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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Here is part 2 of my climbing session with
Paul Robinson. He came up with a training plan for me. That
is a lot more advanced than the hangboard workout I did myself. Enjoy! We will do a small workout that you can add
into a climbing session. So like, you know, that was a nice climbing session. Now you are like,
okay, I am feeling tired; I feel like I am digressing on the climbs, and I am gonna do a little
bit of training now to finish my session. That’s usually what I do. I go climb for
two hours on the boulders and then the last like 45 minutes to an hour, I will kind of
come up to an area like this at my gym and I will just do workouts, different interesting workouts that I feel
benefit me for climbing. I would say if you are climbing 3~4 days a
week, only do this 1~2 times max, okay? We don’t want to create any injuries. What I always do is I will pick a number of
pull-ups that I want to do, so usually like what I will do is at the end of a workout,
I will do 10 sets of 10 pull-ups to get to 100, okay? So with you, how about 3 pull-ups? How does 3 pull-ups? So you can do that a
couple times? Yes. Okay. Let’s have you grab this hold, and let’s have you
do 3 pull-ups. Okay, perfect. And what I like to do with
the pull-ups is I like to switch it up. You know, every gym is different. Every hangboard
is a little bit different. So if you are at home or you are at the climbing gym, it doesn’t
really matter, you know. Do you first 3 sets of pull-ups on this one.
Do your second 3 on this jug. Do your next set on these crimps like do your
next set on the slopers. It doesn’t matter. You are just trying to do your set. One-arm hangs are really good, too. Can you hang from this with one arm? One, two, three, four, five, perfect. Once you can hang that for 7~10 seconds, then
it’s too easy, okay? That was about 5, which is perfect. 4~5 seconds is the ideal amount you want to
hold. Once you can hang it for 5 seconds, grab a 5-lb weight. Same thing, hang with the 5-lb in your other
hand, and then as soon as you get to like 15 lbs, then you need to find a new hold cause then this is too easy. So then you will
come to this one, and you will do 0 lb. Then you will do 5, and you will do 10, and you
will do 15, and then you will say: “Okay, I need to find a new hold.” One set, though, would be 5 seconds with the
left, and then 5 seconds with the right. Can you hang from this? Yes. Okay. So what we are going to do now is 5-second
hang, 5-second rest, 5-second hang, 5-second rest. We are going to do that 5 times. Okay? So, hang. OK, down. Hang; down; hang. So how did that feel? That felt tough. Good. Perfect. This one right here is for power, and so what
we are going to do is you are going to hang, and what you are going to do is you are going
to do like this, and you are going to go as far as you can. Okay? And you just touch. You know, you can have whomever like see exactly
where you get to and then you can try each time you get a little bit higher. With this one, you are going to do one side
with the right, and then one side with the left. Okay? Let’s see where you can get to. Good, so you got to the red 80. You got to the blue one right below 80. That’s pretty even. That’s great. It’s important to kinda have that campus strength
and just being able to go as far as you can and push something down really far. One that I really like to do- you can start
on the bottom one and then what you do is you go up 1, and then back down, up 2, and
then back down, up 3, and then back down, up 4, and then back down. Okay? And you just go as high as you possibly
can, and then you do the same thing with the right. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Okay? No, oh yeah, there you go. Good. Good. Come on, to the third one. Yes! Yeah and always start match like this. That time you started like this, but always
start match. Good. Come on. Good. Good. Come on. Just slap for it. Yes. Definitely don’t do the smaller rungs. When
I campus, I still only use the big ones. I like to use the big ones because they are
more comfortable and it allows you to kinda like pull through them a lot more. This one will be skip one, pull through to
the next one. So skip one, and then pull through and match. Okay? Very simple. Skip one and then go to the next one. So it’s not skip one, skip one. Basically what it does is when you go one,
two, three, like that, now it’s increasing that gap but not making it double the distance. You are just going skip one and then next
hold. Okay? So try that. Good and then next one. Good. Then match. Good. Always match the last one. I like that. It’s a nice little workout. Also I don’t recommend, and you probably have seen
it in videos. I don’t recommend this. Okay? It’s really demanding on your tendons. Okay? And when we are climbing, we just climb for
two hours. We never did this. Not even once. I think it’s too demanding on your tendons
and it’s not applicable to what you are going to see inside, outside, whatever. Okay? So that is a very easy way to injure yourself. This is a very advanced one, but a good one
to know about for the future. You start one hand on one side and the other
hand on the other side like this. Okay? And you go like this, and you cross all the
way to the other side and you try to go all the way to the top. Okay? But just you know, for the future, when campusing
starts to get too easy, and then you can implement this into the training, but that’s really
nice, too because that’s isolation strength, you know, getting into a position and being
able to move to a new position without your body spinning out of control even though you don’t have feet to help you.
Okay? That’s very core intensive, very shoulder
intensive, very finger intensive. So, good advance one. So, let’s say, the ab roller is a workout. Sit-up is also a workout. Push-up is also a workout. And then when you come in for a day after
a day of climbing, just choose 5 whatever the ones you want to do, doesn’t matter. And then each time you come, you can choose
different 5, so it doesn’t get too boring. Within a month, some of these workouts that
I give you now are going to start to feel a little too easy, so what I like about
all these workout that I’ve been giving you is that they can easily be made harder. So for instance, this skip one can turn into
skip two, pull through the next one. Okay? So why don’t we do one rotation, okay? Let’s pick 5, and then in between, you know,
15~20 seconds totally fine. You want to succeed at what your next thing
is, so rest long enough that you are pretty sure that you will get through the exercises. Okay? Good. Five. Good. Two, one. Down. Nice job! And so do that rotation three times, and in
between your rotations, rest 5 minutes. Appreciate you stopping by. Of course! It
was awesome I am glad we got to work this out and you know next time I am here, hopefully
we can climb again. Thank you, everyone. Thanks for watching. I was actually a bit nervous prior to meeting
up with Paul, but I am really impressed with how down to earth and how charming Paul was. Just in case you don’t know yet, Paul actually
has a YouTube channel himself. There are videos about training, what life
is like for a professional climber, and a lot of great videos, so make sure to check
them out if you haven’t. And as always, make sure to like and subscribe. See you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “10 Climbing Workouts Taught by Paul Robinson – INTENSE!

