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100 thoughts on “10 Best Calisthenics Exercises

  1. Burpess? Heck yea I can do this! Le'ts get started! Done! Muscle Up? Wait…what? L-sit to Handstand? Wait…wait…what???

  2. 1. Burpees

    2. Muscle up
    3. L-sit to handstand

    4. L-sit pull ups

    5: Wall walks

    6. Pull over

    7. Low plank to high plank

    8. Box jumps
    9. Diamond to regular push ups

    10. Skin the cat

  3. i do chris heria morning routine and I almost can achieve the round 2 in a row. 20 burpees for me is not anymore that hard for me. thanks Chris and thenx team

  4. Hey everybody, i dont use to do this, but i going to ask for some advice from anyone who wants to give it to me.I know that a lot of people has been training for a long long time and have a good quantity of experience in this sport (calisthenics).
    This is my situation: im 18 y/o, 1,85 cm height, and 85 kg of weight.
    I have been training calisthenics since december of 2018, motivate by the fact that the cost of my gym membership increased, and i couldnt afford it.
    I fell in love with street workout culture and philosophy of training using bodyweight. My current goals in fitness and calisthenics are: increase my number of reps in the basics (5-6 pull ups, 9 dips, 10 push ups right now) but more than that I WANT TO BE ABLE TO MUSCLE UP.
    Almost all of my squad in the bars can muscle ups, to be honest, most are ectomorph, i supose that is better in calisthenics. I used to be mesomorph, but with playing soccer and the gym i change a little bit that.
    The point its i am so frustrated. I feel like i am not progresing at all. I mean, i should be able to do 10-12 pull ups, but i dont. It seems to be a little bit harder to me. I have tried everything: weighted reps, greasing the groove, changing speed of motion,etc.
    I do EVERY rep with perfect form; tigh core, full range of motion, legs straight,etc.
    But nothing give me outstading results. The only thing that it has improved is my physic, i think. More defined abs, arms, gains of lean muscle, but i dont fucking care that.
    I only want to muscle up, and in the near future have a solid handstand and front lever. But my body i believe its a obstacle.
    What could i do? Should i resign and come back to weight training in the gym? Please, i really want to read any advice.
    Thanks you guys!

  5. I don’t know how to thank you I watch your videos 2 months and last month I download the app Thenx and now I have 6 packs and big muscles and I now the strongest in my class and yes I

  6. Challenge:
    Do as much burpees as your sport level

    Lev. 1: 10 burps I don't do sport at all🍔🍟
    Lev. 2: 25 burps yes I do sport and think I'm great😉✌🏻
    Lev. 3: 50 burps I love sport and live in the gym❤️
    Lev. 4: 75 burps I am hardest woman/man in the hood😜
    Lev. 5: 100 burps I do Youtube and stuff like that 😒

    Like if you did it 💪🏻💪🏻

  7. Супер канал! Но у меня лучше . Поэтому заходите ставьте лайк о оформляйте подписку!

  8. I wouldn't consider the muscle up as one of the best exercises in calisthenics. I personally think that wide grip pull ups and weighted dips make better results with less risk of injuries. I did muscle ups but I feel that I got more progress with these two instead.

  9. Quick! Pick a number between 1-5.

    1: 20 pushups
    2: 20 sit-ups
    3: 10 pull ups
    4: 60 jumping jacks
    5: 40 sec or 1 min plank

  10. Hey there,
    I love you're workout and I practice but unfortunately I feel I hate myself because am not disabled but my hands can't lift my lower body just like you guys do. Even if I sit I cant raise my legs straight at 45. And no gym in uganda 🇺🇬 can train me calisthenics bcoz they believe in body building and me I need power, strength not the big body… me out please Chris, Tig and that guy who does squats. Thanx

  11. Hey bro make some videos for flexiblity and mobility as it's very important for any athelete pls
    And a lot of support from india

  12. No pude comentar a tiempo v= saludos desde Bolivia suban mas ejercicios para hacer en casa sin equipo me servirian de mucho gracias =)

  13. Can you make a full body workout on the floor for 30 mins? No use of weights and muscle up bar just the floor and full body effective workout..??

  14. Hi Thenx ! Did u ever reply mails???

    I wrote to you in the mail, but you don’t answer, look, maybe I got into spam, I paid for training, but there is no access

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