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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins, Today I’m going to reveal the best time
to exercise if your goal it to lose weight, especially that stubborn belly fat. And yes, this works for BOTH men and women,
at any age. I did a video recently about the best time
to exercise for gaining muscle and if you’re interested in that video, I’ll give you
the link to that at end of this video. Now, gaining muscle is a very different metabolic
goal, than losing fat. In fact, they are on opposing sides. Except for the small minority who have exceptional
genetics and/or are taking steroids and other “metabolic enhancing drugs”, you can’t
do BOTH at the same time – unless you JUST started exercising. However, today I’m going to show you that
you actually CAN gain muscle and lose fat – but today’s topic is more specific about
you losing FAT and more importantly, keeping it off. So, let’s get started. #1 – After You Eat
Here’s a very simple trick for losing fat – take a 10-15 min brisk walk, after you eat
a meal. So, this would be preferably 3x daily – breakfast,
lunch and dinner. You can take a walk outside and just walk
5-7 min one direction and then turn around and walk back. That’s it. I’m not asking you to walk 20-30 minutes. In fact, that’s too much. Just 10-15 minutes and thus, about 30-45 minutes
in total, daily. Personally, I love this because after 10-15
minutes, I’m just bored anyway. Now, the benefits are that:
At the end of the day, you’ve walked 30-45 minutes and thus, 15-20 HOURS a month. And it can be done anywhere, anytime and it’s
free. So, NO excuses. That’s a lot of extra calories burned. It improves digestion, which means the nutrients
are going to be utilized for energy, rather than fat storage.1 It lowers cortisol levels, the stress hormone. This means less belly fat, higher testosterone,
growth and thyroid hormones — all burning more fat. Lowers blood sugar levels by upto 50-60%. And high blood sugar stores the food into
the fat cells.3,4 It also helps lower blood pressure – which
may not do much for burning fat, but it is good for your heart.2 #2 – First Thing In The Morning The next best time to exercise is first thing
in the morning, on an empty stomach – in a fastest state. Mind you, not with weights – but again, cardio. And, I would limit it to fast pace walking. In the morning, you have very little glycogen
in your muscles and liver. By doing cardio – more specifically, fast
walking – you’ll burn much more fat, since you have very little carbs in your body. However, if you lifted weights on an empty
stomach, you will burn some fat – but you’ll burn more muscle. This is because lifting weights requires glycogen
(carbs) and amino acids (muscles). IF you have no carbs in your system, your
body will now burn muscle. This is why you always want some food in your
body, before a weight-lifting session, which is what I explained in detail in my previous
video. So do your cardio, fast-pace walking, first
thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. And if you take a fat burning supplement,
which increases your metabolism – such as Lean Optimizer, you’ll easily burn 2-3x
more fat and have more energy as well. But, I’ll tell you more about this in a
minute. #3 – After A Weight Training Session Finally, the 3rd best time to do your cardio
session is AFTER your weight-lifting session. Ironically, MOST people do it the opposite. They’ll do cardio for 30 minutes and THEN
lift weights for 30 minutes. This is totally wrong. You’ll burn less fat and actually lose more
muscle. By lifting weights first, you’ll use up
all of your glycogen (carbs) in your muscles and liver. Now, all that’s left is “protein” and
“fat”. By doing cardio, such as a brisk walk, you’ll
go right into FAT BURNING mode. BUT, if you were to do strenuous cardio, such
as running – you’ll burn fat, but you’ll ALSO burn more muscle because there is no
more carbs to burn. You used it all up in your weight lifting
session. So now, the running will burn fat AND muscle
– this is NOT what you want. Do a 5 minute warm up in the bike or something,
lift weights for 30-40 minutes and then finish off with a brisk 20 min walk after your weight-lifting
workout. It’s Proven – It’s NOT A “Fad” Now, what I’ve revealed today is proven
with hundreds of clients over the past 30 years. From professional athletes, to just regular
people. Young and old. It works and it works EVERY TIME! There’s no “fad” method. No “new scientific research”. This is time tested and proven. And it’s by far, the BEST long-term solution
because it helps optimize your fat-burning hormones, for continued and long-term success. I’m so tired of people losing and gaining
the weight back. It’s just painful. It’s not good for your body and certainly
not emotionally. Do what I suggested today and if you want
to burn even more fat, increase your metabolism, reduce your appetite and boost your energy
levels …. while optimizing your primary fat-burning hormones – then click the link
below this video, in the description area and copy and proven formula that’s worked
for almost 20 years — backed by science and more importantly, REAL LIFE results by thousands
of people. Summary So there you have it
Walk 10-15 min after each meal – best option Walk 20-30 min, first thing in the morning
on an empty stomach Walk 20 min, after your weight-lifting workout And utilize a metabolic, fat burning, hormone
optimizing solution such as Lean Optimizer to safely accelerate fat loss, while preserving
muscle mass. CTA
I hope this video was helpful and gave you more clarity. If it did, please share it with a friend. And if you aren’t already, please subscribe
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the description area below, so you get more details on how to turn on your fat burning
genes. Thanks for listening and have a happy and
healthy day!

