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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

… the guy is dense, he’s got steroids, he’s got steroids.
No, but he doesn’t even train. It’s got steroids, it’s got steroids … Alright guys, it’s me and the
steroids dog for just talk today about 10 differences between
hormonal and natural you don’t You know. Then the video starts by clicking on
I enjoyed and subscribing to the channel. Towards 1 million. I count on you on this little journey.
Let’s go to number 10: improvement of aerobic conditioning with
anabolic steroids. I knew you have an improvement in aerobic fitness
with some of the anabolic steroids? Leandro Twin why does this happen? fur
mitochondria and improving so oxygenation, breathing, exchange
cellular gas, but not only because increases plasma cortisone level,
ie in the blood. Thus providing higher strength. Which leads us to
difference number 9: some of the steroids anabolic steroids cause a worsening of
aerobic conditioning, so when will make use of any drugs
need to see which purpose is. I’m a fighter I need
resistance, VO2 max. For you will not serve. So if i want to be a player
football and that might be a surprise for many but many soccer players
use anabolic steroids – I have several examples to give, I won’t give any, because
I’m not a beast or anything, but there is. So much so that in bodybuilder it is very clear why
increases muscle mass and such but you think it’s normal for a guy to train 8
hours a day gain muscle without No symptoms of overtraining? So
depending on is a kind of drug for him such as an oxandrolone. Already is
you use a methandrostenolone – one dianabol is the same thing – do you have a
It gets worse. Why? Because they make you one more being anaerobic, and with that the glucose breaks
without the presence of oxygen, which generates lactic acid. So it’s very common – if you have
someone here who went through this write here in the comments – Leandro Twin, I started to
take some anabolic back i started to feel shin on the aerobic. See?
Worsens aerobic conditioning, so It depends on what you use. Precisely by
happen the glucose break without the presence of oxygen with some steroids
anabolic steroids (this is one of the factors, there are others), but you get a pump
much bigger so a hormone is very common when he trains he gets a lot of muscle
full, very dense, to come hurt in some cases. I’ve had a student who had
to train in a division specific – I can explain this later –
shoulder, triceps and calf. Like him was assisted with anabolic steroids,
taken care of by the professional competent, of course,
he had so much pump but so much pump that was so hard when he trained shoulder, that
he could not stabilize the movement to do triceps. So the calf
was inserted in the middle to just take some lactic acid, and he
able to render on the triceps. It is not that’s interesting? Number 7: Risk of injury
articulate. Ah who uses anabolic steroid is Leandro? Why is this believed? The deca
helps with lubrication and such and such and such. In a way ok, fine. But the
we have to remember that the force muscle it grows much faster than
that the joint condition so what that happens? The guy who is doing … is
making use of anabolic steroids he can hurt your joint a lot more
easier than a natural athlete. Why? Because the natural despite having a low
resilience he has a very balanced force progression
between the joint and muscle. The athlete of anabolic steroid he …
His muscle (fart) gets a lot of strength and the joint doesn’t accompanies. So he increases the load, load,
load, he feels confident energetic, and then get hurt. So if you are going through
this invests in bi-set, pre-exhaustion, in super slow, in denser workouts, for
example with less time interval between the series. I’ll do a bench press, I’ll take a
minute and a half break? I will not give 30 seconds, 45 seconds. Why? Why
then in the second grade I will not be able to put weight again because I didn’t recover
completely my energy substrate, however it will respond well to hypertrophy.
So there is a lot of little monkey. Number 6: recovery. So of course, you get a super
human being. No use denying that. Steroid builds champion Leandro Twin?
No. What builds champions are attitudes. Ah, that’s cliché. It is not. If the
anabolic steroid Arnold was going to be champion, Ronnie Coleman was going to be champion. Only
that the ratio was going to be smaller they were going to be much smaller. This is obvious. But the champions are the same,
because champion is here, it’s attitude. So recovery is much better they can train more
intense, with no symptoms of overtraining, so you can train more. So
you get the individual needs to improve a punch in a martial art he can throw
million more punches – if you look at a period than the other guy – so he
perfects faster because he can repeat more. That comparing a natural with
a hormone – much better recovery than hormone Five: muscle density. AND
because, for several reasons, more by retaining glycogen and
nitrogen. So you have a muscle much denser. So that guy he
Come on, he … Damn, that guy is dense. Clear, fat percentage also gives this
aspect because it takes away the fat and such. Not only that: The guy is dense … Okay with steroid,
Got a steroid. No, but he doesn’t even train. Okay with steroid, Got a steroid, there’s no way. Have
people who don’t train and have a very high density good, because it has low
fat percentage has a mesomorphy speaking of myofibrils,
cool. So, but we can’t deny that
Anabolic steroids improve muscle density. 4: Certainly increased strength, both is
that even generates a problem at the joint because creatine phosphate will
work much more efficiently, and thus adenosine diphosphate to
resynthesize in adenosine triphosphate, ATP, that will contract the muscle and get
more intense training works better. So we have a … An improvement in strength.
Even, I remembered here, talking about creatine is something else but … whenever you have
one question, look for: Leandro Twin and doubt in front. So, for example, Leandro Twin
creatine, you will find a video of me. Whenever you have a question make
that. Number 3: Production of neurotransmitters. So the steroids
anabolic they are precursors of certain form of neurotransmitters so
that is why, for example, the individual can be more willing –
epinephrine, norepinephrine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, who are responsible, are catecholamines
responsible for the disposal, focus you have a higher output however
they also make the individual more susceptible to irritability in that case
you notice a worsening mood, a mood, and in drugs
such as trenbolone, which helps a lot in this production, this can
unleash some nasty things, such as difficulty sleeping
by super-accelerated thoughts that even some bodybuilders have to use
anxiolytics and antidepressants, then neurotransmitters undergo alterations, which
not necessarily always nice. Number Two: Effect
anti-catabolic. So the steroids anabolic steroids greatly improve the system
anti-catabolic, so an individual achieves a calorie restriction without
lose muscle mass because even with caloric deficit
the nitrogen balance which is the final factor for mass gain
Muscle is positive. So he can even achieve a calorie restriction
lose fat faster, and improve the your anabolism. Number one, which is the
continuation of number two she leaves the more efficient metabolism, which allows
a high calorie surplus diet without demonstrating fat gains
compatible with that increase in a natural, and that’s because we have an advantage
best of all nutrients, a balance of nitrogen that tends to get more
positive, T3 T4 working better. So this all adheres better to a calorie
higher, and then the individual can eat a lot without getting fat. It is very common,
I’ve heard people say: Wow my good thing about steroids is that when you
send him, you make a day of junk The other day you wake up well. You say no
I was retained, gained no fat, nothing. And that really is
really. But, there is no way to finish this video not to mention the side effects
of anabolic steroids for non say I’m encouraging. I did this
video five years ago forgive … Everything. Click on the like and subscribe to the channel,
especially after you see this video, but let’s combine: Even five
years ago I gave information, is that The rest was bad, but the information is good.
So much so that I am indicating. So stay with this video. Today we will talk here
about some steroid collaterals anabolics and possible treatment,
prevention, anyway. The idea is not encourage use, say it is safe, or
nothing of the kind. And yes show for some summer shapers how much are you guys
out of the subject and are …

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