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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

All right, so if you’re still a beginner at
the whole fitness thing, you’re not happy with the shape you’re in right now, maybe
you’re on the thinner side and you want to put on some muscle, maybe you’re overweight
and you want to lean down, or you’re somewhere in the middle and you want to do both, I know
that if you’ve never really been in great shape before then it might seem like kind
of a lofty goal right now, there’s a lot of things you’re trying to keep track of; figuring
out your calories, your macronutrients, food choices, setting up a proper workout plan,
getting to the gym consistently, putting in the actual effort during your training sessions,
tracking your progress, your supplements, it definitely can feel a bit overwhelming
at the start. I’ve been there myself. You might be having a tough time, you might
be questioning whether or not it’s even worth it. But one very important thing that you have
to keep in mind is that learning the ropes in terms of building muscle and losing fat
is just like any other skill. And once you’ve gone through that initial
grind and you’ve gotten accustomed to things, you’ve learned about your body, you’ve built
up the proper habits, you’ve achieved some decent muscle building and fat burning results,
it might be easy to just focus on the immediate short-term game that you’re gonna see, but
you also have to understand that by just putting in the work for that initial year or two you’re
literally setting yourself up for an entire lifetime of benefits. And the specific time frame it’s gonna take
for each person to get to that point where they really just get it in terms of training
and nutrition, and they’ve built a decent physique, and everything is mostly on autopilot,
that time frame is gonna differ a bit it depends on whether you’re being exposed to the right
information and how closely you’re dedicating yourself to your plan, but I think in most
average cases probably somewhere between a year or two if you’re getting the right informatio,
that’s all it takes to really get a solid handle on things where training has just become
a normal part of life, probably something you enjoy and look forward to, at least on
certain days of the week, and where nutrition is mostly just automatic and is something
that you don’t really have to think too much about. I mean, if you go about things properly you
should be able to gain roughly 50% of the total muscle mass you’re ever gonna build
just in that first year alone. And then probably the second year will be
another 25%, so within one to two years you can make a very solid transformation if you
stay consistent, and be right up around 75% of your genetic limit. And then the next year or two would be used
to fill in most of the remaining amount. And not everyone is even trying to be as muscular
as possible, so if you’re going for a leaner more aesthetic look, then by the two-year
mark you might already be carrying an amount of muscle that you’re satisfied with. And if you compare that to the scope of your
life as a whole, that’s really not a long time. That’s seven hundred and thirty days, and
it’s a hundred and four weeks. And then the other very important thing to
understand in this whole equation, is the fact that maintaining your physique after
you’ve built it is a lot easier than the actual process of building it from the ground up. Not only because you’ll have all the right
habits in place already so they’re easier to stick to but even just physiologically
as well, it doesn’t require as heavy of a training stimulus to keep your existing muscle
mass intact in comparison to initially building it. So once you’ve achieved a physique that you’re
happy with, at that point if you want you can be a quite a bit looser with your training
and your physique probably won’t change that much. And then because of muscle memory if you do
happen to go off the rails a bit down the line and fall off track a bit, which happens
to most people here and there, you’re going to be able to rebuild any muscle that you
might lose at a way faster pace than it took to originally build it. So, what I’m ultimately getting at here is
that, if you’re in those beginner stages, if you’re thinking this is really hard, I’m
overwhelmed, I don’t know if I can maintain this, understand that there’s a huge lifetime
ROI involved with just buckling down and putting in the work for the first one to two years. Even though it might seem challenging right
now, if you can just grind through and move forward regardless, stick to your training
plan, stick to your nutrition plan, continue researching so that you can expand your knowledge
further, that is going to massively benefit you literally for the rest of your life, because
it really just gets easier and easier the longer you’ve been doing this. And once you’ve gone through those first couple
years, you’ll always be in shape and have a body that you’re happy with moving forward. You’ll be healthier. You’ll be more confident and you’ll have the
knowledge to easily get back in shape if you do fall off track. One to two years is not a long time to ask
for in the grand scheme. There are a lot harder things in life than
going to the gym and eating well. Those are things that will directly benefit
you not just physically but mentally as well, so just go and do it, keep that bigger picture
in mind and understand that the effort you’re putting in right now is going to have a reverberating
effect ten, twenty, thirty, fifty years or more down the line. So, I hope this was helpful. Like I mentioned before, having access to
the proper information is a critical aspect of helping you learn the ropes as efficiently
as possible and maximizing your results in those first couple of years, so if you do
want to grab a fully structured step-by-step plan that lays out everything you need to
know in terms of training nutrition and supplementation using a no BS science-based approach, I definitely
recommend checking out my Body Transformation Blueprint program by clicking up here or visiting Definitely a resource that I wish I would
have had when I first started. For those who are new to the channel, my brand
new science-based pre-workout fish oil and multivitamin are also now available over at, the link is in the description. And make sure to hit the like button, leave
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videos. Thanks for watching, guys. And I’ll see you in the next video.

