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I challenge myself to work harder and smarter for the next month well I already used to do that my life is busy I basically do the highest education possible in Ellen’s and it takes up the majority of time and besides that I run a YouTube channel that I love it takes a lot of time I tried to work out every single day I have an awesome girlfriend crazy friends and I play soccer I don’t know how to spend my time nothing was really working out and I didn’t enjoy the things that I used to love I lost my motivation when I’m back I wrote down my goals layered goals set up a spotter funded and wrote everything down I know what I need to do [Music] now I need to put in the work [Music] okay so what I got right here are my goals my goals for the next month or so and these workout related goals are listed and I want to achieve these so what I did is I tried to see how close I am to achieving this goal where am i right now so basically all the goals listed right here I tried and saw a good bad I am at this and today we’re gonna do the exact same thing and see if it’s a kind of kind of good indicator for how good or how close I am to this goal first thing on the list one-arm pull-ups ohh trying out this for the first time liquid chalk so mines don’t get that that’s way too much okay so use the line but let’s see how good this actually is and if it will work and my hands will not get a hold time okay one-arm pull-ups three reps in a row that’s the ultimate goal for next month let’s see how many I can do right now [Music] it’s a one-off on left and one ish on right last time it was around one on left and 3/4 on right I don’t know why my ride is that much weaker but you know we will see after these three months one month one month I mean one woman one front lever the ultimate goal for that is a ten-second proper front lever but before we do that we’re gonna warm up for the weighted dips III definitely use way too much okay so the front lever last time I was around seven seconds of ring and about 30 seconds on bar and you know I know why I’m that stronger on rings I I don’t see why actually I think it’s the technique about the end placement not necessarily a false grip or something but it’s more about the ability to turn something like that and yes we’re gonna smash that ten second goal not only fun rings but also a bar let’s see how far we can come that’s my mom okay so I think around seven seconds six seconds probably camera girl mm-hmm thanks okay so they’re around six last time was something like that did improperly Alison I will look back the footage that means I still got four seconds to go and you said four seconds it’s not that long next goal okay so we’re going for dips the goal the actual goal was five times 40 kilograms that was after my injury and my shoulder actually recovered faster than I thought so I actually smashed that goal the last time I tried this tore up the goal to five times fifty kilograms and one rep max of 60 kilograms starting off with twenty kilograms [Music] okay so basically the next goal explosive pull ups five times perfect form I was sort of slacking on this exercise my muscle ups are pretty good blood I know I I never got technique down I also said that the last time I got one rep I think that’s a technique thing I think I got the strength but the technique I don’t know talking about it as far down as possible with the bar somewhere around mid weight [Music] okay so basically after looking back that footage hey I’m not content it really is the sort of thing you can think not going to schools don’t want to why what why why why why yeah yeah okay so reasonable form bud where you want to prove them that again one okay peg lever goal of fifteen seconds last time I tried this your unsent also lacking because of the shoulder injury and I was sort of a crate for doing this exercise because of this if you keep the comms and old think people getting hurt don’t watch this yes this one of my best friends and I start the kind of settings with him I’ll get kind of scared for the back lever when I’m back at it [Music] what was it good ol dad Sten yes so let’s bring that to 15 seconds okay 10 10 10 20 50 kilograms for 5 reps that’s the goal let’s see how this shoulder too can recover okay [Music] okay so the pool of goal is actually the same as to Deb go 50-kilogram five reps this 40 kilogram and let’s get some reps out pinguin walk last time it was 40 kilograms times three [Music] [Music] I don’t even know I was there for I want to do the proper form so I’m gonna say for that’s gonna fly doc this is going to be a crazy challenge but not for one month it’s bigger than that the real goal here is is to keep doing what I love consistent and we’re going to start it out in style because I received a package new package okay I’m still quite sick bday and there was light okay let’s go look at this look at this come closer [Music] you got spooked okay so basically there’s a lot of stuff in here and like a lot it’s sort of a surprise from my protein so thank you my protein one two three oh five six [Music] hey okay they have a new collection it’s called classic and it’s just casual we’re not necessarily sportswear you could wear it while working out but it’s just for guys when we’re just come to work school everything you want to looks dope hey guys it’s just the camera girl I already have the one this one is really sick though so thank you this one is for my dad my protein be pretending in it summer Thanks and then thought of one from the classics pretty normal tightness around the arm not extreme and it just looks good comfy stylish yes oh yeah yes winter and cold night it’s got another pair of fence black yeah oh they’re the perfect combination [Music] I don’t have a mirror see you thank you for checking out the first episode to be honest I a nominee will come maybe one maybe ten it just took so long to edit but hey guys would you can let me know if you liked it by showing some love smash that like and make sure to share this video it helps a lot a lot more epic stuff coming out make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell see you guys in the next video [Music]

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  2. Hey browney hope you find your motivation again, I always watch your "1 year transformation" video to motivate me.

