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hey what’s going on guys Anthony with living proof fitness and as you can see i am on that muscle pharm combat protein and i must say this shit is damn good problem with a lot of protein powders if they taste like shit so you just don’t want to take them I did recommend you know that Walmart protein because it’s cheap as fuck but it just tastes like crap and that’s like what the difference is between a lot of these proteins it’s not necessarily that they’re completely different and everything to put in them it’s just to taste this one tastes pretty damn good this one is a cookies and cream and as you saw normally with water it makes it even worse but this one tastes fucking crazy good with water but it is even better with milk so just to go over a couple quick specs on the protein powder 140 calories per serving only two grams of fat five grams of carbs 25 grams of protein so everything is looking pretty damn good not to mention you got five different sources of protein that comes in this one you got your hydrolysis you got your isolate you got to concentrate you got your egg and you got your casing now as you guys know if you follow in the channel I am going through a cutting phase right now and the cutting has been going fucking great when you get like a shitty source of protein powder it can make it more difficult to lose weight but I’ve been taking this and I gotta say it’s been going pretty freakin good now they do got a couple of the flavors if you don’t like cookies and cream I’m on website just to check out the other flavors and they got all kinds of flavors banana cream chocolate milk peanut butter triple berry chocolate the cookies and cream and vanilla and it’s actually a pretty decent price I got this one from Costco I believe for like it was like 35 bucks and I’m in Alaska so it might be cheaper where you guys are everything is expensive in Alaska then again I don’t know I’m looking at this bodybuilding com and it says 4199 for a four pound jug of it so just do some research and you’ll be able to find a good deal or hit up your local Costco or some shit so besides the price being good we already talked about that it’s delicious which is a very important when it comes to protein if you actually want to start taking it on a regular it’s gluten-free so if you’re trying to get gluten out of your diet stuff will work it’s also time release protein so you know saying it’s going to overtime it’s going to finally just first rush your box it doesn’t just cycle through really fast and then you just first up a lot of protein so anyways I’m not going to get into all the details about this protein I’m just here to tell you guys that it’s damn good it’s beneficial with every kind of protein that it has in it it’s low in calories it’s low in fat it’s high in protein 25 grams of protein per scoop oh yeah you know what not sure if you got to pee in a second ago but here’s the size of the scoop I know sometimes some of these proteins have a scoop that’s like big as hell and it’s like what the funk mix is only eight to ten ounces it’s gonna be like all clumpy and disgusting and that can make you not want to take the shit that’s yeah that’s another good thing about this as it does mix well I didn’t get any clumps or nothing like that i have not tried it in a shaker cup yet but with how it’s mixing with the blender it seems like it works pretty good with a shaker cup so if you guys are balkan shit take this protein if you guys are cutting take this protein it tastes good it’s affordable why the fuck not not going to drag the video out any longer just wanted to drop this quick review on this combat protein if you guys liked the video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you want to see me try any other products or if you guys are interested in anything that I’ve already done on the channel make sure that you drop that information down in the description below and I’ll be sure to get back to you also don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and click that bell so you guys can be notified about all the material to see and dropped in this channel and as always thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in a few days for another video should I’m making gains bro are you I’ll show all I wanted to say hi you

44 thoughts on “★MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder Review | Best Tasting Protein | Living Proof Fitness ✔

  1. Just picked up the chocolate milk flavor and its delicious. I've tried many chocolate flavors and this is the best so far. I mixed with 12 ounces of milk in a shaker cup and it mixes easy as hell

  2. been on it for 4 days now…. WOOOOOO shit is fire….

    Recommend use: Blend
    2tbs peanut butter
    2tbs coconut oil
    2scoops MP powder
    vanilla bean ice scream
    and milk.


  3. i picked up a tub from costco today for 37 bucks or so, was seeing some videos, really liked yours, was just wondering if i should take it before or after a workout? i wanted it for like muscle recovery to prevent getting sore and maybe a little muscle growth.

  4. What about the 45 mg of cholesterol is that bad cholesterol well that raise my cholesterol if I take it or is it a good cholesterol of course I’ll be eating good food

  5. What's the difference between this Protein Powder and 100% Whey of the similar brand? Same stuff with different results or something?

  6. Bought this on amazon 4lb for 16$ would never have considered it due to the amino spiking claims years back. Is it legit now or still spiked AF?

  7. I'm not a body builder but I'm using TDEE to figure out my macros and went with "cutting" macros so I can drop some mommy pounds I've picked up over the last couple years. I grabbed this stuff at Costco last night and it is delicious! I was a bit sore from the gym, had a cup before bed cuz I was feeling a little hungry and had a load of calories left over. I feel great this morning after some stretches. Glad to see this stuff has a stamp of approval, it's so yummy!!

  8. Nice language man.. Yea nice shitty words on protein.. I loved that.. Take this shit man.. Other proteins are Damn shit this tastes sweet though it's not shit.. Amazing no nonsense rap language Bro…!! If it's not crap then it's rap if it's not shit then yo its a hit… Gain to bulky but ain't no shitty Bcoz I'm the big man with a big protein on my hands… Ha ha lol I seen some scoops they look big and pathetic as hell with disgusting clumps all over the place.. Lollzz that was amazing.. You wanna bulk take this shit.. You wanna cut take this shit..!! Amazing rappy words..!!

  9. And the smile which you gave after drinking that angel protein I felt as you were fed up eating all crappy proteins till now and then finally there's that protein which you wanted badly..!! Lol..!! Amazing how you Americans talk and rap at the same time be it protein or shit..!! Some proteins are as cheap as fuck and taste like crap… I fell on my floor when I heard those words..!! As if it's a disgusting whore…!!

  10. I have a important question I’m 15 years old and skinny and I want to gain weight and muscle will this make me lose weight?

  11. Gotta question. Does it make you fart like hell? Reason I ask is because I used to drink ON whey protein shake and I farted like a mutha fucka. Not tryna to be funny, but yeah, I farted a lot with ON whey protein.

  12. I do boxing and wrestling, and I wanna loose weight while building muscle, is this protein shake good for lean muscle?

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