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Welcome to FIBO 2017! Hello Germany! Right here I’m with the Trec Team. My name is Blessing, If You don’t know, and I’m in here with… Hi, Maureen Blanquisco. My name is Dmitry Klokov my friend. Right now We’re about to give You guys overview, what’s going on It’s a first day so guys follow us. I will try to give some good information. Let’s go. Oh My God. Where are You from? Nein, nein. No English? You look great shredded Who do You, by the way? What? What’s going on? You competing? Hello, My name is Ania. I’m a fitness model from Spain. What’s Your name? Victoria. Victoria from where? From Hungary. Katarina Val from Norway. Norwayyyyy! You are guys from Norway together right? There You go. Norwegian girls You guys look amazing. Are You guys competing, on season, off season? Off season now. Off season. She looks like this everyday. Off season, What’s going on? Off season as well? No I’m competing for the Europeans. That’s a 4 weeks out yeah? Yeah. WOW! 4 weeks out You look amazing. Absolutely best of luck. Are You off season, on season? I don’t know What I’m. How’s she know. She just look good all year round. Thank You guys. It’s nice to see You guys. Give our camera some view right now. Hey What’s Your name? Valeria. Where are You from? Slovenia. WOW! You look amazing. Thank You. How is the FIBO goes? It’s a perfect It’s F***ing amazing. Isn’t It? Yes, yes. Oh man We love in It, We love in It. Right there. So here We are right here with Trec Nutrition supplements. Intra Workout. Flex Guard. BCAA High Speed. Sleep-er. Man It’s absolutely amazing right here. We’ve got some cool people right here. We’ve got this beast. This beast right here. What’s going on right here brother? How You feeling in? I’m feeling hungry. I’m looking for chicken, cow, rice, potatoes but I can’t find that. Oh My God. What’s up people. I’m with this beautiful people right here. Day number 3 of FIBO. What Do You think? So far. It’s amazing. We’ve been here just two days. Today and yesterday and It’s awesome. Is just crazy. We are from the Spain. We have been two hours from here and till here. and this is f***ing amazing. It’s beautiful to see all people with the same dreams and fitness and everything. This boy right now is to be Monkey. Performing. Are You Morgan Freeman? No, I’m Blessing AKA The Boogie Man. You should know that by now. Back to what I was saying. Don’t interrupt me like that again. All right It’s going crazy look at the crowd right here and It’s amazing. The one and only. The man I does no need to introduction The main man. The man of the hour. King Biceps right here. Come on. So guys How are You? Ohh Man It’s so good to see You bro. Of course You too man. You know what? Maybe I get rest last year. I told You, You got really mature right? It’s not today I’m gonna give You some time. At Bodypower. Is It BodyPower? I give You some time to catch up. I’m only joking. He kicked My ass last year. No,no, no. I dive on rematch. You let me win bro. No I didn’t. No I will be real. I did not let him win. Kicked My ass fairly and We gonna do It again. We gonna do It again. It’s so good bro. The atmosphere was insane. You know the hook founders love again. How many viewers here? 2 millions viewers today. Over that. That’s insane. To be honest bro. You are inspiration to a lot of young guys. A lot of young lifters. Just quick word of motivation for young guys were actually looking forward to You. I look up to You myself. You know because I mean look at You man. Come on what’s the secret. Been a lot of motivation right? So, I mean everyone says the same thing right? Is like: How do I get big? How do I get sponsor? How do I change my life? For me personally I never wanted to be a bodybuilder. I never wanted to be this. You know? I was kind of I had so much hate and so much negativity growing up. I had like this fire inside me give me the fly pack and once I go in to the gym It was all or nothing. You know. I don’t go in the gym I don’t text, I don’t take selfies, I don’t talk my friends. “Hey last week was amazing are You gonna on the friday, are You going shopping, are You gonna get some food?” I don’t do any of that I go in with my headphones on. I stay focused. I look at myself and I look in the mirror and think: Who do You wanna be? Do You wanna be like everybody else or do You wanna actually make something in Your life? You have one hour to push Yourself to Your absolute limits. Go to as much pain as It possible and when You walk out that building You either gonna live satisfied or like everybody else. So You’ve got to push forward. Force Your body to grow, because Your body don’t grow naturally guys. You have to force It to grow. Put Your yourself in a lot of pain. Push through the pain. And stay at It. And the biggest tip I can give You guys is honestly be patient. Be patient. People going to gym and They start eating clean and They diet for week “ohh I don’t see the results” Bro I’ve been doing this for years. How many years You have been doing this? Ohh man over 16 years. Exactly bro, It doesn’t happen over night guys You’ve got to stay patient and just You’ve got to won It. You’ve got to won It. Everybody in the world “Hey I wanna be this, I wanna be that”. I never