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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

this is a sake or whey protein it’s a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate giving you the benefits of the isolate and the concentrate why would someone want to use the cellucor whey protein anybody who is looking to supplement their diet with additional milk protein but maybe they don’t want the fat and the carbs that are associated with milk this product is for you now this cellucor whey is known for its amazing taste just like c4 at cellucor we spare no expense in buying the highest-quality ingredients and micronized those ingredients down to a dust to increase the surface area on each little particle maximizing the flavor in your mouth this protein also contains 25 grams of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate with digestive enzymes to help the product get digested easier and move through the digestive system which without creating bloating another key feature to the cellucor whey protein is its gluten free all of our cellular proteins are now gluten free and be consumed by people with gluten allergies now it’s very easy to make the cellucor way first you just add 8 ounces of water to your blender bottle you add in one scoop of the Sitecore whey protein again you’ll see it’s a dust you’ll screw your shaker cup lid on shake it up now the cellucor whey can be mixed with water juice or milk most people think that it does taste better in milk it’s going to give it a thicker richer consistency and you’re also going to get the additional protein a little bit of carbs and fats from the milk but as you can see the cellucor way blends right up there is no clumps or any big particle that you need to worry about with the cellucor way person so cellucor way is a perfect alternative for somebody who’s looking to increase their protein consumption but wants to do that with shakes which are less bloating and easier to digest than food so as you can see the cellucor way mixes up instantly dissolves completely and tastes absolutely amazing easy to consume again you’re not seeing any clumps or any particular any particulates in the blender bottle so if you just got done working out enjoy a snake or a in the next few months you’re going to start to see our black core way that you’re already familiar with transition into a new gray packaging with white letters we did this to soften up the labels and also make them match our cellucor glutamine creatine fish oil and CLA which you’re going to see later in the POS there is not much difference in these products except for this black one was a four pound container this four pounds of protein gave you fifty six servings now by moving to just a little bit smaller of a container we were able to provide you five pounds or seventy Survey’s so the big difference really on this one is the drastic increase in serving size in the large ones in the small ones you’ll see that this is a twenty six serving container where this one is a twenty-eight serving container so you’re going to get just a couple extra servings in the small one and that is consistent across all flavors another little tweak we made was this product is now at 24 grams of protein per scoop we’re in the Black Label it was at 25 grams of protein we don’t feel this will make any difference in athletic performance it will still enhance your muscle repair and recovery but also will now be in line with the other leading products in the category so again the cellucor way look for the difference the transition into the black to the gray container and also the change in serving size and again the products are still gluten-free will still shake and mix instantly and give you that high quality product that cellucor is known for

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