74 thoughts on “💪 Best Time To Exercise For Losing Fat & Shrinking Your Belly – by Dr Sam Robbins

  1. dr. I have a VERY IMPORTANT question..
    I'm very skinny and I started hitting weights curls in particular with a very heavy 20 lbs to exact as well with other exercises I do very heavy as a noob..
    many said my muscles wouldn't get any bigger NO MATTER WHAT i do because of that..

    i don't know what is the term of that in English. . but some kind of PLATEAU
    but plateau can be fix..mine couldn't .
    I've heard from any seems true because my arms didn't grow over 10 years of lifting..
    please help

  2. Great vid doc. And let's not forget optimal sleep. There are studies showing men sleeping 8 hours per night to burn more than 40% of the amount of fat compared to men sleeping 4 hours per night. Pretty crazy.

  3. Hey Dr Sam Robbins stop BS the people about the workouts on an empty stomach PLEASE ! IT IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! I have been working out fasted for the past probably 5 months and I have been feeling the best I have ever had! I am feeling way better fasted than fed and I feel like I can sustain a much longer cardio with higher intensity or that I can lift much heavier some times. I have even gained 4 kilograms through those 5 months fasting 28 days of a month(18-6 with 2 meals or OMAD) and the results are visible! I have almost not gained any fat in the process witch is amazing.

  4. Should we do any specific diet for this ? How to do protein fast I mean what foods to take almost every food has minimum amount of protein

  5. *The don't lift weights fasted part got me triggered *, it depends on how you feel basically , Try both and see whats best for your body

  6. I understand everybody are different.I agree workout on an empty stomach. I always do hiit cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach when ever I want to get leaner.
    Thanks Doc!

  7. Hello Dr,
    I just placed my order for AlphaVitil. I'm sure it will come with instructions on how to use it but do you have a video on how to use it and will drinking apple cider vinegar affect the use of it?

  8. Dear Dr. Sam… you are my health guru! I love your videos. Simple, clear and complete. Please, keep doing this. Thanks a lot!

  9. doc help me..i want to stop masturbation…but I can't…i lose my motivation…i don't have confidence…and I get weaker…please doc give me some tips

  10. Hey… what all this videos mean to people that have a irregular life? Like me , works all night , go to gym after work and then lunch and go to sleep .??? Can you explain or help thousands thousands of people like me???

  11. Hi dr. Sam. Thank you very much for all info u provide. Is it right that green tea is droping down the testastrone in men? Thanks

  12. Hey thanks Doctor! Can i combine all three? For example, walk 20min shortly after waking up, walk 20min after each meal, and walk 20min after weightlifting (only three times a week), or would this be too much?

  13. I prove it 💯 % because I did this exactly to lose 30kG over 1 year. And I’m not a scientific or someone special just a women who applied this and i can tell it works!! Thx for spreading this information.

  14. This is the only 21-day rapid weight loss system that allows you to easily lose an average of 1 lb a day for 21 days without feeling hungry or deprived. The unique and brand new techniques used in this System are proven SAFE. And they do not cause the rebound weight gain common to all the other rapid weight loss systems that are not backed by the latest science.

  15. Hi sir.. i talk from middle east..
    I follow you more than 6 months ago.. anyway.. i have a question
    I talk CLA 5000 and do workout as
    20 min warm…60 min body building then 20 min bike then 20 min fast walk.. my weight is fixed at 89 kg and no dinner and nreakfast 2 eggs and lunch at 1 pm from my wife you have any blood type A-

  16. i thought you were supposed to eat smaller meals more often, hes saying eat 3 times a day? which one is it? so many people so the opposite of each other i never know whats what

  17. Very helpful video! But I'm asking myself, when I should do my regular workout if I'm doing my 10-15 min walks after each meal (best option). Thank you very much!

  18. This info is just plain wrong. you will not burn muscle working out with empty stomach…Do the research of late. Watch Thomas DeLauer videos. He is actually backing his stories with clinical research which he posts in the "more info below"

  19. The one thing I have noticed is that all of your videos are linked to something you sell…Where Thomas DeLauer is open and says it like it is, he recommends products he believes in and clearly discloses the support he receives from the Mfg of such products

  20. When I went to amazon for 'lean optimizer ' I Only found 'blood flow optimizer' … is this the right prod or different all together.

    REALLY liking alphaviril BTW.
    Thank you.
    New subscriber/follower here.

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