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Hey, it’s Mic. here, and today, we’re going to look at 10 amazing vegan body transformations and get some serious inspiration because all the time I’m talking about these studies and not usually putting a face to it. So today, we’re gonna put some faces to it. While many of these will show a major weight loss or muscle gain, it’s not just about how you look and how hot you are. It’s also about reversing disease and becoming healthier. So I just wanted to mention that before we get to number 1, which is this couple that collectively lost 200 pounds. That was their before picture, and two years after going vegan overnight, here is their after picture. BAM! Look at her arm now. She is ripped. And she lost 125 pounds and he lost 75 pounds. Very impressive. Her weight loss was so dramatic in particular that it was featured in this magazine. And at this point, I want to go ahead and mention the BROAD study that was done in New Zealand, which boasts the title of being the most effective method for weight loss in obese people at 6 and 12 months without added exercise or calorie restriction. It just used a whole food vegan diet. Okay, on to number 2, Victoria Rose. Here is the before, and here is the after. I know, not the most intense weight loss ever, but does she have a time machine? Her and her boyfriend just watched the documentary Earthlings, and then thankfully switched to a more healthy vegan diet, and, “Soon all the ailments and excess weight started to disappear. My long-standing acne went away within a few months of dropping dairy.” Her and her boyfriend now operate, which has a bunch of recipes I’ll link below. But I had to really look at this several times because the picture of the woman that I found who was named Victoria on this website did not look like she could even be the same person as that first picture. The first one is like, “It’s aunt Vicki on the cruise. You know.” Then all of a sudden, she’s like 20 years younger in a later picture. It’s the same person though. Pretty amazing. The power of plants. Okay, number 3, another couple who lost nearly 300 pounds, just a mind-boggling amount of weight. Yes, these three have all been from Forks Over Knives. We’ll get to some unique ones that you definitely haven’t seen in a little bit, but super thanks to them for compiling these. But they went from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, acid reflux, being afraid if they can fit in a chair or not, down to a healthy weight. And they said, “Today our lab results and blood pressure numbers are fantastic and our doctors are impressed with all the healthy lifestyle changes we have made.” Now obviously, I’m putting forth anecdotes, so I just have to quickly mention that population studies such as this one show that vegans on average have a normal BMI, unlike any other dietary group that those studies looked at. Now, number four is Lissa– possibly “Lisa” with those two S’s–of Raw Food Romance. She went on a vegan, obviously raw diet and lost about 70 pounds. Now, a lot of people think that I hate raw vegan diets, even though my first real video on the topic says that it’s probably the best way to instantly remove all processed foods. But if you’re going the safe route and taking B12 like the doctors recommend and not denying that you need to, and you’re getting enough calories, since raw food is not as calorie dense, then you’re good in my book. All right, back to Lissa. I feel weird how it’s like, “Let’s look at her butt,” but this before-and-after picture is pure proof that you can get rid of cellulite. You can reverse that, which is pretty inspirational. The main reason, though, that I wanted to show her is this before-and-after picture of her face and other pictures of her face now. And you can really see how her inflammation disappeared, which is right in line with the studies like this one, showing that when you put people on a vegan diet, their inflammation markers, their C-reactive protein, drops by about 30%, which is pretty amazing. And of course you can follow her on Instagram and all that jazz, but now let’s move on to number 5. You may be familiar with Rich Roll. And I always have to say that he went from dad bod to rad bod, but it’s so much more than that. I was not aware that he was an alcoholic. He then got over that, went on a vegan diet, lost 50 pounds and apparently ten years of age, and also became a triathlete. Pretty incredible turn around. When I was 39 years old, on the cusp of turning 40, I was 50 pounds overweight. I had been an athlete in college, but that was very much in my rear-view mirror. It was in my past. I was a junk food addict, was not taking care of myself, and I had a health scare shortly before my 40th birthday. I decided to change my life. I found vitality through a plant-based diet. It really restored my physical body back to health and wellness. You’re probably aware of his podcast which is available on iTunes, and I will link it below. But I would also suggest watching some of the videos that he’s put out recently, such as the one where he interviewed two plant-based neurologists on brain degeneration, Alzheimer’s, and things like that, and there’s some really good information in there. Okay, let’s move on to the next one, number 6, Jehina Malik. And I’m just going to leave her before picture for a second because I want to mention that this is a unique one in the sense that she was born vegan. So in that picture, she is vegan. She looks good. But then she became a vegan bodybuilder. Now here she is as a professional bodybuilder, looking super revved at competition. And all of that muscle was built with plants. So it goes to show that there are really no excuses left. There are none left. Now to the next one, number 7, who is my friend Erin Shaut. And before I show pictures, I want to mention, a few times I’ve talked about my friend who has cured her anemia on a vegan diet. She had very bad anemia for a very long time, and went vegan and got rid of it. And so here is her before picture. And here she is now. Yeah, it’s not a giant weight loss story, but she just looks so much healthier. She even discovered that she was able to tan, which she didn’t know. But this really flies in the face of anybody claiming that they’re not going to get enough iron if they go vegan. So no, it’s not Just about losing weight, and being skinny, and blah, blah, blah. It’s about being healthy and at a healthy weight that doesn’t put you at an increased risk of disease like being obese does. And in this case, it’s the opposite. It’s being underweight for number 8, Elle Tayla. So she was hospitalized for anorexia, and then when going vegan she was able to change her relationship with food and recover. And this makes sense to me because animal products are very obesogenic in nature. It’s very easy to lose control of your weight when eating them. But shifting to whole plant foods where you can eat all of this fiber-rich food that tells you when you’re full and has all these nutrients, it’s just a completely different mindset. She has a video with I believe around 11 million views showing her transformation. You can check that out in the description below. All right. Now number 9, Nimai Delgado. I’ll just mention him quickly because I’ve mentioned him quite a few times. He was raised vegetarian, so that’s a vegetarian on the left. And then on the right, he is a vegan. And he’s a professional bodybuilder, super jacked, super ripped. And this just makes the same point as Jehina Malik of gaining muscle on a vegan diet, just showing that dudes can do it too. On a vegetarian diet since birth, so I have never consumed any kind of fish, any kind of chicken, any kind of beef. A couple years ago. I decided to convert to an all plant-based diet. And at that same time, I decided to compete in competitive bodybuilding. And only after you turned vegan. That’s when you saw the most amount of gains, right? Yes. Yeah, so basically 90% of your gains came from a vegan diet. Yeah, exactly. And yes, he is a pro by the standards of the International Federation of Bodybuilding, and I will link his stuff below. And now for the last one, number 10, this guy who lost a hundred and fifty pounds and claims to have been a Chinese buffet away from a heart attack. He says, “On March 1st of 2012 I was 44 years old, weighed 380 pounds, and was on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine.” And then after going vegan, he says, “I recently went for a blood test, and my numbers are now better than when I was on medicine. Before, just walking up a flight of stairs at work was a struggle. Now I love to run! I started signing up for races, and a year and a half after starting at 380 pounds, I ran my first marathon.” This is not just a good example of how weight loss and overall health go hand in hand, but also of how when you start feeling better, you can actually exercise and you get a synergistic effect, because no one at 380 pounds wants to run a marathon. Or if you having trouble walking up stairs, you aren’t even going to want to walk. And let’s add a bonus before and after, an unofficial one, because it’s completely Internal. It is an angiogram from Dr. Esselstyn’s study of putting people on a whole food vegan diet who had advanced cardiovascular disease. On the left is an inoperable clogged heart artery, and on the right is, after a vegan diet, the same artery totally clear. Pretty cool. And that’s all for the list. I guess this is the point where I should say I do have a recipe book if you haven’t bought it already. Check it out. It will be linked below. But this is a great way to be inspired through the midpoint of the Veganuary if you are doing Veganuary. And if any of these stories particularly resonated with you, look in the description below and you can learn more about the person’s transformation. And thank you for watching. Feel free to like and subscribe, and I will see you in the next video. And I’m living proof that, you know, you can build quality muscle mass in a short amount of time naturally–the key thing there, naturally–on an all plant-based diet. It didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t linear. But ultimately I found vitality through a plant-based diet. It really restored my physical body.

