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Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins L-Arginine – Boosting Growth Hormone (GH)
& Growing Taller A little while back I did a video about how
to grow taller. At the end of this video, I’ll post a direct
link to that original video. However, today’s topic comes from a question
from one of my viewers. He asked Dr. Sam – I’ve watched so many of your videos
and I have a question – I take L-Arginine every night before bed, to help boost my growth
hormone levels, so I can get taller. I’m 17 years old. Will this work? I’ve also read how taking Arginine will
increase the prolactin hormone, is this correct? Because I’ve read that female hormones such
as estrogen, cause you to stay short and if that’s the case, then the increase in the
female hormone Prolactin could cause me to not grow taller. I’m really confused. So, will arginine help me get taller or keep
me short? Okay, so a few good questions and comments. It’s nice to see you’ve been doing your
research. First, L-arginine will help boost HGH levels,
temporarily and not by much. Thus, you’re not going to get any real “Growth
Hormone” effects – fat burning, muscle growth or height. You’d have to take many grams of it daily
and again, nothing that will cause you to SEE any positive physical improvements. It will help with Blood Pressure and Nitric
Oxide levels, but – nothing with GH levels. Secondly, yes – taking Arginine will also
boost Prolactin levels, a female hormone. Which can typically go up as GH levels go. Which is fine. Thirdly, yes the increase in Prolactin will
typically also cause an increase in Estrogen levels. How much, depends on your body, genetics,
body fat levels and aromatase enzymes. And yes, higher estrogen will fuse the bones
earlier and faster and thus, prevent continual and maximal growth. However, after all is said and done, taking
Arginine will not have any positive or negative effects on your goal for achieving more height. It’s just too weak compared to the massive
amounts of GH that’s required to force “more growth” and bypass your predisposed genetic
limit for height. The correct combination is exogenous GH and
a decrease in estrogen levels – through diet, supplements and/or medications. ALL of which would need to be spoken with
a good endocrinology doctor. But I speak about this in more detail in my
original video, The Secret To Growing Taller. Watch or rewatch that video right now, so
you’ll be educated and know how to accomplish your goals.

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    Thanking you in advance

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  3. Dr Sam, how do I get Alphaviril supplement. I reside in Africa Nigeria to be precise. I'd really appreciate an answer

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