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10 Most Extreme Female Bodybuilders. Number 10. Brigita Brezovac is a professional bodybuilder
from Slovenia. She knew that what she wanted to do at the
age of 14, when she saw posters of classic female bodybuilders on the wall of her boyfriend’s
home gym. In 2001 at the age of 22, she competed in
her first amateur bodybuilding competition and came in fourth. Her first Ms. Olympia was in 2010, where she
placed tenth, but returned the next year and came in third. Though she never won the title of Ms. Olympia,
she won multiple other competitions and finished within the top six competitors at every subsequent
Ms. Olympia she competed in. Before her retirement in 2013, Brigita was
named the fifth best female bodybuilder by the International Federation of Body Builders
(IFBB) Pro League. Number 9. Colette Guimond is a French Canadian professional
IFBB female bodybuilder. She started training at the age of 26 and
began competing in amateur competitions after only two years of training. She won the Montreal Championship in 1989,
but wasn’t able to break into the professional competitions. Her career was unfortunately put on hold due
to an accident in 1997. For this reason Guimond was only able compete
in three professional competitions over the course of her career, and she may have reached
greater heights had she been able to stay healthy. Number 8. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia is one of the most decorated
professional bodybuilders in the sport. Hailing from Venezuela, Oriquen started her
professional bodybuilding career in the late 1980s. She earned her pro card in 1993 after winning
the Central American Championships and moved to the United States. Her most notable victories are her five Ms.
International titles and one Ms. Olympia title. At the age of 50, it’s not clear when Oriquen
is going to hang it up. She’s clearly still passionate about the sport,
and trains other bodybuilders in the craft at her gym in South Beach, Florida. Number 7. Virginia Sanchez is a professional bodybuilder
and personal trainer from Madrid, Spain. She started training for competitions at the
young age of 17, and competed in her first amateur competition when she was only 19. She’s now in her 40s but looks bigger and
stronger than ever. Her biceps are pushing 17 inches and her quads
are a whopping 27 inches. It’s hard to imagine how hulking she’d be
in person, but that’s before you consider the fact that all of this muscle is packed
on a 5 foot 3 inch frame. The saying “big things come in small packages”
has never been more appropriate than when discussing the physical physique of Virginia
Sanchez. Number 6. Iris Kyle is an American bodybuilder, who
is widely recognized as one of the best bodybuilders in history. She is the most decorated bodybuilder with
10 Ms. Olympia titles, 7 Ms. International titles, and countless other professional decorations. She was inspired to get into the sport when
she moved to Orange County, California, and saw all of the fit bodies walking around. She got into the gym and the rest is history. Kyle is one of the legends of the sport and
ranked first on the IFBB Pro rankings. Kyle retired from bodybuilding after her tenth
Ms. Olympia title in 2014, but announced that she would soon return to competing. Number 5. Kristy Hawkins shows that you don’t need to
ditch your brains or your pretty face to become a professional bodybuilder, as she has both. Her natural beauty combined with hulking muscles
is something to behold, and when you consider the fact that Harkins is also has a masters
in Chemical Engineering you begin to believe that there’s truly nothing she can’t do. Hawkins’ bodybuilding efforts came as a result
of wanting to lose weight. She was actually heavyset when she started,
and even had eating disorders before she started training seriously. Working out began as a way for her to burn
calories but it turned into a passion and a profession. She turned pro in 2007 and competed in four
professional competitions in her career. Hawkins actually quit bodybuilding and transitioned
into professional powerlifting. Number 4. Lisa Giesbrecht is a bit of an outlier compared
to the rest of the women on this list. Instead of beginning training at an early
age, this mother of two picked up bodybuilding in her thirties. She was always fit, but since she started
taking it seriously she has had a complete body transformation. Giebecht is a true testament to what can occur
when a fit person decides to take things to the next level. While she’s likely past her prime in terms
of ability to put up weight, Giesbrecht is still competing and hopes to take a championship
in her still-young career. Number 3. Debi Laszewski had a tumultuous path to her
professional bodybuilding dream, which was almost lost at multiple times in her career. She started training at the age of 20, and
by 24 she had won her first amateur competition. In 2000, though, she was disheartened by the
judges placing her seventh, and her dedication declined as a result. She eventually stopped competing and focused
on personal training with no plans to return to the sport. In 2005, with the addition of the light heavyweight
class, Laszewski returned to bodybuilding and went pro a year later. Since 2009, Debi has placed in the top four
of every competition she’s entered, including two second place finishes in Ms. International
and one second place finish in Ms. Olympia. Number 2. Natalia Trukhina, unlike many on this list,
is not an IFBB professional bodybuilder. She’s competed in amateur events, but focuses
much of her effort on powerlifting instead of just bodybuilding. At 25, though, there is still a large window
in front of her should she decide to pursue a change in scenery. Right now she coaches other bodybuilders and
trains for professional powerlifting competitions. She is the current European bench press and
deadlift champion, and holds the world record for the bench (375 lbs) and the armlift. Number 1. Alina Popa is a Romanian professional bodybuilder. She started her physical transformation at
the age of 12, when she began competing in track events in order to lose weight. At 19 she was inspired to begin weightlifting
when she saw another woman at the gym preparing for a competition. She was weightlifting for two years recreationally
before her trainer suggested she start competing. Popa competed in the heavyweight division
and eventually earned her IFBB pro card in 2008. She’s competed in multiple Ms. Olympia and
Ms. International events since her professional debut, placing as high as second. She took a break in 2015 due to injury, but
returned to competitions in 2016, placing third in the IFBB Wings of Strength Rising
Phoenix World Championship. Popa has been known to be one of the strongest
women alive, with the ability to squat 400 pounds.

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  1. No bodybuilder can reach this level without steroids!
    Which is damaging your body and cause to die in a young age. Be natural guys!

  2. They don't even look human anymore 😩 whether it's a man or a woman doing this, when it's this extreme makes you look very weird imo.

  3. Lol shit everyone forgets kim Perez???? Why I don't know she's bigger than alot of them, and my fav 😊

  4. There's many women who can squat well over 500 lbs now so I don't think that chick who's #1 on your list would be considered one of the strongest women alive!

  5. I'm confused by the title. I was expecting to see body builders that took it "too far". Not just see 10 body builders.

  6. I certainly hope the women who watch this realize these are ALL men – 100% of them are transgender men, just as they are in all women's professional and semi-pro sports. Women CANNOT achieve such low body fat without being dangerously close to death!

    This is yet another attempt to make women try to do what is not possible for them – WOMEN DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO GET SUCH LOW BODY FAT UNLESS THEY ARE SERIOUSLY RISKING THEIR LIVES!!! #5 even has a MALE name: Kyle. What more hammers across our heads do we need to GET IT, FINALLY!!?? Pls be well everyone and GOD BLESS US ALL!!

  7. Eh… props for the gains but they’ve sacrificed a lot of their natural good looks to get there. There is a certain amount of body fat on women needed to maintain a traditional looking female frame. After a certain point, they all start to look the same as bodybuilding men.

  8. I saw #10 at the 2010 Mr Olympia at Golds Gym. We were working out with Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman

  9. Each to its own., Muscle woman makes me (things i shouldn't talk about ) Turns me on tremendously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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