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  1. Control the starch, grains, and sugar you consume, and eat a plant-based diet and you will rock it too.
    And remember, Europeans will not eat our beef and chicken because it's so tainted with steroids and antibiotics. In the USA it's all about the almighty buck $$$$$$$$

  2. I had a terrifying phone call from my biological father saying he was needing a bypass at 59, and similarly continued to have high cholesterol, LDL and HDL levels that we not ideal at 35, so I went Vegan. After 1 year my LDL, HDL and cholesterol levels are drastically better. Cholesterol levels dropped 40 points, LDL dropped 25 points and HDL was rising. Veganism saved my life and I have not stopped the transformation of my life.

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    Hey guys went vegan 11 months ago. I get sick ALL the time. Like I've been sick probably 6 times in 11 months. Severely sick. As in common colds and such. Idk what to do. Started following this guy cause I thought he would make a video about this. Anyone else deal with this?

  4. I have no idea why I'm not vegan yet. When I move out in a couple of months I'm definitely going to try. I have already given up on sugar mostly, how much harder can this be?

  5. LOL basically become a vegan if your fat.. dont become an athlete because we all know that you cant retain a great of muscle on just vegan products ( therefore under-perform due to not being as physically strong ) #6 on your list Jehina Malik ( impossible to make gains like that for a female even if she intakes meat , she is 100 per cent on PEDS ) so saying ''there really is no exscuse'' after showing her off is absolutely retarded dude.. wait your a vegan I forgot , I should expect nothing less than false scientifically proven facts 🙂

  6. Those are some amazing transformations. I will keep re-watching this video every now-and-then to keep me motivated. I've only been a vegan for 2 days so far lol.

