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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

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progress today you will see four awesome examples of post workout and recovery
supplement perfect to enhance your energy and muscle gains after training
so saying this subscribe right now and let’s write into it the wait is over muscle sack brings you
the latest scientific breakthrough that will change muscle building forever
clear muscle is a first three form of acid hmb ever discovered in only
MuscleTech has been a radically different from calcium cell hmb the free
acid form also known as beta tor has a free flowing water like consistency it
has faster absorption totally differ from the chalky powdered calcium salt
versions of hmb that have been sold for years it’s this unique free acid HAMB
compound that finally unlocks the true potential for unprecedented gains in
size and strength the salt version of hmb takes too long to dissociate in your
gut and be absorbed into your system therefore hindering absorption before
it’s eventually cleared from the body in the bloodstream the serious limitations
of calcium cell HF be continued as only a fraction of it actually gets into the
blood where you need it most but test subjects taking the potent beta tor
compound using clear muscle deliver dramatic results have a 97% more HIV in
their bloodstream over a three-hour period compared to those taking the
calcium salt form the results are clear clear muscle is
the most powerful supplement and sports nutrition history only it’s funny we’ve almost come you know
full circle as a society started out as you know just farmers and raising our
own food and then you know we’d kind of went way off the bandwagon with the fast
food and sugar filled stuff and now we’re kind of coming back again to more
you know local work in a clean eating and drinking we have seventy percent
approximately of people now aren’t reading labels before they put something
in their body before they purchase something the problem with these mega
brands is they are generally terrible at innovation now we’re seeing the
consequences of that you know diabetes rates through the roof and a lot of
other chronic inflammatory diseases as a result of this obsession around of sugar
and artificial ingredients let’s take all these natural better-for-you
ingredients pair it with the cool factor that the energy drinks have been so
successful with and the outcome of those two concepts emerged life it people live these different lifestyles
and they need customized nutrition just support those lifestyle we want to be
there after you crush your workout when you complete a project that you’ve been
working on and on the golf course we want to be part of your pursuit of
excellence that’s really the DNA of the brand I’m happy to see the trend or health
improvements it’s nice to see it spreading across the country it does
feel really good that there is a healthy alternative that you wholeheartedly
endorse and I think we all know that every
person that we get off of a soda or a energy drink or a diet soft drink that’s
gonna change their lives permanently it changes their trajectory go out there
you have a dream you have a vision that’s how we’re all going to change the
world going and taking that leap and taking those big risks and being
rewarded for it really that’s the whole purpose behind the company what’s up everybody its Mitch from the
fitness radar I got to tell you guys about old-school ABS vintage build it’s
their three-in-one muscle builder you have your BCA ZL glutamine and your
creatine monohydrate we don’t know your BCA sorry essential amino acids your key
building blocks to build a muscle creatine monohydrate is proven to
increase strength and endurance during heavy weight training and yet
l-glutamine is for recovery and boosting your immune system alright so I got to
tell you guys now my personal story were using vintage build when I first tried
it I did not like it there was something about the taste and I kept it real with
them a little while later I noticed that they came out with another flavor that I
actually loves and then the original one which was the berry flavor they made
changes to it and I mean why they’re so important is it shows that they listen
to their consumers now I’m not saying it was just me but clearly you know they
listened and they made changes what a lot of companies you don’t get that they
just put stuff out there people complain and you just take it it’s just what’s
day that you buy it or you don’t so it really shows to me that old-school
ABS is is really committed to listening to their consumers and making the proper
changes to make the best possible product that’s extremely important now I
gotta let you guys know you get 30 servings per container and it is for men
and women so woman’s gonna help you build lean
muscle so don’t think all if you take it you’re gonna get all big and slowly
gonna look manly no that’s definitely not what it is so you don’t have to
worry about you know all your misconceptions it’s gonna definitely
help fuel you it’s gonna help help you recover and it’s gonna help you get
stronger and of course we’re all old school laughs products there are no
proprietary blends there’s no artificial flavors or fillers when you look at the
back of the bottle you know exactly what you’re getting when you read those
ingredients there’s no confusion there’s no trickery so that’s another great
thing about old-school ABS products I’ve noticed increased recovery especially
after heavy leg days and bad days all right so give it a try you have nothing
to lose as with all of their products they stand behind it and they’re here to
help you in the best possible way if you don’t like it you can get your money
back now where else are you gonna find that type of service you just don’t see
that type of service so give it a chance people let’s get it my from the makers of c4 America’s
number one pre-workout brand this is way sports way Sport is the complete
all-in-one post workout featuring 30 grams of gluten free protein alongside
two and a half grams of creatine monohydrate and 2 grams of glutamine in
every surgery in addition the way Sport contains no soy protein isolates
finally wastes pork proudly wears the NSF certified for sport logo which helps
our customers to buy our products with confidence so if you’re looking for that
amazing tasting gluten free all-in-one post-workout make sure that you look for
ways for it only the best go now I’ll strike and
keep watching for videos come on let’s go

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