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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I was told once that the best bodybuilders
are the best eaters and that is pretty true hey what’s up guys this is your boy
George P Da Bull your 2019 Classic Arnold Classic champion we’re
representing Redcon1 all day today filming with muscle and strength and want
to go through some full day of eating today alright so on breakfast menu today we’re
gonna go with some good ol eggs you know this is a routine for me every morning I
always start my day with some eggs I typically have nine eggs in total two
whole eggs and the rest are just whites egg whites in the morning I have 2 packs
of oatmeal got some good old raw spinach salad I gotta say this is one of the
meals I really looking forward to you know every day because when I wake up in
the morning I’m just so hungry another daily routine for me is in the morning
before i’m waking up i have my GI juice i always want to make sure i still have
a sufficient amount of micronutrients all right guys so this is what meal 1
consisted of we had nine eggs in total it was just two yolks and the rest was
just egg whites and we had a cup of raw spinach salad you know not cooked or
anything just straight out of the pack and we have two packets of regular
oatmeal and that’s what a my typical breakfast consisted of and also got a
cup of coffee here black no sugar no cream and that’s my typical breakfast so I’m a weekly shopper
you know I shop just once a week and get it all done get the bare essentials yeah usually about fill up maybe about
65-70 dollars to fill it up usually but this is my baby right here I love I love
him I named him the Punisher I don’t really
get a chance to use those light bars but they look cool as hell so I got them more
for look than actually using them on the menu is some good old tilapia I’m also gonna
be having some sweet potato on this meal only 3 ounces of sweet potato and a cup
of spinach I was told once that the best bodybuilders are the best eaters that is
pretty true alright guys so I’m about to take in my meal number 3 I’m gonna have the two
scoops of isotope which is a whey isolate protein so I have two scoops of
this and this will be considered my meal number three this is my martial
arts background here right here on the table so I have this my white belt when I
was in Shotokan Karate and I’m going to yellow then green purple brown and
eventually black that whole discipline that I learned you know from the other
martial arts I apply that right into bodybuilding this is another one of my meals for the
day this meal here is a flank steak this is
one of my red meat meals I usually have one red meat meal a day and today I’ll
be having a flank steak this seven ounces of flank steak a couple of raw
spinach salad and my three ounces of sweet potatoes right now we’re at celebrity diner
it’s that time of the week cheat meal time oh yeah well thank you so much this
is only part of the order we have more coming actually right now so I’ll let
you know ready now this is a my two chicken breasts wrapped in burger buns
and I usually have the chicken breasts by themselves and leave the and then
we got lets see here awesome thank you thank you
so we have two orders of chicken breasts got a order our mashed potatoes order
of burger buns nice fluffy order of pancakes and we have to corn muffins toasted with butter and this is a typical epic cheat meal for me and we’re
gonna load it up with a lot of salt to get that sodium hey whatsup guys so this is my final meal
of the day and I’m gonna take you through what I’ll be having so here I
have seven ounces of chicken breast a cup of spinach raw salad and three ounce
of sweet potato keeping the carbs low trying to maintain the weight hmm thank you
muscle & strength

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  2. Everyone is saying that cheat meal looked pretty healthy….it was regular pancakes, syrup, and white bread…that's about as unhealthy as it gets for a bodybuilder.

  3. You know you are serious about bodybuilding when you take off the buns of your cheat meal burgers.

  4. Beware of Pam spray it can explode due to faulty can design. It can and will destroy your career. Keep it away from any heat source.

  5. Nigga you ugly af – bet you got a small ass dick too. Keep pumping iron – imma keep pumping prime pussy…

  6. Ashy Larry has found some moisturizer & has gotten swole since the abatement of the Chapell Show!!!!

  7. I didn't expect to hear soothing asmr like crunching in my ear's, but god I replayed it 10 times lmfaoo!! Just hearing this guy speak I knew he was a new yorker, god I love hearing our accent.

  8. لاعب الحديد احلى حياه لامشاكل ولا شي تمرين اكل نوم وأفضل شي لمن تنزل تقضى من السوبر 😭♥️ أتمنى اكون ملياردير وفاضي

  9. Hi, question: I train 4-5 times a week, i have a good diet with lots of variety. Is GI Juice necessary ( extra gains? ), it looks amazing but so expensive hehe! Let me know guys what are your thoughts!

    ~with love from Holland!

  10. Ты умрёшь от рака, если будешь продолжать столько белка в себя запихивать, это пиздец

  11. Wyd with the yellow part of the eggs? Its good to not eat too much of it because of the high cholesterol rate. But does anyone know how u can use those yellow parts best, so it wouldnt be thrown away for nothing..?

  12. I've been so saturated with these types of videos I just wish we saw something new. I can't wait for the time a bodybuilder takes his/her growth out of their fridge and says this is my first meal. Be real.

  13. All those gains come from the genetics and roids. How can you even build muscles with frozen food vegetables and powders… Read Vonderplanitz to understand why the only healthy diet is 50% raw fat and 50% raw protein. Fibre is completely usless.

  14. Jeep’s eat up soooo much gas when I had one I had to get gas so much and it was like 50 bucks everytime, but I got a new car and it’s 20 bucks to fill up once a week

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