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  8. Hey Mike, I just decided to change my lifestyle and go vegan after months and months of wanting to do it but being afraid of the social issues that come with becoming vegan and I thought I would miss meat. My sister and brother-in-law geared me to your channel (they've been plant-based for a couple of years now) and I'm really enjoying all your super informative videos! Thanks for being super thorough and proving all points with studies and research. It helps a geek like me get even more motivated to continue with this journey that I have decided to go on. 🙂

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  11. Hi Mic, i want to send you a very happy heartfelt thank you for all yr videos. I turned vegan last Aug and have converted 3 of my friends to turn vegan too. We have all reaped healthy benefits as a result. Keep up d good work!

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  13. I'm willing to give veganism a go. But because I have mainly been training with and even prior to that high protein, high fat and high carb diet. And once I started training I'm very close to what I want like that last pesky layer. And I love animals and can't imagine myself actively killing. So I ask for help to better my health and more.

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  17. I’ve been vegan about 20 days out of 23! Slowly getting away from all meat products, and Dairy!

    1 issue I’m having is my location and accessibility to a grocer! We have one here where I live but we’re small town rural and our produce is expensively limited! I’m on a tight budget so I rely a lot on rice and Oatmeal it seems…anyone able to help for ideas? I tend to buy bulk when I can and if I go into town but I’m needing help nutrition wise!

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  20. Awesome video! I had tried to lose weight for soooo long. Eventually got to the point i gave up and my weight went up to 315lbs at its highest. Thats when i went vegan (not for weightloss, just for ethics at first) and after 8 months i weighed 260lbs. Still losing weight and i think im hovering at 240, but now im getting back into raw foods and the weight is melting away. Im also so much happier and healthier, not just thinner. When i finish eating i have so much energy i have to jump around and find something physical to do right away. Im just so hyper and happy! Yeeeee
    Never regretted it once since going vegan. Praise veganism! Woohoo!
    P.S. Love yah, mic 💕

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  22. MIC i need help ive been vegan for 8 months but was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma any advice. Im 28 yo im a dad and husband to a family that depends on me

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  27. I went from struggling to get thin to struggling to build muscle 'cause I'm so skinny now. (I'm bragging a little) 🙂 But of course with the practice of yoga you embrace your body in a whole new level, and the way it looks it's just mere coincidence. But I'm not gonna lie, I'm happy.

  28. Was sick. Went healthy vegan, got well. Went back to meat and junk food, got sick again. Went vegan, got well again. Staying vegan, staying well. Ridiculously easy formula.

  29. I am a graduate student in Canada (UofA) and I do research on the microbiome. We need to feed our microbes more fibre 😊😁💪🏽! Vegan diet definitely helps our microbiome and I think that is part of the reasons we become healthier too.

  30. if this would work for me it would be great lol
    sadly i have to fast a lot and still excercise and do lots of cardio
    oh and of course no fast food
    but at least my digestion is a lot better when only eating plants

  31. I have a normal 52 year old male body (5'9" 165lbs) but immediately went vegan at roughly the 12 minute mark of the documentary "Earthlings" and never looked back.

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  35. wow ok, you wanna see serious fast healthy weightless and real muscle gain without much gym at all, try Carnivore diet! , Cut the breads , cut the plant based carbs , cut the processed sugars!! Meat and Water! only one way to do it , no rules , no checking for this or that reaction etc inflammation gone, mental focus sky rocketed, sleep quality of a baby, Liver function better than when i was 10 , bloody pressure of a 16yo, emotional stability like a stone where need be,
    ……on a vegan diet ……. yeah , LOTS OF EXPERIMENTING to get it to work without breaking out with something, feeling drained suffering massive mood swings, short memory etc etc etc , after 18 months, i was in a worse state than starting. lack of B12 had most of my Muscle mass melting away etc And before you say DETOX SYMPTOMS , IT WASN'T!!! I WATER FAST EVERY YEAR FOR 21 DAYS and have done for 23 years being 41 now and detox symptoms feel COMPLETELY different and subside around day 10 on a water fast, , this shit went on for months and got worse!

    Been Carnivore now for 9 months and feel so good, never hungry, barely think about food other than i must eat atleast once a day, so big Rib Eye it normally is if cooking for just me, , My doctor agrees i should e feeling 16again given my annual general checkup test results last week, yep im telling everyone… you wont know health until you kick the plants sugars n seeds! Yay for Animals!

  36. Over 6 years vegan. My acne is gone and my chronic sinusitis is gone.
    Before going vegan I had colds that lasted several months!!
    The longest I ever had was 6 months. So depressing.
    Now when I have a cold it last rarely more then a couple of days (:
    I can clearly see that my immune system is way, waaaaaayyyy better now.
    Thats so awesome 😀

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