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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up muscle and strength its
primeval labs athlete Stephanie Sanzo here and I’m going to be giving you some
insight into what I eat for breakfast so you stay tuned okay step 1 grab a pan step two figure
out what you’re having breakfast so for me I will alternate I’m currently doing
the vertical diet so I’ll alternate between steak and spinach and eggs
omelet I guess so this morning I’m going to do
the eggs omelet so basically meal one is three eggs ham spinach in tomato next
meal is meal 2 which is a really low calorie meal I’m gonna be having smoked
salmon lettuce tomato cucumber a few different greens and a drink of orange
juice time for meal 3 which is my pre-training meal I’m gonna be having
steak I’m gonna be having spinach I’m gonna do carrot blueberries or pineapple
but today I’m gonna do blueberries and then the chicken stock so my fourth meal is rice it’s rice so
I skipped a meal today so I’m gonna have a little bit extra of this white fluffy
stuff so I’m gonna put in chicken breast which is 80 grams for me because I find
if I go too high and my protein for the day it actually does the opposite of
what I wanted to do now it just needs once again got sodium I have just
trained and I sweated so I probably lost a little bit of fluid so gonna
bring all of that back in here we are

100 thoughts on “🍴 Full Day of Eating 🍴 | Stephanie Sanzo | 1395 Calories

  1. Thanks guys !! 🙏🏼

    These cals were used during a weight loss phase.

    Right now I’m back up at 1900 cals during a reverse diet phase!

    But generally my calorie intake ranges between 1,400-2,000.

    So just keep in mind that your calories should vary over time depending on your goals 🏆

    Hope that helps !! 💕

  2. Can you please explain to me why she eats so little? 1395 calorie seems very low when avg recommenced is 2000. Thanks

  3. I checked she is 4' 10" at around 120 pounds. The 1400 calories doesn't sound that bad right now. does it?

  4. Finally someone who eats as much as me 😂😂. These bodybuilders eat too much 😂🤰🏾

  5. Juan Morel literally eats her daily calories in his first meal; only its calories from pancakes, captain crunch, ice cream, and Oreos 😉

  6. She has a really good physique…working out does wonders for the human body (if done with correct form) and coupled with good nutrition you can turn heads as you walk through the street ^

  7. Stephanie Sanzo is 4'10 according to google and 110-120 lbs. Makes sense why when looking at her calories i can legit eat double, because i'm literally double her height at 5'9.

  8. Good nutritional video.
    Don't understand these girls you see at the store, look like they're doing a weekly shop for their pet rabbit.

  9. A woman that lifts and eats meat, hot! And that Maiden rip off logo, even hotter. Although your daily calories is probably only one of my six meals, haha. But she is under 5' so it makes sense.

  10. What do you mean that if you have too much protein that it has the opposite effect? I started taking more protein and I'm putting on more weight than I want to. Is that what happens to you too? Maybe I need to cut back.

  11. Just eat 1 cup oats with a banana. And you want more make 2 to 4 eggs with buttered toast with a cup of milk

    Fast for 4 hours

    Banana peanut butter jelly sandwich and sardines

    Then for dinner eat a ramen with, eggs & cup of rice with a tbsp of butter with some hot tea and milk mixed together with honey

  12. It’s definitely good to see Mrs. Sanzo again. Women deserve to be more appreciated and honored like this. Muscle & Strength, you’re appreciated👊🏼 #WeAppreciateYou

  13. If u will eat this type of food your arteries will get clog and then u will suffered from stroke or heart attack.this food contains parasite gmo bacteria.if u have to live longer u should avoid this food.

  14. Steph do another one of these.. thanks for keeping it real to,,no need for pretty sets ups in the kitchen 🙌🏼❤️🙋🏼‍♀️🥰

  15. Is she cutting tomatoes right in pan?? She does not deserve to even have a pan then! What a demolisher!

  16. I'm 5"4 and 44 kg and I eat 2600 cals to maintain my weight and the most exercise I do is walking, I know everyone's different but even though she may be small, she still does weight training and has quite a bit of muscle, which both do require higher caloric needs

  17. 1st off all she Hot then a mafaka 2nd she can cook and clean she train like she mean it the women of my dream damn 😀

  18. This is very triggering as I have an eating disorder and you put the calories right in the title also crazy low

  19. Meal 1
    3 eggs, ham, spinach and tomato

    32.4g protein, 6.5g carbs, 16.9g fat- 321 cal

    Meal 2
    Smoked salmon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber a few different greens and some orange juice

    25.8g protein, 36.1g carbs, 12.7g fat- 360 cal

    Meal 3
    Steak, spinach, carrot, blueberry and chicken stock

    20.9g protein, 27.6g carbs, 18.6g fat- 387 cal

    Meal 4
    80g chicken and white rice w/salt

    29g protein, 42g carbs, 3.4g fat- 327 cal

    108.1g protein
    112.2g carbs
    51.6g fat
    1395 calories

  20. Woow jaw dropper man Jesus Christ I think I've blew buy watching her . Omg that body is insane yuuuummm

  21. 1 thousand 3… Calorieszzzzz……..
    I cannot even begin to imagine doing that. That I'd a mind bender for real

  22. Eating that much fat plus having liquid calories in an orange juice would make eating that many calories in a day that much harder… To each their own I guess

  23. 2:26 What does she mean by "if i go too high in my protein for the day it actually does the opposit of what i want it to do "

  24. Can you please post more “Full Day of Eating” with more females please? I would love to watch those on this channel!

  25. Wait why is it so funny that she eats that few calories ? Shes a women … they require different things.. i swear youtube be the dumbest place. What did u want her to each as much as phil heath loll

  26. Hello I notice you wear knee braces when doing your leg workouts I am trying to find some good ones. What ones do you use?

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