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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

trying to get any time we are supposed to be fighting with me life goes by fastly so down we got older where did it go now back in time when all the I was you and me hi guys welcome here so since I started this channel this must be the most frequently requested video ever especially now that I post more and more workouts you guys want a more structured workout schedule that you guys can follow so you know which day to do which workout and how to put all the exercises together so I finally sat down and wrote a one-month workout schedule that you guys can follow and at the same time to have the flexibility to choose my videos that you like so to explain this calendar the first day will be starting with a benchmark workout which we’ll do later in this video so please stay on so just printscreen the calendar and leave the first workout is waiting for you at the end of this video and the spatchcock workout will be recording our scores and then at the end of the month we’ll do it again so we can compare the scores and see the progress that we make throughout this one whole month under each day of the month I have listed the duration and the types of the workout for example 15 minutes full-body XII T means you can choose any full body HIIT on my channel that makes up to 15 minutes I have quite a few you can just search Emme full body HIIT you can either do one 15 minutes full-body HIIT or you can put together one of my 10 – one with a 5 minutes one you can choose the standing ones the no jumping one is the beginner ones just any of your choice so same goes for abs arms and legs my suggestion is to mix and match my different ones every week because you want to keep your body guessing if your body get used to the same workout it will start making as much progress some of these for example bag size small ways after cardio I only have one of each on my channel for now so on the date iMac is just go to that video and do it but my girls are at that time of the month I also specifically designed a workout for you to do during your apparent I’ll link it up right here but if you’re not feeling very well it’s okay to take a rest but otherwise you can replace the ones on the calendar with this workout instead I hope I explained clear enough the calendar is of course free you can get it from my Instagram or my Facebook page I’ll put the links in the description box below this is only a suggested calendar so if you don’t have the time or you miss a workout or you want to switch things around it’s totally fine too okay now let’s get ready for our first benchmark workout there will be 10 exercises each exercise will be 45 seconds and then we’ll have 15 seconds rest in between have a pen and paper right next to you I want you to count how many reps you do during each 45 seconds and then write it down during the 15 seconds break after the whole 10 minute workout and up all the reps and the total number is your score so push yourself hard to do as many reps as you can so you can get your personal best score alright guys if you’re ready enough of me talking and let’s go oh actually before we go remember to click Subscribe and the belt button next to it to turn on post notifications so you won’t miss my new workout videos let’s go guys remember to a paper and pen ready and count how many reps you do so you can write it down during the break if you’re scared you’ll lose count during the workout set up your phone to film yourself so you can count later we’re starting with inchworm and shoulder tap to one of the full-body for fat burning this exercise is going to work out upper body our midsection our core stability and to start burning those calories feet apart in squat stance place your hands on the floor and begin to walk your hands forward in high plank where your body is in one straight line from head to hill then holding your core tight and working your apps tap your opposite shoulder one by with your hand and walk your hands back to your feet this counters one rep keep going and go as fast as you can to see how many reps you can do in 45 seconds challenge yourself [Music] write down how many reps you got for the first exercise and get ready for the second one Hospice set ups to work on our apps set up with soles of your feet facing one another lower your torso to the floor arms extended past your head hands together touching the floor then punching your apps raise your upper torso as you reach forward with both hands to touch the floor in front of your toes lie back down onto the floor hence tapping the floor above your head this is one rep your abs are burning it means you’re working the right muscles push yourself to get as many reps as you can [Music] write down your reps and third exercise is no push-up burpees one of the most effective full-body movements or fat-burning because every part of your body is working hard just to get one rep [Music] place your hands on the floor directly in front of your feet jump your feet back into high plank then holding your core tight jump your feet right back to the front behind your hands then jump up straight into the air and reach your arms overhead to do a clap this is one rep lower back into another rep I know we all hate burpees I don’t know anyone who likes them but we want to train hard and burn the fat so let’s push it through and get a few more reps in we can do this let’s go let’s go [Music] guys write down your reps and let’s move on to our fourth exercise to work the legs the booty and the ABS air squats most people don’t know this but squat is one of the best exercises for the ab [Music] stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart