. I just ordered them because of a tendon that got ripped in my finger. Doctors told me 3 months of no heavy lifting, but this will show them!

  4. Thanks for the review. I will buy a pair now. I really need to isolate my back as much as I can since my chest grows wayyyy faster than back.

  5. Where to buy these. I'm from India
    I have got problem in gripping because of pinched nerve in my neck so it's like half peralise in my hand I really need these but could find it

  6. I know you're a heavier dude, but You need to get that chin over the bar, try using bands if you can't get there yet. No disrespect by this comment just some advice.

  7. I just ordered a set to use for pull ups mainly and to do toe to bar as well for my abs…. I will be 65 tomorrow and have copd and am trying to get into shape. I hope to see my abs one day 🙂

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