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typical day in the life and Cbum is
just lonely sitting in a subway with four sandwiches in front of him what
are you gonna do sup muscle & strength here at Subway
I’m gonna show you guys one of my favorite cheat meals ever gunna be a bit
of a strange order can I get 4 six inches though all on honey oat one’s
gonna be oven roasted chicken another one will be steak and then subway melt
and a BMT um yes please could I just get Swiss on the first two and
then no cheese on the other one not too much dairy you know can I actually keep
the BMT not toasted and the other three thank you can I get lettuce green
peppers sweet onion sauce and a little bit of the house sandwich sauce and then the sweet onion and house sandwich sauce please I go into trends on what I like on my subs I come here way
too often but I like throughout the year the sauces I like the toppings I like
condiments I like change with the season you know so you got to
mix it up get a couple six inches and just enjoy the flavor heaven on a
platter probably the best meal of the day as you can tell it’s pretty damn
delicious I got myself a steak and cheese sub BMT sub subway melt sub and an oven roasted chicken always mix it up with a bunch of
variety a lot of calories in here a bunch of protein might not be the best
food you’re gonna eat in the day but hey cheat meal is a cheat meal this is what I
like to eat it’s gonna taste damn good in my opinion a cheat is just exactly that
it doesn’t have to be like the worst thing in the world for you subway let’s
be honest it not actually healthy for you we all know that’s not great of
course it’s better than like McDonald’s or eating like a box of doughnuts
probably but this is what I enjoy this is my favorite thing to eat I’ve always
loved eating it so for me this is a cheat so obviously it’s a lot of
processed crap where I normally eat a lot of more Whole Foods one ingredient
stuff and be like try and be a lot more clean so just you wanna have a
cheat just go get something you enjoy don’t feel forced to eat something shitty just get some
that tastes good to you so rarely when I’m prepping do I ever
get actual cheat meals my coach ian is pretty strict he wants to try to keep
food that my body’s familiar with stuff I already know so it’s more of a refeed
day than the cheat meal usually I’m really far ahead he kind of uses it I
maybe every few weeks as like a test like a peak week test to see how my
body’s gonna react so if I’m like really low-calorie for a while and then we
filled me up on something like a burger and fries which I often have the night
before show that often kinda emulates how my body will respond in two
weeks to it if I get like a really upset stomach for some reason cause my body not
like treating with like the beef or the sodium or whatever the processed meat at
that point we’ll probably avoid it when I’m actually come up to my show so
everything’s kind of for a reason rather than just like hey go be a fatty
usually but of course there’s times where everyone needs a mental break and
maybe maybe once in a prep I’ll actually get like a full cheat where I can go and
have like burger fries ice cream and eat whatever the hell I want but it’s very rare so far this is the BMT and I ate the oven roasted
chicken I think the most consistent one I eat is the oven roasted chicken it’s just
like pure texture biting into like a chicken breast into it but that’s
probably tied with the subway melt which is like ham turkey and bacon pretty
bomb combo my love for Subway like trails all the way back to like high
school or younger before we could drive it was like lunchtime and we all walk
somewhere to get maybe some food I lived in like a city where you walk to places to eat and a
place we always used to go was subway and back then they had the five-dollar footlongs
which is the craziest deal ever in my opinion cause now they’re like nine dollars
I don’t know if everyone remember that song where they used to like hold up a 5 sign 5 dollar footlong and
they were amazing so we came here at least like twice a week spent a lot of
money at Subway and just like the smell of it even everyone everyone knows the
subway smell you smell it you know the smell it’s just
like nostalgia and I feel like a lot of food that I like to eat is relative
related back to like stuff my parents used to make me stuff I used to eat
in high school like like remembering good times I used to eat good food and I
enjoyed it alright guys so this is my version of a
cheat meal right now we all know sandwiches are amazing and they just
never get old so many ways to put it together it just can’t be beat hope you
guys liked the video and be sure to subscribe below

100 thoughts on “🥪 Cheat Meals with Pro Bodybuilders 🥪 | Chris Bumstead’s Favorite Cheat Meal

  1. Waste of a cheat meal. Subway!? Your going to splurge then do it right, order double QP w cheese large fry and large vanilla shake.

  2. SUBWAY IS A CHEAT MEAL !!! i have been eating from subway all the time as a daily healthy foods for bodybuilding …….. O.O

  3. Get yourself a Jamaican lady. She'll come up a storm for your cheat meals rather than Subway sandwiches. 😂

  4. favorite cheat meal is subway? You are as plain and lame as you sound bro. Subway fucking sucks you dont even have a favorite sub shop you meat head? lol idiot

  5. How much dairy is too much?? I have a couple Greek yogurt cups and some cheese with breakfast, is it something I need to worry about just being a normal guy not competing ?

  6. subway is NOT a cheat meal.. a cheat meal is suppose to be rather unhealthy and forbidden for the clean bodybuilder…..try a big mac or a large pizza!!!!

  7. Dang.. I always thought Subway was healthy.

    He just said its PROBABLY better than donuts or mcdonalds..

    If this is his cheat meal than 90% of my meals are cheat meals.

  8. i dont care what your doing who you are
    that is way too much bread… Cheat meal the luxury of rich privledge people who can worry about stupid crap

  9. Hey he's starting to lose his "Michelle from american pie" tone of voice. Sounding like every sentence is a question hahaha.

  10. I miss the 5 dollar foot longs. I don’t even go to subway anymore because they don’t have it lol.

  11. He's not joking. . dude said last year in some interview that he loves Subway for. . cheatmeal. . wtf
    Even on my starving days this would be the last grubb location in mind to hit up

  12. I have no idea how Americans can order "a 6-inch" with a straight face. It's literally the most classic sexual pun of all time. In Mexico we just order as half or full sub, no inches involved.

  13. l eat also like Rice chicken, but as a slovian l cannot really live without eating bread with some chesse and sasuage too Good to quit it and l like eat for taste because eating is like the most Good thing in life, oh wait sex is also Good 😀

  14. One footlong is usually $9-$10 plus tax. I think he ordered the more expensive steak, and cheese which adds up or maybe that location is just more expensive. Welcome to Canada!

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