sit back and down with your head and chest up lower your bum until your thighs are parallel to the floor then squeeze your butt and push through your heels to stand back up this is one rep you’re doing real good in this workout so far so keep it up to burn those calories only a couple more seconds to go push harder I know you can it’s no use thing we did it we caught your score and the fifth exercise is elbow time Jax to work our arms shoulders core to slim the waist and feel the ABS and the whole of our lower body elbows on the floor shoulder-width apart hands together to create a triangle base and support your body up into elbow plank keep your body stable by working your core then start jumping your feet apart and then back together this is one rep jump as quickly as you can not only because we can get a higher score but also to burn more calories there’s no stopping no dropping down I know this is super hard I absolutely want to die right now as I’m doing together with you but remember your goals in this one month project so get it done [Music] and we’re halfway through write down the reps and let’s get on to the sixth exercise for an intense EPS burn it’s time for crunch kicks sit on the mat place your hands behind your bum legs off the floor work your abs especially your lower abs extend both legs out to the front and lower torso towards the back then pull your knees back into your chest this is one rep keep rocking back and forth this is one of the hardest ABS exercises for me but it’s amazing for the whole belly area working not just the upper abs but also the lower abs no pain no gain guys don’t quit on me hold it up to get just a few more reps in the sky gazing far into the now good job write down how many reps you did and I’ll show you the seven exercise front lunge stand up tall hands on your waist keeping your upper body straight with your shoulders back and relaxed and chin up step forward with one leg lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90 degree angle make sure your front knee is directly above your ankle not push out too far keep the weight in your heels as you push back up to the starting position this is one rep alternate between size for 45 seconds this is another one of my favorite exercises because it works the whole of your legs put hamstrings and also your core plus it is a back friendly movement pick it up guys we want to burn the calories we want to get our personal best score so let’s work our body and challenge it to its fullest potential [Music] your score for the lunches and let’s move on to the eighth exercise to work on the arms henry Lee’s pushup don’t worry if you cannot do regular push-ups yet you can still do this one so I promise [Music] beginning at the top and high plank position with your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart bend your elbows keeping them close to your body lower yourself to the ground and tell your chest is on the floor then quickly lift both hands off the floor and place them back again on the ground holding your core tight and push yourself back up this is one rep your arms are going to turn into jelly just like mine here this is not an easy exercise but we’re getting stronger every day as long as we’re not giving up this is an awesome exercise to train our chest arms and shoulders but also our core muscles we’re almost there just a few more seconds until we can rest again shake out your arms don’t forget to write down your reps and we’ll move on to the 9th exercise lick flutters lie flat on your back and place your hands under your bum tighten your abs to lift your shoulders off the floor with head up and chin down crunching your abs as you lift both legs off the floor and extend them straight in front of you to mix mall rep it up and down motions for example left leg up and right leg down followed by left leg down and right leg up and that completes one rep don’t let your legs drop to the floor throughout the whole 45 seconds if you do pick it right back up the lower your legs go the more you work your abs we’re so close to the end guys I know you’re dying I’m here together with you every single rep I have faith in us I know we’re stronger than we think [Music] and we’ve got another one done we’re finally onto a last exercise join us for a final cardio blast first start in a high plank position keeping your core includes tight jump both feet up with your right foot bending forward placing it next to your right hand and left leg extended at the back this is one rep then lift both legs to jump up again and this time switching positions of your legs with left foot at a friend next to your left hand and right foot at the back continue alternating for 45 seconds guys this is ready the last exercise so give it your all push yourself to add those last few reps in to make your final best for just keep moving don’t think too much we’re almost there okay [Music] guys you see that I’m absolutely dead after this benchmark workout but no pain no gain a hard work is not going in two ways good job for getting it done together with me I’m so proud of you now add up all the reps you did in each exercise to get your final score after one month of working out to the calendar here do this again and compare the score I promise you’ll be even more proud of yourself I know you’re wondering what my final score is is 294 but please remember that you’re not competing with me or anyone else you’re competing against yourself and your own progress we’re all on our own journey alright guys don’t forget to stretch it out a bit you can also head over to my complete stretch video which I’ll link it up right here amazing work today I’ll see you very soon


