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Hi, Hello and Welcome back to All4food In the last video we saw Breakfast Tour from Ahmedabad and now its time for Lunch right now I am going back to Old City to have my Lunch I wanted to show this, as you are seeing here they have seperate lane for City Buses It is very very good to travel fast in peak hours using public transportation I wish they implement this soon in Chennai right now I am in ZK Fry Centre it is located in Ahmedabad Old City, here you can find a lot of actions especially with Food during my Breakfast tour a man referred me this place for my Lunch here I am gonna review the Ahmedabadi Chicken Biriyani this Biriyani has a unique style and it is not like Mughal or Hyderabadi Biriyani this is the small Bistro the colorful Ahmedabadi Biriyani is right in front of me I feel like they added chicken gravy with the saffron Basmati rice but lets taste and decide The rice is dry and I can feel the strong flavor of Chicken Gravy here I feel the gravy is like Tamilnadu’s famous Chettinad Chicken Curry its just OK I don’t know what is written here, if someone here knows Gujarati please comment below

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