Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

A one of these you can watch videos and sign up for my courses. You’re probably wondering who this blog guy is and why shitlist. So I want you to go over my background and what it is that I do. That way you get to know me better and learn about my areas expertise. For me personally it’s extremely important to create a relationship with my students because I actually want to help you reach your goals. I’m not some anonymous scorn that hides behind a desk. I love interacting with people around the world and working with them. What’s there about so to surface video. Let me begin with my personal fitness. A lot of people have asked me about my transformation. So let me share that with you now. When I first got into fitness I was a teen and it’s really scary. I’m about six foot one and at that time we’re around 150 maybe even less. So my main goal was to not be any more and build some muscle. Of course I had no way you would have to eat. So I basically copied my friends at the gym and did nothing to improve my diet. As you can imagine they didn’t really do anything. So after a few months I decided to do some research and find some proven workouts to get bigger and build strength. I learned that most athletes were in two phases where they spoke up and gimlets and then later cut down on my feet or maintain their muscle mass. So I tried that and it actually worked. The problem was that I actually over did you know I got stronger by the day. I also eat a lot more by the fact that I’m one. And after a few months I would like this. As you can see this was a red book I own it. But as you say it’s confidence and you handle mass. So the next step was to lose fat to finally make just pure figuring out the right side. Took me a while but I made some good progress. Of course there were also setbacks along the way. And they taught me that the process improving your health and fitness will never be a straight line. Just like when you try to build a career or your business you will always face obstacles. I learned that the goal is to avoid these obstacles but to accept them and deal with them. Many films will tell you they can look like them all within a few weeks or sometimes even days if you only buy their product and never really liked this approach and at some point I lost interest in all the magazines and hyped up groups. Instead I tried to focus on sustainable changes while making small long term improvements. And this is where I really started to lose not only my fitness but in my overall advice. I started designing my own training programs and stuff what was scientifically proven to work. I learned that the best workouts and diets are those that are built around what you like and not the latest fad along the way. I became a state certified nutritionist concerned my blog nutrition and fitness. I know how beginners around the world to lose weight gain muscle resistance live a healthier life. If you want to reach out to me for coaching or simply because you have a question send an email to Healy said attrition and fitness. I try to answer every message and get back to you as soon as possible. I also speak Portuguese and German and so feel free to contact me in those languages as well. My Spanish is a little rusty but we’ll make it work too. And that’s pretty much it. My approach is keeping things as simple as possible and sticking to what is proven to her. If that’s what you’re looking for. Write me a comment or send a message and let me know about your chips.

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