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what’s going on YouTube
what happened what’s poppin now yeah absolutely
no more happen alright guys so we are Brighton Beach we about to play Wow
so I haven’t played ball for quite a while and Zack is challenging me I’m
gonna dunk on Oscar ball game my skill I literally haven’t played basketball for
like four five years now total five years not crazy um yeah that’s going to
challenge me to a basketball game comment below who you thought was going
to win um you know before you finish watching the video comment below who you
think is gonna win and also comment below who you think is the better player
anyway just in case um you know in case yeah just in case I know you know that’s
always banter between me and Zack some you know about I’m here who’s gonna be
the better one or who gives a bit like that
Jalen Varun we had to jump up I know others everybody liking is jumping man
like what happened to me like I mean I had one guy that likes probably a bit of
fashion hahaha I’m joking I’m joking Africa
where are your jumpers cool actually picked out your jump of me I was gonna
buy that but then you know you you stole it from me that’s like the best close up
all these new song stars right before we start the basketball game I’m gonna fly
this bad bird into the air and show you guys where we
are and it’s a beautiful days also because that what we don’t suppose vessel limit First
Alert and so forth um until you get to have to shave I get my shoulders I don’t
avoid getting me to burn come on you good Jesus that stops maybe on our by
two points we suck we freaking bill how are we do
come over here in the back in the race who throws one profound walk the I stand
rid of all the cameras we rule ah you love money be able to go move and
good buddy really want moon yeah oh nice finally got the ball oh I see you on
your TV you okay where’s this rejection ha ha what how I mean I’m right hand
cover you know that oh you beat you let your hand try to
feel yeah you gotta go back up man you feel are you gonna go tonight talk all
right Alicia’s make the show so I get together
give her your buck man gonna have a shot by the sugar I’ll be dropping she’s all
day up there that’s all it is he’s gonna use a big bottle to guess who
I used to be professional but for widget and enjoy your work back in the day
just recall a professional – oh three one I used to be hot on the neck second
oh yeah yeah yeah get the ball Duncan there people and feeling like that you
are boo ball ha ha ha the camera oh : i’m you know please please tuck legal because you
gotta have my head not touch the balls only to you know what happens to people who
can’t walk too high come on good show you got it man
thanks mosey walk to but I’m going to come back or restrict way that’s why you
think of war by I haven’t done cross it for a while haha and he did you crossed
it though you know go to see blaming crosses good now actually the man one of
the best one oh thanks for sorry what now let’s go oh this Oh
whoo this wasn’t a food this is why those you guys knocked panel should we
go see when he’s driving the ball I can’t take because it’s too strong
see how Chiklis check again have the ball back all the you gave you this
year come on giving fake I still made the
voice of nine two two more guys come on man so redundant we’re I’m not sweating
yet man come on oh yeah are you left it for me why would you do
that because I came the river ha ha ha there’s you live in Paris we had like
next game you don’t get the point you don’t get the bow back 20 school I’ll
check you already oh how good married oh oh oh oh
mm three I’m a man of my words now by the roof
I like this male’s integrity trying to help him but he doesn’t want to cheat
which is good I’m not gonna beat you next
I always good game I lost the loving – I want how do you feel about us how do you
feel I mean I haven’t been doing crusting for a while ah ha ha oh good
one may doesn’t play basketball for years there you know what it is yeah how
does a good game a that was a good game I was good man I haven’t done you know
there would you call it you call the crossword before
hey haven’t I concocted for a while we know that’s why I could you know I’m not
gonna make excuses I lost that game fair square this week Thursday good stuff now
you play volver you play ball I’ve even played ball for a while you know I let
out Duncan him but he don’t owe me so how did you know yeah you’re a good
father good fun limey does it help to make you talk good this mix ring this
ring is always good United to come oh it didn’t know that about I used to
come here back in the day sit down with the boys you know ha ha but you know
good smells good game great game great game oh we’re gonna do the whole bag
yeah that’s it that’s my guys if you want to see more like you know stuff we
used to do in the past like you know training you know sport related other
things you know I want my channel to be more broad like fill the comedy whatever
sports anything 9 sports fitness to you guys and can help you guys as well get
in shape in you know anyway because you know training that the gym is not
everything is that you don’t have to go this 500 kilos or 500 pounds or whatever
you know to be fist there’s so many different ways you can be fit and you
you know you the main things I tell you enjoying and that that’s what I want the
things I try to stress about because you know people have different things that
they’re passionate about like little sports little hobby eating
stuff tonight and I say going for you that a way of fitness and you know live
a healthier life I mean that’s what we do it for anyway so there’s so many
different ways to stay fit um you would like me to make more videos what outdoor
training video is home video is just put in the comments below and you know your
attention drop it down below yeah definitely guys you know I’m here for
you guys at the end of the day I love you guys you guys are awesome and you
know I know there’s a lot of our new subscribers here so welcome to my
channel as well where we play some more and more keeping up to date with it for
you guys as well so yeah I’m here for you guys at the end of the day I put
some stuff on my Instagram and or I get lots of from expressions for my
Instagram sometimes I’m too busy to answer it and also there’s also in the
videos cover everything so you guys can plug it i cover much broader perspective
of film rather than you know sitting there like ignoring some messages
because you know I’m so busy with life or whatever but yeah that’s I’m trying
to get on some of this YouTube are planning to do cheese slicing all
because really if you do really well he’s been hanging out in the comment
section a lot so yeah i’ve been i’ve been trying my best thing to like video
is going viral of can quite a lot of views and again so many comments all
over and I’ve tried my best even with work and you know awakened quite a few
jobs and you know working training try to grind get my food intake and
everything and you know so yeah guys feel free to leave it in the comments
please check this video a like I wanna see this video at least a thousand likes
please guys it’ll be awesome to see that and I really really appreciate your
support guys take care guys another thing before in the intro of
this video actually said something about them you know who using clay better so
the father one doesn’t necessarily mean a plate better so it’s not gonna plate
better so guys comment in the section below I think I was struggling with a
cardio aspect I need to get my cardio back you know and yeah but you know and
if you want to vote you can also vote by clicking the I you know yeah just a like
who would you play better you can see if you can always work for comment yeah
okay you know it’s got the common sense with the but fences I love you guys you
guys are family colorful who you work for
I love you guys they have today with my channel and yeah it’s good to interact
with you guys and stay well

10 thoughts on “1 vs 1 Basketball (Bodybuilder Vs Skinny Guy)

  1. We need accept that black and white have different abilities. This is why we do better In different sports. Blacks are faster with high stamina. That's why they do better In sports which requires higher tempo and quicker movements. Whites are slower but stronger with high stamina. In the stamina department we are around the the same level but differ and strength and speed. Blacks have the speed and Whites have the strength.

  2. Ask Zak to challenge you for crossfit competition. Give him a month or two train first. His neanderthal and ape genetics will come to good use here.

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