84 thoughts on “1-2 Years For The Rest Of Your Life (Key Fitness Mindset)

  1. +Sean Nalewanyj
    : Great great video; just popped up when I was losing my motivation. Could you help me with some specific questions? I know that you are a busy guy, but I'm looking forward to get some help, coz I've always admired your dedication & humility. Thanks.

  2. I know most of everything you talk about in your videos but I find you extremely motivational. Happy New Years and best wishes to you in 2019.

  3. Great video!
    I found your channel a short time ago through a mention of you by Shredded Sports Science and I've been binging your videos, you put out great content!
    Sadly for me, I screwed up in my first year and did things quite wrong. I still have beginner level lifts (in numbers) and I'm well into my second year :/. Since I've learned what I should have been doing, though, I'm confident I'll be seeing some gains in the near future.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Imagine going through an ACL surgery and trying to get your vertical jump back. It has been 8 months and finally I am able to start working for it AGAIN. Be tough, have a relentless discipline and you are good to go.

  5. Everytime I get anxious about putting more muscle on my frame, I remember your words about this being a lifetime journey: thanks. Now, unrelated, I'm not lactose intolerant but lately I have been experiencing major bloat with MyProtein Isolate. Could you recommend me a super high quality isolate??

  6. It's like you've just described my lifting career for the past 3.5 years. It all makes sense. Amazing content as always!!

  7. What if like me im training now since 5 and a half months and in the mirror changes nothing and even in my strengt not a lot then might 5 kg more?

    Im on the wrong way?

    I was 1 way in a big calories plus with 3500 kcal and i need 2500 and now since 4 months im about 2200 as my body precent 25.3

    Is that normal that in a deficit i cant build muscle?

    Its kind of frusttration

  8. Probably one of THE most important videos I have ever watched regarding fitness and lifestyle on YouTube. I've been training for years and couldn't have delivered this information better myself. Great way to set people's expectations Sean but also talking about the ROI for years to come. Mate more people need to know about your channel and knowledge amongst the plethora of rubbish which is on YouTube. Exceptional videos. Happy New Year to you and your family Sean and here's to a healthy 2019 ๐Ÿ‘

  9. Omg! Is true I have 2 years in half changing and let me tell you! Even now if I want to eat so much and junk I canโ€™t my body just donโ€™t want it! When Iโ€™m not going to the gym i feel so desperate! ๐Ÿ˜… but at the beginning was really hard! The 3-4 months ufff ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

  10. Sean, this is another great video. So down to earth and relatable. We can change so much in a period of time. I give myself as an example. I started working out 2.5 years ago with 2 mates as i didnt want to go by myself (i was a bit intimidated). My lifestyle back then sucked in terms of habits and health. I was drinking quite a lot, having 2 meals a day (eating crap), my sleeping routine was like shit and i used to smoke as well.

    As time was passing, i started to improve my habits and to do research upon fitness and i've started to love it. Those 2 mates of mine gave up, but i've continued to go to the gym by myself. I love it so much that i've even taken a fitness instructor certificate recently. I stil consider myself a novice and i dont have great numbers in terms of lifts, but i love this lifestyle. The training, the nutrition, the discipline, the mental state and self confidence that working out gives me, all of them. I am aware that i have so much to learn and to improve on, but maybe after another 2 years of maintaining the grind i will be my best version. I will definitely keep going and it will be worth it.

    PS: Thank you and to the other great channels out there spreading great knowledge and motivation.

  11. Iโ€™m not one for New Years resolutions but if I was, watching more of your content would be one of them. Love the work you do Sean!

  12. Jusdt what I needed. I'e been training for 2 yrs and am bascially stisified with my muscle development. Figured I caould do less training to retain what I have but could you go into a littdle more detail about how ;much it will take to retain the gains.

  13. Great advice ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy new year Sean.
    "Achieve the physique that youre happy with"?
    Does that ever actually happen?

  14. On year two of my fitness journey, I made great progress in year one, year two im trying to build muscle and loose this lower belly fat.

  15. I haven't been bulking for 4 years (lost 40lbs, but still not much IMO) – does that mean the 50%, 25% of gains are achieved either way or not? Been lifting since then, but don't really have impressive strength.

  16. I have been hitting the gym consistently for 1.5 years , before that I never thought I would be one of those guys who are athletic and workout because I was always the fat kid, now I cant imagine my life without working out. Still trying to nail down the nutritional part but its getting there. Thanks for the video Sean and Happy New Year ๐Ÿงก

  17. Agree to your excellent advice Sean. That is what i did couple of years ago. I tended to do from the slow start then did a harder workout cause i was skinny fat. Kept to the regular grind some low some high and maintaining below the 160 weight. Hoping this year to be lean. Btw, what Asian heritage you from?

  18. Hey Sean, just wanna ask your opinion about what iam doing. Do you think that tracking protein intake and total calories is enough for a casual builder and have no plan of competing is enough or i HAVE TO track all three macros? Thank you!