  1. You did great! Excited to see how you progress with these workouts for the next time I come out to California! 💪💪💪

  2. I tend to prefer training before climbing (but after a good warmup) than climbing-first. Whichever your do first is the one you will get the most out of. If I take some time and energy out of climbing to train, I want to maximize the gains I get from it. Otherwise I could just climb harder/longer instead. Of course you still gain if you train after and perhaps training doesn't have to be seen as taking away from climbing time…

    I would emphasis more the "don't get injured" aspect of this training. Campusing is hard on the tendons – you don't have to be doing double dynos, however, to tear a pulley. Doing this type of training too many times a week for a number of weeks could make you more at risk of getting injured on a climb for example, if you accumulate fatigue.

    I agree about the double-dyno to an extent. It seems you really have to do it right and not over-do it in order not to get injured. However even though the movement is not something you'd typically do in a route, the fact that you need to support all your weight is probably pretty good to develop power. If you do reach with one arm, you need less power even for long reaches because the lock-off arm substracts some of the weight. That power would likely transfer to moves with just one arm (presumably they both got stronger!), like long reaches, deadpoints etc. I haven't tried it that said, I mostly focus on hangs.

    I really like the cross-over idea on the campus rungs. I can really see the benefit of training your muscles to execute that type of movement. It's a move we don't do that often and pay less attention to, but sometimes it's part of the crux of a route. Since we don't do it often and the muscles aren't used to perform those moves, it probably feels harder than it really is. So for the execution alone it seems like a good idea and of course you would get stronger as well.

    Good climbing video guys – it's nice to see Ondra do 1-5-9 on the rungs, but it's also nice to see a more "realistic" training plan for us mere mortals…

  3. This is a great collaboration!! Two of the most chill climbers training together! Thanks for the video and this is definitely one I'll come back to for training info.

  4. Thanks for sharing! These are great workout ideas I'm sure to implement. I'm super glad to see someone like Paul helping out non-professional but passionate climber!

  5. Hmmm. Fingerboard session should really be a thing on their own. Hitting the fingerboard after a climbing session is a perfect way to injure yourself.

