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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey muscle and strength Regan Grimes here
IFBB Pro we are in Venice California now we’re gonna head out to get something to eat
and you know we got a we got a fuel backup so we’re gonna head over to in
and out this place is always busy doesn’t matter what time you come it’s
always busy am I famous or something with all these cameras I’m gonna get a double
hamburger animal-style with fries and a milkshake for me like to be honest a
hamburger fries milkshake it’s the same it’s it for me right now because I’m
eating so much food it’s like calories in calories out it’s
like I don’t even care I could eat I could eat pasta and beef or I could eat
this hamburger you know it’s the same it’s the same to me can I get a
double-double with just I’ll just get it animal style yeah and then I’ll get
one fries and strawberry shake oh baby we comin we coming 85 thank you you too I’ll do this two times a week it might
may so happen that I’ll do three might may so happen that I might do one I
always make sure I just don’t go out of control I’m not gonna have this cheat
meal every day you know so here and we’re also here today not going that
crazy like usually usually when I come here I’d actually get like like two
fries two hamburgers and the shake today I’m just doing one hamburger one fries
and the shake with cheat meals when you’re in contests problem it’s because
your your glycogen is depleted you’re you’re you’re hungry you need to boost
your metabolism so there’s a lot to do with like leptin levels and stuff like
that but really it’s also good for your mental health as well so you know going
out for a cheat meal once a week and you’re in your contest prep keeps you it
gives you kind of a boost you know for the next to get you to the next week and
also you have great like two great workouts for the next two days so then
they also go back into your depletion and again do this cheat meal so
it kind of depends like on your coach but at one point you know I had my
metabolism boost up so much that I would go like three days like super low
carbs and then I get like a nice kind of higher day with the cheat meal and then I
would go three days lower carbs then get a nice another day high carb cheat
meal so it’s like it just depends on your coach and the approach that you
take five out of five you got to get it
animal style

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  2. all those bad trans fats and useless carbs. Such a bad example. Cheat meals are not about eating garbage. No wonder he's a bloated mess

  3. Yo muscle n strength get some new videos from different athletes ya?! We already seen this in another vid why reupload? “More money” is probably your answer🙄 Step up your game

  4. This month is Ramadan and I can't eat anything till morning to night after watching this one my mouth was drooling 🤤 😁

  5. I feel like Regan Grimes is my Bro-mate…
    Respect and much love Bruh Bruh 🏋🏻‍♂️🤙🏼

  6. The fact that people are asking whether this is a re upload is a good sign. It means more people are watching and remembering the content being dished out

  7. Here we go again with this guy. And at the same friggin restaurant. Get another athelete one time…

  8. And u wonder y most bodybuilders die of heart failure?? This is 1 reason y!! Look at all the shit this idiot eats!!

  9. What does animal style mean? We don’t have in and out here. Also don’t eat a lot of fast food anymore

  10. The funny thing is that…when you di a good clean diet as soon as you dig in some cheat meals or more calories after what…..1 hour tou look like twice as big

  11. I will never understand how tf a burger is a cheat meal??? It's beef lettuce tomato and onions tf?? And the buns are carbs. Cheat meal for me is carnitas ,pozole ,pizza ,donuts,junk food.. anyways great video

  12. So is in out burgers like Macdonalds!! us Australians call it maccas lol?? Iv seen a lot of people talk about in out burgers & they have a lettuce wrap burger 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I wish I got to meet him when he was at parramatta, bad timing for me
    🤞🏻 for next time
    primeval labs sups 👌🏻💪🏻

  13. Funny how life is. I was feeling guilty as all get out cuz I just downed a double quarter pounder and large fries and then in my retraction of despair I came across this video. 😑

  14. This dude is an absolute champ, i'd happily smash burgers with him and just talk shit. Keep these grouse uploads coming M&S👍

  15. Realistically, is there any way possible that there are employment opportunities for M&S?? Whether it’s videography for various athletes, or becoming an editor? I would love to be a part of the experience!!

  16. Ques : Isn't this video a part of a previous video where Regan shared his entire day's all meals?🤔

    Answer – Indeed it is 😜

  17. I love how often you guys post, even if the videos are segments from other videos they’re still pretty interesting to watch

  18. I’d feel bad for eating in front of the camera man(or women 💁🏾‍♀️). I’d offer them food 😂.

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