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100 thoughts on “1 Cycle Of Steroids = Bigger Forever? | Fake Natties SCIENTIFICALLY Exposed!

  1. When I read this study I was blown away. For those of you who compete NATURALLY, I'm sure you've already realized the truths in this video when you stepped on stage for the first time. So what do you guys think? (and this includes sports as well) If someone used drugs to enhance themselves in the past, should that impact their ability to compete with true natural athletes whether on stage on or the field?

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  2. So now it seems that it actually might be worth it to get a couple of cycles and get off it forever and always look better than you could ever be. Minimizing potential health risks while keeping lasting enhancements. Like seriously being natural means most people wouldn't even tell that you lift, it doesn't seems worth it unless lifting is for you far more than just looks.

  3. So, a car will remember that you put petrol in the tank 3 years ago? :))……Really now?
    Science is great, but at least give us the fucking numbers. They demonstraded, but then you don't say that that greater muscle growth is not 10-20%, it's a bit less than 1-2% :)) 😛
    Simeon Panda :))……We had one of them at the gym, he was fucking huge and sexy even for the men :)), 10 years later, he's looking like a pip, because he's not on the juice….While I can fly off to war/work/fooling around, and I can retain most of my weight and muscle( as in 95-98%) :))….Because it's natural.
    If you're on the juice, you'll be awesome "somewhat", but for how long……the moment you're coming off it for a long time, naturals will blow you out of the water 😉 in strength at least, if not in physique.

  4. Scott I used to think you were boring. But this "new you" is what youtube needs! Kudos to you for being the island in a sea of "fake natty scumbags!" Scott Herman 4 Prez!

  5. I started a cycle but then stopped after only after a few injections. Am I not natural even though I didn't train and am still skinny

  6. I agree with almost everything you said except this..And I think its a big one. Yes others do have the right to judge you. We are a society because we have the right to judge what we believe to be true or false, Right or wrong. I support a persons decision to do as they feel as long as it does not have negative effects on others but I also reserve the right to judge the shit out of them for decisions they make as they can do the same to me.

  7. Natural doesn't mean you keep the same mass forever, if you stop your body will eventually cannibalize muscle tissue for energy.

    I don't juice, but I thought that was a really weird thing to say.

  8. So THIS is the secret to Chris Jones (Pump Chasers). He definitely juiced back in the day because he’s always been big. Even way back in the Physiques of Greatness days. He’s used at least once and will never admit it.

  9. To be honest I'm not surprised by what I'm hearing, at least not the natty part. I remember when I was 18 and had barely left highschool, I was 5'11 and weighed around 154lbs (I was a very skinny guy). I was finally fed up with it and since my girlfriend and I had split up, I had so much free time to train while going to college. Even though I didn't know too much about training I still lifted weights for around a year and 2 months, and went up to 175lbs (granted it wasn't all muscle but I certainly had gained at least 10lbs of muscle). Well, life hit me hard again and I stopped training completely and lost most of my gains. I tried training again later on but only trained around 4 months before I got off the rails again, but to my surprise I had almost made back all my gains that took me over a year to make in only those months. I have started training again now at 20 years old after not training in a long while, this time counting my macros and doing everything right since I have gained much more knowledge from back then, and even though I'm barely at around a month in training, I am quickly gaining all the muscle that I lost, and much faster then the first time I did it. I guess the hard part is when I try to climb over where I left off and make newer gains, I know those are gonna be slow, but after the muscle remembers, it grows back easy. Just another plus to being natural 😛

  10. I been noticing fake nattys have those crazy ass veins all over & looking at you bro you don’t have that.. is that another symptom of being on steroids 🤔

  11. Am I still natural if a took crazy bulk supplements? They are a natural steroid alternative, as in all the ingredients are natural. It was definitely a scam, nothing really happened. But I'm paranoid that I'm not natural anymore lol

  12. See the problem is you never used steroids so you don't know. You just read things but the truth is people who use steroids and do come off of it eventually the body revert back to the original state. Nobody keep 70 to 80% of it.Why because now you don't have the anabolic agents circling in your bloodstream and your testosterone is no longer elevated or your igf-1 levels. And if you think the lifetime of natural is a badge of honor your delusional and you're a self-righteous person.

  13. The thing is about being natty or on gear, WHO THE FUCK CARES? why do you guys waste your energy on judging who’s natty or on gear? Doesn’t even matter, like seriously who gives a fuck?

  14. I’m 16 years old 133 pounds. Going to start my first and last cycle. I know I’m young, I’ve done my research ,but life is about risk. Do what you gotta do to reach your goal. It’s an oral steroid from xt-labs oxandroplex 10mg. Please email me if you have any tips email – [email protected] Hate comments, anything. Thanks.

  15. The good thing with fitness is that you can use small amount of steroides and People will think you are natural.

  16. My Older brother took Anavar and got shredded to the bone with insane size and didn’t use No support. Crazy He had no sides and was lucky to keep some gains after his cycle.

  17. Personally knowing friends that did steroids back in HS, I can say that this true. I have one friend in particular that got on gear for a few months back when he was around 17-18 and to this day 12 years later hes still really strong and fairly big considering he quit lifting back shortly after leaving HS.

