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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, hey, hey, are
you over 40 years old, and you want to quickly
lose more stubborn fat, boost your metabolism, and
release more growth hormone? Well, stop by and
pay close attention. My name is Shaun Hadsall. I’m a 47-year-old
stubborn fat expert. They call me the ripped grandpa. And in today’s video,
I want to share the number one
food people over 40 should eat before bed
for faster fat loss and to boost metabolism. And I also want to share an
innovative 12-minute protocol that’s specifically designed
for the hormonal condition of people in their 40s, 50s,
or 60s to re-optimize hormones and to quickly lose
more stubborn fat in only 12 minutes. Now, when this is
followed properly, you can actually boost the
metabolism from 38 to 48 hours after one 12-minute session. And then the research and
the scientific studies that you’ll find
over at my website– somewhere around
this video, you’ll see a blue button or a
blue link to click or tap that you can go over–
you’ll see over 30 published studies backing
up the information that I’m sharing
inside this video. And when you follow my 12-minute
metabolic bursting protocol, using my instructions,
you can elevate growth hormone 400% to 1,200%. Now what is the number one food
that you should eat before bed? It is protein. You might see the
list over here. And it’s a little bit cut
off, I think, on my video, but I want to share the
best types of protein to eat before bed. I also want to share
the timing of that meal. See, eating before bed
is a healthy choice, but you have to
time it properly. There is a specific
window you need to use, and I’m going to share
that in just a second. You should always do
your best to choose these types of proteins. So eggs are a great choice. You have a complete
protein in the white, and then you have the yolk
has all kinds of vitamins and minerals and
the friendly fats. White proteins– chicken,
fish, and turkey– the white cuts are going to
be a little bit better choice than this red cut that I
was just sharing with you, this lamb chop I was flashing
in front of the camera. So the lamb chop’s
still a healthy choice, but the white proteins have been
shown to release less insulin. This is important
before bed, and I’ll share why in just a second. Cottage cheese is
another amazing source if you can tolerate dairy. You open up cottage cheese. You see the liquid on top. That is whey, whey protein. The curds underneath,
that’s casein. So it’s a whey and
casein protein. Whey’s very fast releasing. Casein is very slow releasing. So by eating it at the
right time before bed, you feed your muscles
as the protein slowly releases throughout the night
to help boost your metabolism. The next choice
is protein power. This is an obvious
choice because it’s quick and convenient. I would just make
sure that you’re choosing a blend,
something that has that slow releasing
casein in it, and maybe a handful
of raw nuts with this. Some of that fiber will help
minimize the insulin spike. Now, why should you
focus on eating protein before bed, and actually,
in every single meal, for that matter? Well, the first
reason is it reduces hunger and late-night cravings. Now, there’s a published
study that was done on this. And you can see here, people
who ate a high-protein diet had much less hunger and cravings
than those who didn’t. The second reason is it
increases your metabolism. So by including protein
in your pre-bed meal and including protein
in every other meal, your body burns more
calories digesting protein than it does digesting
fats or carbohydrates. So this is what will
boost your metabolic rate. So if you eat a meal
without protein, you’re leaving calorie
burn on the table. You want to include a complete
protein in every single meal, and it will automatically
help you boost metabolic rate. This third reason is it
supports lean muscle gains and it stops muscle loss. There’s a new study, and
I’ll post a link below. It shows that people who eat
protein before bed gain more muscle and have less muscle
loss than those who don’t. Now, the timing of
all this is critical. And when you eat
protein before bed and when you eat protein after
my 12-minute metabolic bursting protocol can make
all the difference, so pay close attention to this. So you want to eat your
protein one to two hours before bed minimum. And the reason why is
because when you eat, you raise insulin levels. Insulin is a storage hormone. And in the presence
of insulin, it’s nearly impossible for the
body to release growth hormone because they’re
antagonists to each other. So the solution to this is
to eat your protein-rich meal about one to two
hours before bed. This will give
insulin and chance to stabilize before
you hit the hay and go to sleep, which
will allow the body to pulse more growth hormone
throughout the night. Now, after you perform
my 12-minute metabolic bursting protocols, and you
release all this growth hormone naturally following my movement
patterns, my rest periods, and my intensity levels,
when you’re done, your muscles are like
a sponge and they want to soak up nutrients. So it seems like eating
directly afterwards is the logical choice. And it is a healthy choice. It will feed the muscles and
it will help with recovery. However, I recommend that you
strategically ride the wave after my 12-minutes metabolic
bursting protocol for about 60 to 90 minutes afterwards. This will allow that
growth hormone that was released to work its magic. Remember, if you eat that
food, and you spike insulin, you could potentially
block that growth hormone. So you get the
best of both worlds simply by waiting
at least an hour after my 12-minute protocols. So hopefully you learned
something inside this video. Somewhere around this
video, again, you’ll see that blue button or linke
that you can go click or tap, where you can go learn all about
my innovative system called the Over 40 Ab Solution. So go check it out. Start transforming
your body today. Thanks for watching
and keep going strong.

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