went and talk about It. I never went the people and said “I wanna be this.” Never. In my head, yes. On the weights I showed guys. I showed people how much I wanted It. It’s just wanna make It happend. Really work hard. That’s the secret. Here We go. Real word from the man himself. Thanks a lot man. Hi so I’m with this beautiful girl. Hi I’m Dori Bodo from Hungary from Budapest. So I just wanna as like when is her next competition because She is doing really fine right now My next competition is Diamond Cup in Portugal and the one week later Marbella amateur Olympia. Ohh so look at her She is just beautiful. Come on turn around. Oww that’s glutes thoe. You look so shredded. Actually I’m about to take a pee I’m so bloated. Ohh just have to take a S**t. No. No, right He just have to pee. Bro You look great man. What’s the secret? What is the secret? Control Your hunger, diet. Control Your hunger. Diet. Stay in control. I protein, drink up, drink a lot of water. and yeah workout. Are You competing soon any competition or You just get shredded for FIBO? Or what? I have a competition 3 weeks ago. Arnold Classic Australia and I won the overall so now I’m pro. There We go. Overall Arnold Classic Australia right here. Men’s physique right? Men’s physique that’s It. Exactly. You look great. You guys wanna follow me Flow Wolf. So follow my journey, my next goal is Olympia. And I put up some size and gear. Keep rock in. What’s Your social media? What’s Your name? My name is “Flow Wolf.Pro”. On Instagram, on Facebook. And Youtube started as well “Flow Wolf IFBB Pro”. Where are You guys from? Slovenia. What is your name? Valeria. What Yours? Sabina but Czech Republic. Ohh awesome. Are You friends? Yes, yes, yes! OK tell us about that. We are friends. I saw her on Instagram and I fell in love. That’s all. Love story. Are You guys competing? When is Your next competition? When? In autumn not on spring. When You competing next? In the end of the year. Wow. You guys look amazing for off season. Turn around. Give us a good picture. Give some little intro. What’s up my name is Mukhtar Dublin from the Nutrend Team. What’s up? Awesome. Dublin Harling We are here. Bro You look amazing. Thanks man. What’s the plan. You competing? Yeah I’m four weeks off. At the moment so Yes I’m changing into PCA. New federetion. I’m going to muscle model. Open class so I can be as heavy as I want So that’s the most important thing and just trying to get me proportion, get condition. So see what happends. Bro You look amazing best of luck man. Go see You. There You go. Mike Sommerville just signed my back. Do It again. Come on sign me. Sign my back bro. If You don’t know is the next Big T. This guy is only 21-22 or something. There You go. It looks nice right? There You go. Bro tell us few things about Yourself for the fans And What’s the plan. The plan is winnig the Arnolds in September in October get them the Pro card. That’s the plan. Isn’t that sweet? Best the way You need to be thinking. You’ve got to think winning. Winning, winning. Alright set bigger goals for Yourself like this man. Right here man. It’s always to pleasure see You bro. How are You man? Good man. How are You? Good good. You are f***ing beast man, f***ing beast. I’ve been see You. I have seen You earlier. I was just want to come up talk to You and quick interview. You look great. Let’s start. Where are You from? Are You from Germany? No I’m from Bosnia originally and I live in Belgium I live in Belgium yeah. I know You have a lot followers and a lot young lifters look up to You. Just quick word for motivation for them. You know. You wanna quick quotes? For the guys, motivation. Listen. What I’m gonna say is: Don’t be a p***y, lift some weights and never give up. That’s the big I think. Don’t listen to bullshit. Don’t listen to bullshit. Be real, never give up. It doesn’t matter How hard It is. You keep pushing. Look at this guy man. Look at this guy. Awesome man. Thanks very much. Huge inspiration for a lot of people. Man You have a lot of followers. And for myself I look up to You so just quick word of motivation. That the young guys. What It takes to be at the level like this. First My English is terrible but. Keep working hard. Natan say good words but You need to belive in yourself and everything is possible. So guys You’ve got to belive in yourself and It’s possible. Impossible is nothing. Quick word of motivation for the fans. You know You are huge inspiration to a lot young lifters. People like myself looking up to You everyday. Day to day motivation for me. As far so just quick word of motivation for the fans out there. Just belive in yourself. Train hard. No one pushing down, You know. Anything is possible. Another secret quote just be Your hard working dedication. No shot cuts just work. It’s always to pleasure to see You. Every EXPO, every year. You are huge inspiration for a lot of guys. Absolutely no excuses right here. This is the man right here. You know You go by the name Bionic Body at the Instagram. To be honest I don’t know Your real name and the fans out there want to know Your real name. My name is Edgard John-Augustin come from France, Paris. and my social media name is Bionic Body. Ok there You go. You got It right here man. Thanks a lot