  1. I downloaded the calendar…I just have one question…what is the benchmark workout? Do you have a video on it?

  2. I couldn’t keep us XD lol my body gets tired so easily…I did each exercise twice to get a decent amount of reps in….those were the hardest ten minutes of my life and I didn’t think I could sweat so much

  3. I am skinny and have a very curvy ex once told me I have a very athletic looking body…I’ve heard it from other people too…I just have a little pot belly that I’ve been trying to get rid of for a long time…I eat pretty healthy and do a decent amount of cardio like jogging and brisk walking…I’m hoping this calendar will help out XD I’m stuck

  4. I just finished my first month! It was an amazing journey… My first score wasnt that great, I was just able to do 136 reps. But after this month I feel a lot stronger and was able to do 199 reps. More than I thought. I haven't lost weight, but I can tell that I lost a lot of fat and gained muscles. I feel so much better. Ready for the second round. 😀

  5. I'm going to start this tomorrow while also trying to eat cleaner and drink more water. I really want to loose the fat around my thighs and arms so hopefully I can do that successfully with this calendar. On Wednesdays' I do have dance for about 2 hours so I'm going to count that as my LISS since it isn't too intense. Friday's will be a struggle for me to get the scheduled workout in since I have dance again but I'll be trying my best! Wish me luck!!

  6. Just saw this and it seems to be just what I needed to lose the weight for my upcoming wedding. Thanks so much Emi.

  7. What stopwatch or timer app do you use? It would be very helpful if you could recommend one or two! ✨♥️

  8. I've started just today. But I know myself… I need extra motivation. Is there anyone else who is now doing it? Who could do this with me?

  9. I started today. I thought I was gonna die and I was sweating like crazy!! But it felt really nice so I'll keep this up!

  10. i cant really do inchworm – my body isnt flexible enough for me to reach near my toes. how else can i do it?

  11. I am going to start today just finished the banchmark and i got 115 raps i am kind of proud of my self haha thank you emi

  12. So I’m gonna update you Guys
    -57kg 🙁
    Please comment to motivate me 🙂

    Day 1 – so it was hard but not super bad my score :190

    Day 2 – 10 m ABS : it was so freaking hard auch my ABS really hurt..
    -10 m hiit : i loved it !
    Day 3 – so I did the “Nina dobrev” yoga routine and it was awesome (15m) I danced 4 songs (taki taki,power,bury a friend,sorry) it was amazing , I also walked 30m with my dad in a park

    Day 4 – I had done this leg Workout in the past so it was hard but not super bad 🙂 I feel so good right now 💗

    Day 5 – We visited our friends so i coudn’t do everything 🙁 but i wil do it extra on day 6!
    Arms : It was to hard so i did the gabriella whited Workout instead

    Day 6 -ABS : loved it !
    -HIIT : the burn is real!

    Day 7 -HIIT – I’m dead☠️

    Day 8 -ABS :

  13. Its my first day. My score is 246 right ow. I've lost about 30 Kgs by diet and just jogging and speed walking. I hope this works so I can go from 62kgs to 55kgs, which is my goal weight.

  14. Question: Did this work for any heavier girls? I mean the progress in everyone is amazing but I just noticed most girls who start say they’re around like 120-140lbs already. I’m heavier than that so I was just wondering if this helped any bigger girls have a weight loss difference instead of a slimming/toning down type of thing. I mean it looks good to me but I just feel like I should be working out more?

  15. I'm going to start this calendar ! (although the two next weeks are exams for me ahah)

    ~Week 1~

    Day 1 : It was sooo hard, but not as much as I thought. My benchmark score was 179, which is not that bad but I want to improve.

    Day 2 : I did 15min of abs (5min more) it was okay, but the Hiit was sooo hard, I wasn't able to do the burpees correctly and i fall many times, but kept going and did the whole seance !
    Day 3 : For LISS i did 25min of hiit, I did well I think !
    Day 4 : Legs seance ! It was very hard but I kept pushing and I succeeded !
    For so long I've lost 800g

  16. Im kind of walking person..i walk 5 miles everday!! Can i do this other workouts after coming home? I feel energetic though not like im too tired after walk. I did'nt start yet thinking it will be too much is that true or its just my assunption pls advice!! Thank you!!

