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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi all gm I am Anwesha Mukherjee. If u follow me on my hindi channel, u know that I post a lot of workout videos there. A lot of must have seen those videos If not, pls go ahead n watch them Those workouts will be beneficial. U can find the link of series in my description box below. Pls check it out. Today , on this channel I will do this video Targeting bengali audience here. I am also a bengali and have lost weight and I am a fitness freak. I gym everyday. and do various exercise routine. I am doing this beginner video here today so that more and more bengali women get aware about fitness in their lives. I know we bongs lack a little in this matter. We have to change our mentality. Our focus is always hogging and fitness comes last in our radar. Its not talked about that much in our families. Specially for a bengali wife I am a 30 year old married bong wife. 9th sept is my bday. For women like us, who r managing home & work etc… fitness is way back in our list. It scares me. Even I was like that earlier. I too had no value for health hence I suffered from PCOD. I used to be physically and mentally frustrated always. Since 2 years, I have started fitness, I have changed as a person for better. Hence, I urge all women to focus on fitness and see the improvement in ur lives. I will show home exercise routine for beginners. Some of u might think, its puja almost maybe weight loss for puja is great start. Always look at fitness as a long term holistic goal for entire life. To be lifelong fit n strong. Start today. Here, I will show u correct posture of various workouts I will not be using a mat also. U can do this at home, gym, park. Wont use any equipment also coz I am targeting those people who have never given an iota of thought to exercise. U can easily start ur weightless at home. I will tell u the different exercises to do, the time, the repetitions to follow. With right diet, u can lose 5-10 kgs with this workout. I have many diet videos on my bangla & hindi channel – Simpletips anwesha Beginners,,,,,U should walk everyday. atleast 45 mins – BRISK WALKING and along with that, do these exercises I am showing here. Get back here after a month, and tell me the changes u feel in ur body. Lets start now. Also pls focus on correct format of ur workout. Now lets actually start with the exercise Do subscribe to my channel. I post every Sunday at 11 am. After warm up… we will start with arms Do all the exercises, acc to ur body’s comfort level. Move in small circles, clockwise & anti clockwise. Keep ur arms tight Engage each n every muscle of ur body. U will feel a stretch in ur muscles. That is essential. If u keep ur arms lose, then no point. Press ur arms and gradually release. Now we need to learn how to do pushup for our upper body. If possible, u can buy a workout mat If u don’t have a mat, u can use a thick bed cover. Let me get one. I used to use it as a beginner when I did not own a mat. Now, there is no excuse left for u guys. U have to exercise..hahaha Come on all fours Lean ur body forward. Beginners on knees. Body pressure on arms n core. Inhale n go down. exhale Once u master this knee pushup then u can do proper pushup. If u can crack this workout, its killer for arms, chest, back, core every thing Now showing exercises for belly fat. Now we do a plank. engage ur core The longer u hold plank, the better. Try to increase ur plank time Pls follow the repetitions as mentioned. Lastly, showing 2 leg workout Thats it. Pls focus on format and repetitions and follow them. This entirely will take 25-30 mins. This exercise routine with proper diet and brisk walking will show u the best and quickest results. U can do few stretches post this routine. Its okay if initially u can’t follow this. Stick to as many reps as u can. Keep pushing and u will surely reach there.

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  1. Good morning, Click on CC for English subtitles.Instagram :

  2. Di just awesome experience holo.thanks Di eto sundor kore bojhanor jonno.1st time Tomar video dekhlam like share comments subscribe sob korlam.u r so so so cute , pretty & beautiful 😘😘😘 love u Di.I am college Student now I m 20 yrs old & my weight is 56 .kal thekey Ami Start korbo . Bye Di.

  3. I have a question recently amr weight onk bere geche n tar sthe vuri tao for pcod age ami workout krtm but ekhn workout start krlei ami khub sasksto hoche jar jnno ami kichu krte prchina medicine cholche bt tao kno improvement nei not only for workout jkno kaj krte gelei ami hapie porchi sas nite prchina. So what I do erkm hle ami to knodini weight loss krte prbna plz amr jnno kichu suggestion dao.

  4. Khub inspiration video ta thank you dr… tmr hindi chlng ta flw kri onk din dhre bngla ta aj dkhlm r khubi vlolglo aj thkei strt krchi ai rutine ta… ro arm videor opekhae roilam💓 much love

  5. Please please please ekta video emon dao jetate aaj jegulo dekhale segulo 25 or 50 reps thakbe Tumi korchho r setar sathe sathe korbo.. jemon motivating video gulo hoy.. please.. mane tomar sathe sathe korte chai . Ekta video korbe emon please?

  6. Anwesha I love ur videos!! Amar ekta request ache.. ami diet n exercise start kori Bt am stuck in one weight fr a very long tim now!! Pls tumi kichu health tips n tricks share korbe which will help ppl like me

  7. Hi di ami tomake and tomar video dekte khub valobasi , amr age 24 r amr 1 ta baby ache 5 months er amr ager wt chilo 48 kg r ekhon 60 kg hoye geche r amr cijariyan hoyeche tumi plz bolbe ami wt kom korbo ki kore.