man, huge pleasure. You look amazing. You look amazing Juts quick words of motivation for the fans. Well number 1 – Be patient. Cause a lot of times things don’t go Your way So You just gotta hanging and keep doing what You do. And do It for the right reason. You know? Lot’s time people do It becaue They trying to get first place. They trying to get money. They trying to gain status. But If You doing It because You love It no matter what happend, You know, You still winning right? So that’s the most important. Good to see You again. I have to say. Huge congratulations. Just tell us man You moved to Kuwait right now, right? I’m back home now but I was there for 3 months training for the past two shows. But You know the real question right? A lot of people want to know the secret. From Kuwait. Well there is no secret. It’s old school, old school bodybuilding. When You have a coach, You have everybody around You in Your camp. 24/7 You know. Monitoring how You look. So like If I wake up in the morning They look at me and They tell me what to eat. After blow training look at me again and tell me what to eat. So It’s always countermodeling. Counter adjustments. You no nothing cookie counter. And You got eyes on You all the time that people pushing You on the gym. I mean is just camp atmosphere man. There You go. Ain’t no secret just pure hard work. Man You look amazing. And a just another few words of motivation for the fans. You know If You got the dream. You got goes just keep It sort on. There is gonna be ups and downs. The person get first step consistent and persistit is the perfect way to get what They want. Wow. There You go, there You have It. What’s up man I can’t be right here yesterday. You such a inspiration, You such a hero right now. Let’s go straight to the point. Quick word of motivation right now for the fans for Your followers. Guys take consistent in whatever You do. If You keep on working at something, I’ve learned from bodybuilding actually that people work on something patient You learn anything You want. Quick word of motivation bro. For the fans. Just keep pushing. Do whatever is in Your mind that will take You to that next level. That’s all I can say man. Thanks a lot bro. Can I grab You too right here? And Your beautiful Miss right now. Give us that most beautiful couple On earth right now. Tell us what It takes to just be this beautiful. To be this beautiful. What is the trick? I just trying to be the best version of Yourself and support each other in Your own and their progression. And You can build together. There You go just be Yourself. Thanks a lot guys. It’s a pleasure man. Thank You. Thank You sir. How You doing man? Ohh good man I met You last year. I don’t know You remember. I put a bit mass last year. I can’t forget the guy like this. You’re like a monster. It’s always to pleasure seeing You man. You are inspiration for me and for a lot of young lifters right there. Just quick word of motivation for the fans. Right on. We’re killing here at the FIBO, everyone’s is positive and everyone’s have a great time You have a great time? Ohh man right now when I’m seeing You I’m f***ing off the roof man. Right on brother. Always good to see You man. Of course bro. Incredible like You know like I can’t belive I got to see You live right now. Watch Your back in the Q&A’s It’s incredible man. It’s really nice to touch You and speak with you right now. Just quick word of motivation for the fans. I just wanna say. You know what guys? Have a dream, stay focus. Doesn’t matter what the people say. Long as You can belive in yourself You can accomplish those goals and those dreams. and when You get there don’t forget about the small guy is still trying to get their. Always reach back and help that guy out. Alright? Peace Kevin Levrone in the house 2017 FIBO Germany baby. You look amazing sir. Nice to meet You. Thanks a lot man. Sadic remember me. Oh my god Sadic remember me. Look at this body bro. How I can forget this guy? When I got famous enough I wanna need a bodyguard. You know what I mean? I’m blushing oh my God. What’s up bro? What’s new? Ohh good man. You look amazing man. Thank You but I’m eating. I see You looks jugs f***ed Man You look amazing. I put on an thirdy pounds last year. Wow. 30 pounds yup. I will be looking for to see You at the Olympia. Thank You bro. I’m looking forward to in there. See that classic physique is Your’s man. Man You on Your way up. I want You get there. You ain’t gonna be stop. Nobody beat You up. Just give me a little bit a time. Give me a little bit time. It’s not If I win It’s when I win. Of course when You win. I like your tap of mindset. You look amazing man. Just quick word of motivation for the fans. I mean You are a huge model for the young lifters and for myself I look up to You man day to day. So just quick word of motivation for the fans. Oh man If I do what I do now when I started I went their lot easier but the one thing I wish I knew Was to belive in myself. But You’ve got to really really belive in yourself. Don’t just say a word but feel It with You heart. Really belive that You worthy of having either the body You want, the car You want, the girlfriend You want. the kind of job You want. Get the visualize and belive that is true. That’s