    Btw new subscriber!! Love ur video

  17. You know what? It's Monday today, it's not too late. I'm going to start today, because I know that if I don't then I will be less determined to tomorrow. I am vegan, so results may be different from what others would get, but I will still keep up to date each week! I will see you on Sunday. Peace~

    So, I just did the benchmark workout and got 154. Not so great, but it's a work in progress! For the end of this month, my goal is at LEAST 250. Let's see how I do throughout the month and then we'll find out! Peace~

  18. I survived the first week of this workout 😆 my whole body hurts so much and the pain area moves from the abs to the legs, arms, backs and so on but I'm enjoying it a lot 😆

  19. Omgosh I was looking for a planned workout video. So glad I came across this one and Im going to start today 🙂

  20. ready to start this but I'm pretty nervous that I might fall back:(

    day one: my benchmark score was 266. I felt really tired after the third exercise so i didn't think i'd be able to finish! I ran a mile prior to this workout and I'm really optimistic about how things go. Wish me luck<3
    day 2: okay I ran beforehand but the full body HIIT really killed me. I didn’t think it was that hard, but my body was really tired especially after not exercising for a couple of months. obviously I haven’t seen any differences!! im hoping everything works out. the ab workout wasn’t hard for me at all, but my body is more tired than sore.

  21. I was expecting to have to pay some ridiculous amount to get this calendar, but no, it's free! You're amazing and your workouts are genius! New sub!

  22. I’m going to start this workout schedule too, now, with changes to my diet and all—I’m going all out.

    April 26, 2019
    PRE-START DAY: I am like 5’5”-ish and (though i haven’t weighed myself yet) am like 99kg (again, not sure but am assuming). And here’s the kicker—I’m a teenager in high school. Yeet. I’ve been struggling with my weight for so long, and though I decided to start loving myself vERY recently, I feel like I need to lose weight not to be skinny but to feel good about myself and for my mental health.

    K, anyways, I’m using this as an archive and while add my progress and updates of what i have generally that day to eat and ya know the drill.


    April 27th, 2019

  23. Hi Emi i did the whole month and i pushed myself every time i did a workout cause like you say "no pain no gain" but after the 1 month my progress has been minimal. my benchmark workout reps did increase by 50 but i did not see any weight loss or even slight changes in my body. please help by giving tips or advice!

  24. 2019 anybody? Could use a accountability partner! If you are interested, leave me a Message on insta: mdiscoverstheworld

  25. Here I’m doing this so I’m accountable for my actions😂:
    Update: I’m doing good, the workouts pretty much have become apart of my schedule because they are quick☺️
    Ending benchmark: 323!!!
    I’m so happy that I actually improved but I know that the first workout probably wasn’t correct because I didn’t do the form properly probably😂

  26. Honestly, the comments make me so happy that other people are here with me through this journey. Love you Emi x

  27. trying to keep this up for the summer, so if anyone wants to make a snap group for motivation, add me: devangi_bohra

  28. Ok y'all I did it!! (Kinda)

    Ok so I decided to do it and start first of may!! So I started this with a benchmark of about 170 (I say about bc I think I cheated a bit with the moves on some so I deleted some numbers from my benchmark workout sksks) and it was though. I have almost never worked out before (out of school) and I hate PE but love workouts like this.

    So i started the calender and I did them everyday, I missed one day but did them on the next day instead. So i continued like this for about 2 weeks (i think 14-16 days) and then I stopped. I missed 2 days at first and then I just was too lazy. So now a little bit after a week since I stopped i knew i wasnt gonna do the rest of the month so i decided to do the benchmark workout anyways and count.

    So, after only about 2 weeks and then not working out for a week, i did the test. And I GOT 217!!!! Thats 47 more if the i counted the reps rights!!! Its not a lot but remember I only did them for 2 weeks and as I have waited a week my body isnt as used to training as when i did them everyday. I'm so happy I actually thought I would get a improvment of like 50 after a month!!, never 2 weeks!!

    If yall have questions ask em in the comment but
    1. I did not follow a diet or smt, i tried npt eating chocolate or candy in the beginning but ive eaten alot of candy troughout the workout! I eat a vegitarian diet at school lunch but dinner its usually meat (i'm trying to go vegeterian) so thats all.
    2. I did not follow any other workouts, i did another butt workour that was 5 minutes long like 4 times those weeks, but nothing more. I also am not active at school PE and missed most of the PE these 2 weeks actually.
    3. During LISS/AR I did some yoga, but the second week I missed LISS/AR completely.