    Greetings from Argentina.

    Also, can u link me you spotify list?

  3. I can relate with you so much right now. You know I get so stressed because I don't know how to manage my time. I have school, soccer, chores, and a part time job. You have any tips?

  4. Coolest bro ! ur videos always changes the life condition .. the mindset ! Ur video always motivates .. Keep up Stan !Star .. No words ☺☺☺👌

  5. This was one of the best videos for motivation I have ever seen on YouTube! Amazing work! This makes me wanna get my ass outside in the 38 degree weather with rain :0. +1 Like 🙂

  6. oooh bro,after ending of the video i was thinking,did i breathe during the whole video….till now best one…keep up the good work…

  7. You know someone that has 187k subs on YouTube is really taking YouTube serious and legit liking everyone's comments and commenting back on questions!

  8. It doesn't look like you're going down far enough on your dips. You're barely going down, kind of like cheating

  9. I have watch 1 minutes and 23 seconds of the video.
    That's enough… to know that you are good at perfecting yourself.

    Writing your goals and fixing deadlines are key elements to do what you want to do.

    Respect. 🤓🙏💪

    I will maybe watch the rest later…
    Edit : Just read some comments… I am sure going to watch this. 🙂

  10. Hii….bro i am just a beginner nd nt able to do 10pushup perferctly plz make a video for beginners ……love frm india

  11. Hey Browney, I love your channel man.
    Quick questions, I really need to tape my poor quality wooden rings. Do you guys suggest hockey tape, tennis racket tape or any other specific tape for doing that?

    I have to know. Your videos are awesome.
    What camera and editing program do you use?

  12. Hey dude, I looked at your 1 year transformation and saw that you lost some bodyfat whilst gaining muscle, did you ever count your calories or macros to do this or did you just eat healthy? I started out a couple of months ago and Im gaining alot of muscle but my bodyfat stays the same… Any tips? Calorie counting is just too annoying to do for me since I cant really decide what I get for lunch and dinner… Thanks in advance!

  13. Bro go on a mini cut down to 8% body fat or so, then you can bulk and gain strength fast and end up where you are now when you’re done bulking. It’s a great idea for you man

  14. Can you please evaluate my workout routine? I am a beginner with very little experience in sports and recreational activities.
    5 push-ups
    Bicep curls(right) with resistance bands for 30 seconds
    5 decline push-ups
    Bicep curls(left) with resistance bands for 30 seconds
    5 incline push-ups
    As many bicep curls as I can do
    As many push-ups as I can do

    cardio(varies between boxing workouts and rock climbing)

    10 hanging knee raises
    5 hanging tuck to twist(left)
    5 hanging tuck to twist(right)


    Side raise(left) 30 secs
    side raise(right) 30 secs
    Front raise(left) 30 secs
    Front raise(right) 30 secs
    Shoulder press(left) 30 secs
    Shoulder press(right) 30 secs
    Slicers(left) 30 secs
    Slicers(right) 30 secs
    Side raises(left) 30 secs
    Side raises(right) 30 secs
    (each exercise involves resistance bands)


    10 weighted squats(backpack)
    5 lunges(left)
    5 lunges(right)
    5 hamstring single leg raises(left)
    5 hamstring single leg raises(right)
    10 lateral lunges(left)
    10 lateral lunges(right)
    5 single leg hip thrusters(left)
    5 single leg hip thrusters(right)
    10 weighted squats with backpack


    5 pull-ups
    Back extension for as long as possible


    Wednesday and Thursday:

  15. we both have bad inner chest genetics and even the same bicep genetics if u somehow got something to do with that i would love to know

  16. Why dont you rotate your arm to a supinated grip/ palms facing the ground? More strain on bicep bit way lessen in front delt!

  17. Browney I know this is a old vid but I just want to say that you really inspired me to never give up and always try my hardest and I just wanted to say thank you

  18. Maybe you should focus on the Camera or more How the display comes out in the video (focus for examle). Smart and Well considered thoughts.
    Great inspiration and motivation, keep up the good work!❤️💪

  19. hey brownie I was wondering if you could look at my body transformation video and give me some tips, its pretty shitty.

  20. Wow Great Video stan Browney. You know ever since Watching all Body Transformations I got really inspired by you. Keep on making Fitness and Random entertainment videos stan. Much Love And Peace out.

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