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100 thoughts on “10 BEST DRIBBLING Exercises for ULTIMATE CONTROL

  1. all attack I wanted to ask a question from you that when I used to do power shoot I kick the ball from top of foot but when I shoot the hit the ball and the shoot goes a difderent way im chiranjeev

  2. 1. INSIDE – OUTSIDE 0:25
    2. OUTSIDE FEET 1:28
    3. INSIDE FEET 2:07
    4. ROLL TO INSIDE 2:50
    5. PYRAMID 3:30
    6. TRI-TURN 4:37
    7. CLUSTER 5:47
    8. TURN AWAY 6:28
    9. 1V1 7:03

  3. A good topic for a video would be proper use of body to protect the ball, create space or create free kick opportunities. I notice smart players know body placement when dribbling to create an advantage even when they may not be as fast as the defender.

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  5. Really it's the most helpful vedio in all YouTube channels.
    Can you make a vedio about analysing the movement of strikers when they should pass turn and shoot hot to create a space.
    We all in Egypt follow u

  6. Loved how straight forward and easily understandable this video was. Really appreciated how you use real game examples in which the techniques are used. I subbed and look forward to future vids

  7. Plz can u make a video on diet of a player what he should eat and what he should not …based on beginners , intermediate and advance player …?

  8. My dream is to See you becoming a professional player
    Everyone,Repeat after Mee:

    Our dream is to see All attack becoming a professional player

  9. In this sequence, here I notice he is using only his strong (right) foot to dribble. Isn't it better to use both?

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