my advice. There You go belive in yourself. That’s were told about. Hey. I got some for You. I have this girl a friend of mine I mean huge crushly. She loves You like crazy. I mean. Do You wanna know who? Come here. She loves You bro. Come on. Are You interview with me now? I’m busted. Damn It. oh my goodness My man. What’s up? Yeah what’s going on man? I mean all I want is quick word of motivation for the fans. I mean You are huge motivation for young lifters. Just quick word motivation for the fans man. Be Yourself. Be different. And be fucking cool. If You guys wanna be diffrent. If You wanna be successful in bodybuilding Keep It cool. Make It that bodybuilding is cool to be a bodybuilder. Keep It real and keep It cool. Thanks a lot bro. Look amazing as always. How do You feel right now? Nothing. crank that Soulja Boy crank that Soulja Boy You guys look amazing. What’s your name? Viki. What’s your? Katia. You guys look amazing. It’s nice to meet on You. No We’re gonna shoot right off. Thank You. Nice bike. Can I take It back to Dublin? Can I ride this bike to Dublin? Can I jump on It? Oh man, I’m gonna ride this back to Dublin. I’m taking this bike back to Dublin with me. Is that cool? See that. Is It competition? No. No competition? It is now. It is now. What’s this curl? Is It? This a big weight. How much is this? 100 kg? All together? With the clips? With the clips yeah is a little bit over 100kg. Have anybody curl this today? No one curls It. Are You gonna curl It? Just somebody bend this thing? We have bended this with stripes, yes. Do You wanna see I can curl this? I would love to see If You curl It. This guy wanna see If I can curl this S**t. I’m gonna curl this motherf**ing s**t right now. Ok. That’s It. Just gonna do It. Just gonna Do It. She is getting ready. Ohh, She is getting ready. There She go. Just smack this s**t. What We have here? Give us a little bit introduction of what We have split right here. Come on. Something in German. You speak German? Yeah, come on in with German. Awesome mate sounds very good. You mind If I taste what It is? Can I try? Wow. Taste really good. I like this. Ummm I really like this. See that over there? Is that all good? See You. Bye. We at Better Choice. What’s going on ladies? What You guys cooking smell so damn good. Protein pancakes. What is? Protein pancakes? This one right here is like a chocolate flavour or something? You buy a bag, You add the water and is all. You just put on the pan and that’s all. Takes like 5 minutes right? Sounds like some pretty quick guys. It looks ready. Of course We will get this try now. Smells so good. Guys I wanna give this a try. Bro can You hold me the mic? Really good? It’s super light It feels light. Super. Bardzo dobrze. Bardzo dobrze. Thank You guys taste amazing. You definitely see me again I come to buy a whole bag. I see a lot of cups but I see no drinks. What’s going on? Protein Ice-cream. You wanna try? Anybody wanna try? Wanna try protein ice-cream? Come on I will give You a try. Tell us what You think. What flavour is that? What do You mind? What flavour? This is berry mix. Berry mix. Is It? Looks good. Is It nice? Yeah is really nice. Strawberries. Strawberries. Lovely man. 28 grams of protein. 28 grams of protein. In one this? No in 100 grams. Ok. Awesome man. What is this? Is ketchup with 0 calories. Ketchup. Is 0 calories? Yeah, You want taste It. Ketchup with 0 calories. And How is It? Taste like ketchup. It should. With no calories? Without calories. Don’t ask me. This is like ketchup. It’s so good. Yeah? You really like It? Ohh You should try the barbecue, This actually would be amazing with chicken. What is this? Like a cake or something? Protein bread. Soo good! What is that? It’s barbecue. It is barbecue. Barbecue sos? 0 calories right? 0 calories. You don’t belive that? This like barbecue. 0 calories. Wow. Thanks great. When can people get this? We are here. From Clarou. Thats’s a company. Is It german company or? It’s an Spanish company. Co tam Mordo? Bardzo dobrze Mordo. Bardzo dobrze? Dobrze. Dobrze. Dobrze Mordo. What It is? It’s EMS – Electro Muscle Stimulation. The workout is actually 20 minutes long. And It’s done once a week. What happens is Your muscles are contracted 85 times per second. So You can just imagine in usual everday workout. When usually our muscles very limited amount of time. So here what You are doing is a 20 minutes long workout which is comprised of 4 seconds of contraction 4 seconds of pause. So really You are working Your muscles 10 minutes intensely full contraction. It’s very short amount of time but very intense and focusing on Your deep tissue muscles. Sounds very interesting. Definitely some I will like to try but I’m not sure. Maybe not today. Honestly How It’s work? You have to step on something or You have to hold on? This here isn’t? That would be You. That would be You. Ok It’s black alright. He is much smaller. A bit smaller boys black. We’re good on that right? Can You guys see this thing right here. Yeah man. It look like You ready for war or something. This like a full body massage right here. I’m gonna give It a go. That’s really good. Ohh damn. No We’re talking. Now We are talking. Squad that.

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