  6. Nice. I have been watching your rock climbing videos for a week now and they are so good, it makes me want to try to do rock climbing. I am 14 and weigh 44-48kg But I can barely do a push-up or a pull-up, may I get some tips on how I can get started or increase strength? Thanks

  7. My friend and I climbed a 55ft wall w/o a rope and made a short story about it!
    Would love some feedback from climbers!
    Love you all thank you

  8. I'm just amazed that you could hold the one arm hang for 5 seconds on the hangboard. Its hard enough on a regular pull up bar

  9. Great video! I watched it a couple times already.

    I'm a V5-V6 climber and started trying a couple of these workouts. I haven't done a lot of hangboard training but will be incorporating them regularly into my routine. Through lifestyle changes I lost 25 pounds last year and am in a pretty decent body shape for climbing right now with a 21.3 bmi. I'm hoping I can get solidly into the V6s and start tackling the V7s (and more 5.11s) soon.

    What grade are you climbing right now? Have you noticed any recent climbing improvements since you started this workout?

  10. Thanks for the training video! The content is well explained, and I keep referring back to it to increase my strength training.

  11. When it is appropriate to start this kind of training? I’ve been climbing about 7 months or so now can can consistently send V3 and some V4. Am I ready for something like this?

  12. I recently started to climb and especially with lead my grips tire really fast. I wanted to use your method of hanging with one arm to improve this weakness. I was really shocked that I can only hang on one arm for about 1-2 seconds on the bar.
    I am built quite strong and I was also known for a strong grip in wrestling so this was surprising to me (I weigh in about 86kg which is about 185 I reckon). Can someone from the community get me started on how to develop grip strenght that will support hanging on one arm? It will be appreciated greatly! good speed!

  13. Great videos. A little focused training goes a long way, I’m sure you’ll be pushing past your plateau and setting new personal bests in no time! Stay psyched! Cheers.

  14. im an absolute newbie. the campus board looks hard and geeky. im not getting a grip at the bigger bars for upgrading to the next grip

  15. When Paul said “when you come in after a day of climbing … choose five, whichever five” what is he referring to?

    Great content by the way! Thanks Mate!

  16. The only thing I'd add to this is that tendons/ligaments take a long time to toughen up compared to muscles/skin, push it all you like, your joints will start to feel like they're filled with glass. Consider a week or two off every now and then, eat well, let them get a proper rest to build. Then wind it up back up. Repeated for a year or so after you start, you'll feel it improve.

    I was doing this for my first 3 years. It takes as long as it takes.

  17. 1 or 2 times per week:
    1. Pull ups 0:52
    2. One harm hangs 1:46
    3. Crimp hangs 2:37
    4. Max campus reach 3:07
    5. Campus board: up 1, 2, 3, 4 3:47
    6. Campus board: skip one, pull through 4:47
    7. Campus board: crossing ladder 5:57
    8. Ab roller 6:40
    9. Sit ups 6:40
    10. Push ups 6:40
    Do the rotation 3 times, with 5 minutes rests in between

  18. Double dyno is fine as long as u know what ur doing. I wouldn't campus after a session. Maybe mid session or after a big warm up

  19. Hi, might sound retarded, but at the beginning he says to use this workout after the climbing session but at the end it sounds like he's advising this workout on the off days. Can someone explain when to implement this workout? Kinda confused here ^^

  20. Hello, thanks for sharing !
    So, its about the complete ten exercices (*3) by training ?
    (Question from a french :-))

  21. Good tips, but not good to do power-strenght training at the end of session. Easy to get injured. You should always do power training well rested…

  22. Awesome one question when he says to rest 5mins between each rotation I'm guessing he means after u done the 5 different exercises rest do the 5 again rest 5 again and finish? Assuming it's no 5mins after each exercises

  23. fcuk!
    I gym 4-5 times a week, push day / pull day / leg day / hiit day, BUT I tried to hang on a Peg Wall with 90 degree arm bend today, I can't let one hand loose! Don't even think pulling out one stick and placing it into another holes!
    I'm sooo weak!
    Every time I tried something new, I see my weakness… It's great to know as well….

    I have to reorganize my gym plan

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