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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hello, everybody, and welcome back to my channel. My name’s Thomas, if
you’re brand new here, and usually I make styling
and hair related videos every single week, but, in this video today, I wanted to talk about my titty workout. Um, so a lot of you have been asking me for my routines and stuff
that I’ve been doing because, obviously you’ve been seeing on Instagram and also in my videos, my body is starting to change shape. I am not a physician and I’m not a PT, so anything that you try from
this video that I show you is out of my own experience
and up to your discretion, but I really wanted to bring it forward because a lot of you
have been asking about it and that’s why I’m doing it today. And I do know a thing or two about pushing through that
barrier of feeling like exercise is such a chore. So I wanted to have a sit down and have a chat with you first just about the mentality
of getting into fitness. So, if you’re somebody
who doesn’t really know a lot about fitness, or you’re kind of a little bit like, “Oooh, I’m not comfortable
getting started,” this is particularly for you. For me, what I noticed I was doing was, I was being very problem-focused when I looked at exercise, rather than goal-focused, and what I mean by that, just as a great example is, I would be scrolling on my Instagram feed, and I follow, lots of like, very attractive boys, and then, beautiful bodies, and then I would fall into this trap of looking their Instagrams and going, “Oh, their body’s so beautiful,” or, “They’ve got this, and I
don’t, and, “I’m shit,” and focusing more so on the fact that I didn’t have what they have rather than focusing on what I’ve gotta do to actually get what they have. The difference in the thinking is, instead of looking at somebody that’s got a great body as a defeat, like, it defeats you, you look at it as inspo. So, what do they have? I know I want it. And what do they do to get it? So, I went and had a
look at one of the boys who I follow on Instagram, who I kind of like, look at for inspo. His name’s Erixmith. And, he has like, the best bazongas I’ve ever seen, right? Like, he’s definitely tit gold for me. And I was wondering how
he actually gets his, like, his tits to look
the way that they do, and, at the time, he
had a YouTube channel, and he posted on there his actual tit routine, or, his chest workout routine, which is just a set of pushups, which is what I’m gonna be
taking you through today. I did go and look through his video before making this one, and he’s actually taken
all of his content down, so, yeah, I guess it’s just
you and me doing this routine, but, the main thing is, if you’re looking at me on Instagram, or if you’re looking at
anyone else on Instagram, going, “Aww, they have the
best body and I don’t,” that is what I would call
problem-focused thinking, and what you wanna do is go, what is that person
doing to get that body, and what do I need to do
to get it as well, okay? So, let’s get down a little lower, and we’ll start talking some tits. (smooth guitar music) So this routine I’m about to show you, this is perfect for beginners, and this is what I started doing when I started working on my chest. I’m now over on the bar, you can probably see it in this camera. I now use the bar, because after doing the
pushup routine enough, my chest has grown enough strength that now I’m using that
to grow even further. But, if you’re just beginning, this is gonna be the perfect
thing for you to get started. And if you stick to it, you will see results, and you will be on your way to taking Instagram shots, just like this. Look how oiled up I am right now. Boing, boing, boing. I’m gonna need a bra soon. So, the routine’s very simple, it’s literally just pushups. It’s five different pushup variations. And they’re all designed
to work different parts of your chest. So, the variations we’ve got is just a normal pushup, like this. So, we’ll put our hands a little bit outside of our shoulders, and we’ll be like this. Then we’re gonna go down, chin to the floor, up. And then you’d do that five times over. Then the next variation is, we’re gonna do a ‘Y’. So, we’re gonna put our
arms out quite wide, and this is gonna work the inner chest. And, what we’re gonna do is like this. Down. Up. Then the next variation
we’ve got is the wide, but twisted, so you’re gonna twist your hands out a little bit like this, and keeping that wide stance, and what that’s supposed to do is work the under titties. So, I’ll show you a variation of that. Up. (exhales) The next two are a little bit trickier. So we’ve got a diamond pushup, which is where we put our hands together like this in a diamond shape. When we do a diamond pushup, we wanna make sure our
elbows are going back. We don’t wanna go out, like that. And diamond pushups are
usually the hardest. (giggles) So what we’re gonna do for this one is we’re gonna get our
chest over our hands, then we’re gonna go down, up. You wanna go as low as possible. So that’s the diamond one, and then we’re gonna do the alternating ones. So, this is a little bit tricky, and it might take a bit of coordination, but, to begin with, what you wanna do is
put one hand down here, kind of near, a little
bit below your nipple, and then your other one up here. And when you get really good at it you can put your leg up like that, but if you’re just starting out, you just wanna go like this, and we’re gonna go down, and up, and we’re gonna swap. So they’re alternating. Down, swap. So with the variations
for this beginner workout, we’re gonna do five of each pushup, four times over, and if you’re really ambitious, you wanna go five. So it should be five for four sets of five pushups of each, if that makes sense. So when I do this as well, I like to go with the hardest first, if I just get the hard
ones out of the way, then the rest all seem easier. So, for me, alternating pushups and the diamond pushups
are always the hardest. So let’s start with the alternating ones, because I actually hate this one, and you’ll feel it as well once you do it. That, we’re gonna put our hands out, and because this is an alternating one, I’m actually gonna do six of this so I can get like, an even amount on each side, but for the rest I’m gonna do five, okay? I’m not trying to change
the story on you too much. Alright, let’s go. So, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Now, no resting, either. You wanna go straight to the next set. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. I did six there too, whoops. Okay, normals. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Wides. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Wide twisteds, so we’re
gonna turn our hands out. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Ah! There ya go. And that’s one set, and I’m already sweating, but it is really hot here in this country, and already, after the first set, you should feel your tits
starting to swell up. This means you’re tearing the fibres, and if this starts to puff, along with your arms, you know you’re doing the right thing, but you have to keep going. Alright, so now it’s been about
45 seconds since I stopped, so I’m gonna get straight
into the next set. I’m going to speed up through these. And we’re gonna do four rounds, alright? So here we go. We’ll have a look at how
puffy my tits are afterwards. (hip pop music) Whoooaaah. I’m pooped. So, even after that, like, I haven’t done that
routine in quite a while, since I’ve been working on the bar, but that’s tough. I’m probably going to be
sore from that tomorrow, and I thin that’s because
I haven’t been doing those exact pushup routines, I’ve been doing more working this way, but try it out, and remain consistent, but when I watched Eric’s video, back when he had it live, he said to do it like, every two to three days. Doing it every day is probably not going to be the best thing, because you do need to
let the muscle repair and you will be sore if you haven’t been working out for a while. So, yeah. If you have any questions
about it as well, please feel free to leave me a comment, I’m always happy to answer more questions, and let me know what part
of my fitness routine you wanna see next. Do you wanna see how I, you know, do my belly, do you wanna see how
I do my legs and butt, do you wanna see how I eat? What is the next thing that I need to do? Because I thought titties
was the best place to start because that’s actually, like, my favourite part of the body, but, yeah. You guys let me know, alright? And let me know how I did
for my first workout video, because this is a first time for me, and, how’d I do? (giggles) If any of you guys tried this at home and find it useful, please let me know, because I’m always looking for feedback on how I can make things
better and et cetera, and that’s pretty much all I got for you. Stay tuned for more. And I’ll see you next
week for another video. Catch you later. (smooches) (gunshot) (casual guitar music)

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