  18. All I hear is jealousy , you say fake natty like it's some terrible thing to do. I don't know if you know this but this world is full of lies and deceit and being honest gets you nowhere. If people want to believe these so called fake natties then that's on them. I remember watching the hodge twins years ago and they claimed they were natural , anyone who's had years of training under their belt will know it's BS, they were on gear and probably made a ton of money from the ignorant masses.

    You say being natural is the way to be but try being in your mid thirties and your test goes down each year , anything you do in the gym is wasted effort and it'll only get worse as time goes on. So as someone who is 4 weeks into their first cycle let me tell you how it really is when someone jumps on gear. I have made more gains in 4 weeks than I have ever made in all my years of training. I have put on 21lbs and my weight is now at 107kg, I am 6'3.

    I am more dedicated and passionate about my fitness now than I was when I first started lifting , I eat 4-5k cal every day, train 5-6 x a week and I bust my ass down that gym. I hate the fact that people think steds instantly make you look massive, they don't do a god damn thing unless you train hard and eat hard, stay natural is just something someone says when they don't have the balls to take it to the next level and they get mad at guys who are truly dedicated to fitness.

    I say if you have the option and fitness runs through your blood then do it, we all die in the end anyway.

  19. I'm Natty and I have better muscle tone. I also haven't put in half the effort you have. Your efforts are more impressive to me though.

  20. So wouldn’t it be beneficial then for everyone to run several cycles to unlock a higher potential then go back to natural? You’re basically advocating steroids here??

  21. I be very honest here im 32 this year i been working out since I was young my body is not bad my wife said that its nice but for me i dont feel enough I want more so i been thinking of taking steroids but in my country here Singapore its not easy to get like other countries. Im not sure though if I want to take steroids if i have the chance to.

  22. really, almost 10 minutes ? I don't take steroids, but you don't make me feel good about it, your the family member that's annoying.

  23. "Genetically altered at the DNA level for life." Yeah…But no, supraphysiological doses of testosterone does not alter your DNA. It can, however, alter gene expression during the cycle. Maybe that was what you meant?

  24. Just putting this out there….

    The only people who legitimately give a shit who is batty and who isn't are natty guys who don't have that good of a body to begin with.
    So they cling on to their natty card and hold it as high as they can to let everyone know they're natural. Almost as a justification for why they look the way they do.

    They guys who are on juice….and natty guys who look amazing…don't give a shit who takes what. Bc the lifestyle and training is 99% the same.

    Also the only guys spouting off about the huge dangers and down sides of steroids are usually these same natties with mediocre builds.

    And lastly…its the same mediocre nattys who make the crazy claims about gear and what it's capable of doing. Ie) adding 150lbs to ur bench in 12 weeks or gaining 50lbs of muscle in one cycle etc. Anyone with actual experience+a brain+without an agenda behind what the say….will have much more realistic claims of the effects of steroids.

  25. Learning more about steroids has helped me understand what I can and can't acheive. I hate the lies so much. Especially in hollywood. 3 months of hard work and dedication =_=

  26. I'm 38 and started lifting when I was 35. I'm starting to feel like a cycle would work best for me just because of the age I'm trying to start. Any comments pros and cons much appreciated

  27. Lifetime natural here 20 years deep and still making gains. Ive seen alot of guys over the years get bigger, leaner and stronger than me only to end up quitting because they struggle to maintain thier physique. Staying Natural is the way to go for sure!

  28. This clown takes steroids and still looks like he'd be a fourth-place finisher in the Mr. Bathhouse Faggot contest.

  29. What would you say the closest supplimnets to steroids are? What suppliments do you take? I'm 50/50 on being natural or not, it's just really demoralising seeing theses bodybuilders with body's to die for and knowing you can't even get close to it without being on steroids, love your content! I've liked and subscribed 👌

  30. I am a 1.79m guy, 87 kg and a body fat% of ~9,8%. I have had 2 cycles and I look pretty decent and lean. Funny part is, we have a dude at our gym who is like 1.5 times my size. Till this day he claims to be natty. Making such a claim is just silly tbh.

  31. What a load of crap. Unless steroids were brought by extra terrestrials they are natural. Ingredients came from earth, therefore everything is natural. Don't get what all the fuss is about… Because so called "natural" lifters, trainers you name it – can't sell their shit because they can't physically compete with "enhanced" athletes. It all comes to marketing and money. There is no "just" cause. Same old story again – we can sell our shit because someone else uses shit so he can sell his shit better. Bohoo.

  32. Fasting for 48 hrs will boost testosterone and HGH , look into dr. Jason fung, also if u are lean u can still fast long term (2 days or so ) and not loose ur gains , look into cole Robinson aka snake diet u tuber , as he shows how to fast while you are lean or a fatty.

  33. All Guys and some Gals at Gyms 80% will tell you they are Natural? Thing is you see massive zits on their backs/shoulders etc and then they say I'm just eating plenty of protein i/e chicken/Tuna.No problem with Folk Roiding /HGH etc but you see 18-year-olds walk in natty and 3 months later have put 2/3 stone of muscle on but swear down ITS Dead or serious Cardio problems in 10/20 years!!!???

  34. So you take steroids once, gain muscle, then stop steroids and continue to train, your muscles will "remember" the steroid cycle and grow like it was in steroids? But didn't you say once you stop taking steroids you lose those gains?

    Seems conflicting to me.

  35. Well if you take juice and someone asks you if you do… Why do they deserve a truthful response? If you ask anyone if they use an illegal drug and you don't know the person, you deserve a good fucking smack anyway.

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