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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Without doing any exercise or going to gym, can we build our body or lose fat? Without doing exercise or going to gym, can people build muscle or lose fat? If you do not have time for exercise then can you achieve all this? Nilamoni here will show you the technique how without doing exercise you can burn fat and build muscle. This is called the Front Double Biceps pose, hold it as strongly as you can. While holding it you will see that your shoulders, upper back, mid back and chest are getting activated. Hold it as long as you can, minimum 10 secs, and powerfully, no loose holding here. Hold it as powerfully as you can, then when you get tired loosen it slowly and we will proceed to the 2nd pose. He will hold his flanks just above the waist and broaden his back towards the front and sides. Here you will see the entire back getting activated and when you do it you will realize how much energy is used. This is the 2nd pose. Now Nilamoni will show us the 3rd pose. This is what we call the Most Muscular Pose. He is flexing his upper body tightly, activating his biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders, chest and even the neck. You might think that what is he doing Try doing at home the 3 poses that I have described and you will see

33 thoughts on “1 trick to build muscles and lose fats without exercising or diet-ing. Chapter 1. By Dr. Kamal

  1. Everyone can do at home without going to any gym…. Great indeed… ..
    Waiting for the nest one…. Thanks.

  2. Really nice video….. Waiting for next video…… Hira bou. Babu i aji tumar video tu sai thakote mok koise… Tumar gym t jabo r babe..

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