    I did the calender 2 weeks and got an improvememt of about 47 reps. I didnt follow a special diet or another training routine.


  29. thank you so much for taking time to do this! it's amazing! you're really a great youtuber :))) thank you so much. I'll try it 🙂

  30. I am the heaviest weight I’ve ever been. This is my journey. ((Comment below if you want my insta so we can support each other like buds :))
    First off let’s get some backstory, I am
    14 years old
    130 lbs (58.9 kg)
    5’2 ( 158 cm)
    My weight and self confidence has fluctuated throughout the years since 5th grade. About 3 years ago, I decided to make the first attempt of many to slim down. At the time I was 125 lbs and got down to about 115. 7th grade came and I fell back into my old habits and gained it back plus change. The next summer I tried many more times to fail to my dismay. Summer before 9th grade, I was 132ish and again tried to slim down and failed. Freshman school year came and I dabbled in under eating but would eventually binge. I maintained around 120 through freshman year but towards the end, old eating habits came back and I’m back to 130. I’ve never hated my body more and I am desperate for change. You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to change, this is it. This is my journey and I will be updating real time, the first day of my challenge will start June 1st. (I will do this calendar for both June and July)
    Goals for end of July:
    115 lbs (ideally 100)
    Lose fat on midsection and legs
    Tone whole body
    Gain self confidence
    💙💚 I will keep posted.💙💚

    BEGIN: Alright, it’s finally June 1st, I will be giving weekly in depth updates but I wanted to put one in first day. My benchmark score is 220 which is higher than I thought it would be tbh. I was really struggling during this workout and definitely felt the lack of strength. O also started my healthy eating diet today. I will post an update in a week on the 8th -Mira💙💚

  31. hi all im going to do this in the comments because what motivated me to do this was really everyone else's great results 🙂
    ill keep it updated each week-
    week one: this week was killer! I got a 167 on the benchmark (womp womp lol)- but the workouts were all fun and I really felt the burn! I ate a lot of junk food this week though rip
    week two: this week was harder for me workout wise than week one. I switched up the workouts and my body was like NOPE so my workouts were a little weaker this week but I pushed through. I also ate really healthy this week, and my mom said my stomach looks tighter! (I also feel like it feels smaller! obviously not a whole lot is gonna happen in two weeks but so far so good!!!!)
    week three: this week was the worst for me… I skipped a few days because of being genuinely too tired, and I emotionally ate a lot this week… however week four has started out super strong and I just continued on with the workouts from where I left off!

  32. I first want to say, Thanks Emi for motivating me to get more fit through the summer! <3

    Extra info: idk how much I weigh, sadly. I will “calculate my weight changes by pictures and a small shirt and pants (to see if I fit them again)

    Week 1

    Monday Morning: Did benchmark challenge. ✅ The workout was hard af, but I got thru. Score: 166. Ouch. I hope I will get better results by the end of the month.

    During the rest of the week, the workouts were a major burnnn for me. I cheated on some of them, but I won’t give up! I actually did not skip any days! So proud of myself! Noticed no changes, will keep going!

    🌸🌸WK1 FINISHED!🌸🌸

    Week 2

    Monday Night: I did 10 min abs and 10 min small waist after I took a 45 min walk ✅ almost didn’t do it, but I told myself I couldn’t quit now. Didn’t eat too clean…

    Tuesday: HIIT ✅

    Wednesday: Active Rest ✅

    Thursday: Legs and HIIT✅ (my legs were trembling haha)


  33. weight: 91.9 kg Height 5'9" Reps: 212.
    Day 1: Exhausted. Ive followed some of her videos a couple weeks ago and I lost 1.8 kg but its back now since I just forgot. I saw other comments and they make me hopeful
    Day 2: I'm tired and I don't want to do it but I'm at 91.4 kg now
    Day 4: I decided not to do liis and do a workout of my choice plus walking. I am now 89.5 kg which means I lost 5.3lbs. I have not changed my diet, so 5.3lb sounds like a lot. But I'm happy with the progress.
    Day 9: im sill doing the workots daily but im now a 92 kg so I weigh more now than when I started which is frustrating. on da 7 I weighed 89.4 kg so I don't know whats wrong. not seeing any progress is making me want to stop even though on some days im doing up to 45 min of her videos and yesterday I did her 45 min hitt. if anyone is doing this calender rn too and want a support buddy or something just comment below

