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Ma’am I’m sorry I can’t eat that I’m
sorry I tried I tried hey what’s up guys Victor Martinez
here muscle & strength about to have my cheat meal at Pawley’s Front Porch let’s
see what I choose and I hope you enjoy this It’s going to have to be a burger because
I don’t have really much cheat meals other than burgers and pizza I’ll wait till I get
back to NYC for that pizza and look they have crawfish which I won’t eat that
mahi mahi which I won’t eat again it’s just all set that balance of certain uh
deficiencies you have in the body that’s what the cravings come from know
you can diet for so long I mean but you can also be accustomed to just dieting
I think I’m going straight for the kill medium burger lettuce tomato that’s it
no onions no sauce bring the bread on the side
just because I don’t like the soggy burgers no cheese what kind of cheese do you have I’ll
save it for the pizza no cheese
I get the sweet fries no cinnamon sugar and you know what for a drink let me
just get you have just a club soda club soda with a splash of cranberry the
crispy fried oyster without the mayonnaise Oh perfect don’t even
bring it don’t bother bringing it I just want to see little oysters aren’t bad
just don’t want to see mayonnaise nowhere near the vicinity of my food actually stop
drinking actual soda I think in December I because you drink any soda
I like Diet Coke but it’s because the toxins of it you drink it takes at
least what eight ten days I mean to get out of your system you can clean your
jewelry with it you think clean so much stuff so I say you know what come
the new year I want to stop drinking but I started sooner and now I like the
carbonation of it that’s really why I drink it because if the sodas flat I
won’t drink it so it’s not for the actual soda taste it’s for the carbonation so
what do I do now i order club soda which has if anything no chemicals in it and I
will just add a splash of cranberry just for the actual taste don’t oysters have a shell where’s the
shell on my oysters all right whatever let’s try it you know do I really have to comment on this it
is such a foreign taste I’m not sure if it’s good or is just too much I hardly eat fried you know what I’ll eat one more I’ma say I don’t like it
because I’m paying for it and I’ma return it nah Ma’am I’m sorry I can’t eat that
I’m sorry I tried I tried Oh I’m sorry oh yeah hey this is cheating now this with the sweet potato fries the burger looks eight ounces and the brioche bun now I can cheat okay guys my cheat meal sorry I let you
down with those fried oysters but thanks for watching be sure to subscribe below

100 thoughts on “🍔 Cheat Meals with Pro Bodybuilders 🍟 | Picky Eater Edition w/ Victor Martinez

  1. I mean the dude's honest. He just doesn't say he likes it just because he's on video. I didn't think he was rude at all with the waitress aswell.
    Americans and their waiter/waitress overprotection thing is just weird.

  2. This is when the waitress and the chef starts rubbing the burger in their armpits and throw buggers to season it and spit on it to make it juicy lmao

  3. " I need you to take one bite " why if you know he doesn't like it. Typical whitey, your needs came before his

  4. He doesn't know what he is ordering, customizes everything, returns shit and has an appalling lack of manners. I would wager anything that he is also a shitty tipper.

  5. Victor is dedicated to his diet. He can’t even enjoy a cheat meal. That was the most UN-epic cheat meal I’ve ever seen. A hamburger and plain fries? And what was for dessert A banana split without sprinkles, no cherry on top, no whipped cream & no ice cream lol

  6. You guys have to understand that he's 40 yo! Maybe at 25, he could cheat with 2 tubs of Ben and Jerry, 1 large deep dish pizza, 2 lbs ribeye steak with garlic butter, and some pasta and spicy meatball with string cheese in the middle. At 40, this is all you get. SORRY!

  7. Nigga eat the damn food. What type shit u on? This ain’t no game. Order the mf burger and eat it

  8. I’m sorry I don’t care how big you are , a whiny picky eater is a 4 year old period , is that mayo close to my food , oh the chicken fingers aren’t chicken fingery enough and oysters oh my ….just eat the damn food jeeZe.

  9. WTF is wrong with all you guys? Acting like he's being a major asshole because he doesn't like something. You can see he feels bad saying he doesn't like the oysters because he says I'm sorry like 4 times in 30 seconds. The wait staff is there to serve your food and help give you a good dining experience at their restaurant. He didn't eat a whole plate and demand a refund, he didn't complain about any of the food, he just stated that he couldn't eat something and apologized for troubling the waitress while doing so and she even laughed at how pitiful he was being. I can tell most of the people commenting here haven't worked as a wait staff before because this guy is a no problem customer and wouldn't give anyone any second thought after they had left the restaurant.

  10. Bro you don’t order food and the decide you don’t like it and expect a refund. The fuck are they gonna do? Give it someone else?

  11. Bunch of butthurt sissies in here, I've spent over 15 years working in different restaurants and cafes and diners…his behaviour was fine compared to other ass hats that have come through our doors, i wish our difficult customers were more like him,that was nothing.

  12. There was literally no point in even going to that restaurant. He could've made a hamburger with ketchup only at home. Arnold Schwarzenegger had cheat meals every sat night, eating anything he wanted. He even ate at house of pies with Franco in venice a week before Mr. Olympia (he said in interview I saw). Cheat meals shock your body from having a monotonous diet that your body gets used to and it gives you a great pump in the gym the next day. He has a burger with no cheese, but will get a pizza next time?? Wow.

  13. Whoever voluntarily hangs out with this guy must like being depressed, holy fuck this guy is a walking cloud of negativity and poor manners lol

  14. I'm always baffled by bodybuilders who are afraid to drink soda because of health reasons (including diet soda), yet they'll inject copious amounts of "chemicals" and not bat an eye.

  15. In pretty sure he didn't finish the burger and fries and I'm kinda sure he threw up what he ate in the video.

  16. Ordered fried oysters. Gets fried oysters. Claims is “such a foreign taste”. Asks for refund.
    When I was a server I hated these assholes.

  17. Seriously fuck this guy, if I was the waitress I would have refused to go along with his over the top demands. Guy is an absolute looser, most bodybuilders have great nice personality's and are fun to watch eat but he is just a fucking looser at life.

  18. People gotta stop being offended in here.. Damn. Figure your own shit out if your feelings are hurt or you think he's "rude"

  19. Y’all think he was mean? Lol I thought he was being nice and that soft voice he was using was funny lmao mam I can’t eat this I’m sorry 😂😂

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