  19. That dead corner plant is giving me depression! Can't exercise guns and that naked wall is sapping my motivation as well, where's the Hawaiian Tropic wall calendar anyway! #d-corateShawny

  20. Reminds me of being successful in business the first 1 to 2 years are difficult building it up and learning the fundamentals. After that it's just maintenance.

  21. On point as always, Sean.

    I was wondering though, what are your opinions on "bad influences" in regards to nutrition and adherence in one's life..?? For me personally, I live with a person who has poor dietary habits and it affects me. I've made pretty drastic changes in my own habits, even if it's not the best, but when I see stuff like chips or cookies lying around, I'll eventually eat it (even if I weigh it out on a scale).. I would say I'm good in not going out to buy these things (for the most part), but I'll eat them if they're lying around. I'm finding it tough to just say "no" when the other person doesn't really care about their habits. It feels like a constant battle at home. I know I'm doing alright because I don't go to the store to buy these things, and there are stores all around my place. The only way I can avoid this is by moving, which I can't afford to do. Any tips..?? Suggestions..?? Maybe even a video on this topic..??

    It's not that I don't buy ANY junk food, but it's a LOT worse when the other person doesn't care about their habits and eats basically anything and everything..

  22. This reminded me of the two mental cues that have helped me: trust the process and patience. Thank you for reminding us of MAINTENANCE, as well. I like the idea that once we build to the muscle and leanness we desire, maintenance requires less effort. This, for me, eliminates the myth that we have to โ€œkillโ€ ourselves every damn workout for the rest of our lives. Good stuff as always, Sean. Thank you.

  23. This is the most important part that we all have to fully grasp. 1-2 years of our lives is nothing at all and soon flys past. This is the same as any skill set. Just get on with it and enjoy the progress you are making. I have lost count how many times I have heard people say they started something and packed it in and "IF" they kept doing it and didn't quit they would have a great body or some other business skill etc. I was exactly like this many years ago and soon realized that the people who stick at things are not desperate, they have a goal in mind and track their performance and really enjoy the small steps involved. I started training last summer after a lengthy time off and am absolutely loving it. I am in far better shape than I have ever been and although I work very hard at it, its pretty straight forward and everything just seems like its on autopilot without any stalling. This has to be a lifestyle and it can be as rocky or as smooth as you make it. Forget the time involved, enjoy the process and always seek to improve all that you do and change will happen – Sean I love your videos. I have consistently come back to your videos out of the countless you tube channels as you are always on point with great content – Thank You Sir!

  24. I never thought of it that way, but I can tell you that as I'm well into my 4th decade of life, the people who never put those 2 years in the gym are looking their age, while those gym rats are only held back by poor diet. A very small minority have your mindset for life.

  25. I really want to believe that, but I'm so demotivated right now. I've been working for the last two years, with some results, but not nearly what people keep saying I should achieve (including this video), or what I'd like to.
    I work out very consistently (4 times a week), following the guidelines of channels such as this and the instructor of my local gym. I study a lot about nutrition, I use apps to keep tabs on my nutrition intake, I'm very strict about my diet.
    But my results so far are meh at best. I don't know if I just have crappy genetics, if I'm too old for this (39 yo) or if the fact that I don't eat meat cripples my results (I do ingest good quality protein from eggs, supplements and vegetable sources, I read a lot about that). Maybe a combination of all this. Maybe I'm stupid and I'm failing to do something obvious.
    I just know the only reason I don't give up right now is that I know I'm gonna gain tons of fat if I do stop – if it's bad with me trying, it's so much worse if I stop….

  26. Holy shit this is JUST the motivation i needed to keep going, recently Iโ€™ve felt like giving up but Iโ€™m gonna power threw it now!

  27. Yes!! I love being self sufficient now and not obsessing with YouTube videos to get me through my workouts. Still obsessed with you though!! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  28. Very useful even for intermidiate and advance lifters! I've been training for 4 years now. Now workout and nutrition already be a part of my everyday life. But your video remind me how I get here and why I get here. It motivates me a lot! Thanks, Sean!

  29. Sean got me started on this road around ten years ago. I followed his training and nutrition plans religiously and now itโ€™s as easy as breathing.
    I just love the no BS approach. Thanks Sean, donโ€™t stop mate.

  30. Can you make a video how much time it takes to be a beginner, intermediate, and expert lifter .. love your videos keep it up bro

  31. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Seannal on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/seannal-review/ Thanks, Tabb.

  32. Yes! I wish I had known this at the start of my lifting journey. Looking back everything you said totally resonates – it's a grind in those first 1-2 years to build the foundation but it's so worth it and the growth from thereon compounds.

  33. This video is so underrated !!
    It helped me significantly throughout my journey!

    I came back here multiple times whenever i lost motivation.
    I am happy to inform you that i am almost at my goal ๐Ÿ™‚

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