  34. Heyy Emi..I'm your new subscriber:))I saw your workouts a few days back and I'm so excited to try them out..I loved the way you prepared a One Month workout calender just to variate between workouts and I just like the way you motivate us during the workouts💪However I have a question..If we ever feel the need to, can we pause the video and do certain exercises at our own pace?? #LoveFromMalawi❤❤
    One more thing, you doing a really great job and I really wish to have a body like yours💪❤

  35. Omg I just did the first day and this workout is so much more harder than I thought 🥵 I kept pausing and taking many rests. But my score is 210.

  36. Alright I’m giving this a shot!! Keep in mind that my way of eating is pretty flexible and I’m not going hardcore healthy. I am aware of what has too much carbs, calories, etc so I can portion my food to where it’s not too bad (:

    Day 1: I AM EXHAUSTEEEDD HOLY MOLY. My reps for day 1 were 265, which I believe is pretty good!!

    Day 2: I had to do some moderate versions of like 3 of the ab exercises because it was super hard. Mainly because I lack core strength. Also I did the 10 minutes hiit one but I couldn’t do the last 3 workouts because I had to go somewhere :((

    Day 3:

  37. Thank you so much for your plan. I dropped literally every fitness challenge that I did. Even if they so that this exercises for beginners, I couldn't did it. As result, I felt myself as a weak fat person. I was disappointed and went to the kitchen for grab some food. But your videos are amazing, you are so supportive and your words gave me a power to push myself harder. I already did three weeks and exeted for more. I saw how my body changed and this gave me more motivation! Thank you! You are the best!

  38. Ok so for this summer,I am going to do this workout and update you weekly about how it's going(I will also be eating healthier and using the app yazio to help me)

    Starring weight:54.4kg

    Week 1-The workouts make me sweat so much and I often had to pause to catch my breath.Today(Saturday)however I only paused in the middle of the workout twice compared to 4-5 times plus resting longer than 15 seconds.These work A Lot I already see abs coming in and I've lose 1kg I'm so happy and this is going to keep me motivated also eating around 1672 calories a day 😀

    Week 2-didnt loose as much weight as last week as I only lost 0.6kg however I see lots of changes in my physical appearance like legs abs arms stomach etc.I pause during the workouts less and once I did a workout without pausing At all I was dying but was so proud of my self.Im also eating around 1500 calories a day now and drinking 2L a day as my goal.Sids note I had my period but it didn't hurt during the workouts only when I woke up.

    Sunday-I am so sad because I weight myself and I'm at 53.4kg which means some how I gained 0.5kg overnight:( and really only lost 0.1kg the whole week 🙁

    Week 3-OMG I AM SO HAPPY.Sp I've wieghted myself this morning and I was 51kg!!! I am so proud of myself and I'm going to treat myself to some pancakes.I fell like my body has finally gotten used to the workouts but still best week for me so far !

  39. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  40. I've always been quite chubby despite not eating much junk food, in fact, i never ate that much anyway.
    After the first week of this exercise i have lost two inches off my waist (from 33 to 31 inches) and i also get hungry more often (i used to eat only once a day, now i eat at least 3 times)
    This plan totally works guys.
    Will update next week again.

  41. Results the first time around: 232
    Results after 6 weeks (I forgot to come back here and do it after the month, just kept on working out): 340
    I didn't expect it to go any higher then what I originally got, seen as I pushed myself really hard to get that result. I was shocked to see such a big improvement! Thank you so much Emi, I feel super strong and proud of myself for coming this far!

  42. hey, im gonna do this and update every week!! next update is gonna be when i finish week one and today is my first day!

  43. So i was doing this for only 2 days with eating under 1200 kcal a day and i’ve lost 1 kg☺️i know its not much but i am soooo happy about that

  44. what does ”liss / ar” mean?

    i gained like 8 lbs so im starting this hoping i can lose all the weight soon 😫, it’s my second day so i feel good so far though 😊

  45. If you’re wondering if this works, it definitely does! I lost 5 lbs in the past month and when I woke up this morning my stomach was smaller! Here are some tips to help if you want to try this:
    – Follow the plan carefully!!! Push yourself each day!
    – Because you’re working out almost everyday make sure you eat enough (and healthy) and get lots of sleep!
    – Drink 8 glasses of water, make sure to drink water before and after meals to keep you fuller and stop you from overeating.
    – Eat lots of low calorie but high volume foods. Also include protein like chicken or fish (if you’re vegan there are many plant proteins just make sure you are eating a lot)
    – After you’ve finished one month, continue doing the same type of workouts on the same days but increase it to at least 30 minutes a day.