  8. Khub valo video…chesta korbo…Jani parbo na tabuo….misti dekhlei to pagol hoye jai.tomake dekhlei sab ichche kore..but😔😔😔😔…Love u khub valo theko💖💖💖

  9. Didi jano ami o prai 10 kgs w8 komi6i tmr theke motivate hoye. Akhno ami amr target w8 a pou6aini but saby akhn e amr w8 loss change ta dekhte peye6e. R aktai kotha bole ami kivabe w8 loss kore6i. Tkhn na amr tmr kotha vishon mone pore r tmr kotha guloi oder boli. R tmr channel dekhar jnno recomnd kri. Thank u didi. Love u so much😘😘😘😘😘😘

  10. Hi! I really like your videos from both the channels. Just wanted to know approximately how many calories would all these exercise help one lose each day?

  11. Didi tomay dekhe khob inspire hyeci kintu 10 month old baby plus songsar eka sob kore samlate pari na….r amr operation kore baby hyece jar fole procor kosto hy r dine dine mota hye e jacci plz amra jara choto babyr ma amder jnne kicu beyam r fitness tips dio plz…..and lots of love from Bangladesh 🤗😘

  12. Darun laglo tomar khotha gulo. Aameo 1 jon bangali r bombay thaki r vison fitness thaktay valobasi. R tomar video gulo khub valo lagay.

  13. Hi… Ami khub mota. Amar ekta choto baby ache. Ami morning walk a jete pari Na.. Ami k kore roga hobo plz help me with diet.

  14. Hi Di m from Asansol…. tomake vison vabe follow kori tomar moto amio eki problem face korchi…but tomake follow kore ekhon onek kichu sikhchi… tai onek thank u tomake..😘

  15. Sasur sasuri r barir lok nie thakle bangali bouder r esob kora hay na. Jakhani korte chesta korbe nay breakfast banao nahole lunch banao. Nahole anno kaj e basto kore deoa hay. R eta korle kono na kono vabe badha day.

  16. Halo didivi amr age 15 r wait 70 . Dr. Bole6a amk a 45 a aste hobe hight anujaye. Ami ki agulo fallow krle fall pabo??😣😣

  17. Di egulo eksathe tana korte khub problem hoche… Ami Jodi morning and evening e divide koreni tahole weight loss hobe??

  18. Di satie….weight…komche…adau kina….jni na…but….mind…e je satisfaction ta asena…setai boro bapare…age moneii kmon lgto ami mota… oi sai but akhn mota…holeo…saiii spirit…thke……na korte hbe…..vlo lagche…but di tution…ai sob karone…amr…3 din nosto hoy,,,khub ki problem hbe di ete asole clg tution oi krne baki din gulo 1 hour korar chesta kri tao kom besi hoy
    Di bolchi weight lifting er opor…video korbe plz di…😘

  19. Tomar ei video gulo Khub helpfull… Ami Khub inspired hoi tomar video dekhe.. Gym chere diyechilam Tomar video dekhe abar inspired hoye gym join korechi….khub follow kori tomake anek friends der tomar video share Kori… Khub mani tomake…. Apple cider vinegar …BRAGG r ta ki besi bhalo na tumi jeta dekhiyecho Apollo r Apple cider vinegar ta bhalo ..ektu janio please ami BRAGG ta use kori…. Ektu janio please

  20. Hi di…aaj morning theke shuru khete hobe saaradin a ekta detail video banayo plz…amr biye hoye geche 4 yrs..saaradin baadir kaj..sosur sasuri sobai aache..tader niye thaki..ranna sob kichu kore r tym paini..serom keu motivate o korena j kori..ranna kore nijer jonne r ki alada korbo sei bhebe specifically amr jonne aalada kichu korina..ek Bengali diet chart Dile valo you

  21. Dear I love your videos very much. I am also Bengali. I want to loose 20kg weight but I have some knee pain so I can do each and everything easily. Will you suggest some exercise for people like me.

  22. Apu amar age 23 yrs.amar caesar a baby hoyche 10 month running.amar height 5.4 inch and wgt 70 kg.ami ki ei exercise gula korte parbo.plz janao.

  23. Tomar ei down to earth nature without any nyakami is welcomed and appreciated by us
    Janina keno ato kom subscriber…kichhu arrogant haughty bengali vloggers der abv 450k subscribers…obak laage
    May b those viewers r interested in daily soaps rather than something straight😝

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  25. Anwesha dii 💝 Brest size increase er jonno….vdio banao plzz… humble request for you ❤️ BTW ajker vdio ta vishon Valo hoyeche 😊🤗

  26. Hi anwesha I am 30 yrs old…amr mukhe prochur dark spot mane kalo tiler moto a6e…agulo ki vabe thik hobe seta nie akta video banao plz…

  27. tumi amader janiyecho how to earn mony from YouTube! Amader pls ettu information dao how to earn money from Instagram!

  28. Hi I had pcod but my period irregular pls tell how comes regularly my period I lost 16 kg but my period not comes regularly tell me tips

  29. দি আমার কোমোরে মেরুদণ্ডের ডিস্কে জেল টা শুকিয়ে গিয়েছে । মাঝে মাঝে আমার কোমোরে বেথা করে। আমি কি এই বেয়াম গুলো করতে পারবো ?? প্লিজ দি জানাও আমাকে। ভালোবাসা বাংলাদেশ থেকে। ❤❤

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