  46. Hi dear after my pregnancy I was 77 kgs..ND now am 64…thanks a lot for ur videos..I msged yew n insta but u dint's k..ur videos r motivating ND without yew I wouldn't have achieved this..can yew pls tell me wats the ideal weight for 5'2..

  47. Here is my journey I will be updating as I do it

    I am a 12 year old girl who does basket ball and volleyball so I am pretty fit
    Height 4'11
    Weight 112

    Left arm: 10
    Right arm: 10 1/2
    Belly button:32
    Left thigh: 20
    Right thigh: 20

    Day 1:I could barley do it but my final score was only 289. I'm not that happy with it but I mean she was only 5 ahead of me( I can barley walk it is worse than the day after leg day

    Day 2:

    Day 3:

    Day 4:

    Day 5:

    Day 6:

    Day 7:

    Day 8:

    Day 9:

    Day 10:

  48. 12, 4'9
    Day one: Score was *246*. Don't know how to feel about that lol. I did a couple workouts earlier, and I feel dead inside. Please help me

  49. My legs are absolutely dead from just this one workout!! I’m gonna keep with it but wow I can really feel it in my legs.

  50. After doing some workouts, my little sister wanted to do this month workout with me. She did this workout and encouraged her to beat her highest score on the last workout. Her highest rep is 48! The total was 321! I'M SO PROUD!!!😢

    Ps: I did 165 ;-;

  51. My first try on the benchmark is roughly 195-200 (I mostly lost count during the flutter kicks), but this has motivated me a lot! I thought I would only get 120-140 due to my low physique but knowing that I could do more is so amazing! I will try out the calendar and will come back to update 🙂 thanks Emi!

  52. Updates on my 30 days WO journey ( started on 54.3 kg)

    I love this workout calendar, its easy to follow and yet also challenging in the same time. I've tried doing this last year, but skipped some days or so because of my busy schedule. But here i am trying to do it again for the second time, and now im going to record it. Wish me luck !

    First Benchmark Score : 237
    I decided to do this in the spur of the moment. The workout started in a nice challenging yet still beginner friendly move (aka the inch worms) it started getting more intense after the time goes by. By the last move groiner i was already out of breath and had to stop the video for a quick breather. I hope i can better myself throughout this month, improving my stamina and endurance and overall just feeling good about my body ☺️
    Day 2 : Did the workout. It was easy at first with the abs workout. But by the end of the HIIT workout i was exhausted ! Felt really good afterwards.
    Day 3 : I have done this workout a couple times. Its not as hard as when i did it the first time. But it still kept me sweating, which is great. The workout didn't felt long at all
    Day 4 : The workout wasn't as bad as the others, my body has started getting used to the routine so the workout went easier than the previous days.
    Day 5 : Its ok, the workout gave me a good sweat to start my day, and i've found i tend to like ab excercise as it seems easier on my body
    Day 6 : Same as day 5. Did this workout on an empty stomach, and boy was there a difference ! I had less energy that day but managed to push through
    Day7 : rest
    Week 1 : It was overall a nice change of pace. Some days were harder and some days the workouts seem easier.

    Day 8 : Took the 20 min HIIT video, this workout is easy but it easily makes you sweat. Overall a good workout 👌

    I'll keep updating everyday if i can. Wish me luck !!

  53. I am going to try this! I love Emi's workouts. I have been doing them for half a year and I know they work wonders! Starting score is 266 reps.

  54. So I am going g to try this and hopefully it works 💖

    Day 1: found the workout enjoyable but definitely broke a sweat 😅 My rep score was 247 by the end of the first benchmark . I hope to aim for about 280 at the end 🥰

  55. I am starting out again.last time i became hopless please motivate me.My starting weight is 62 kgand height is 5 ft 3 inch
    Week 1 benchmark workout score 216

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