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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already it’s totally free for you and it just means so much to me Welcome to today’s lower body workout We are focusing on the glutes the thighs and the abductors aka the side booty. Let’s go Alright to get started. We are starting off with knee hugs today You want to keep your abs as engaged as you can and just try to catch your knees like come here. Come here Come here. There you go This workout is so fun. And so amazing. I am super duper excited to do all of it with you. It’s gonna be great It’s going to be great next up or doing rocking squats You’re in a quarter squat position and you’re just gently rocking from side to side Make sure your abs stay engaged and ask you sway from side to side. You are squeezing those butt cheeks We’re not here for the games. We are here to slay. Let’s go Good this is good. Okay hip openers abs are still engaged to keep you balanced You can hold on to something if you need to but raise your knees as high as you possibly Can and make big circles with your legs, we really want to make sure your hips are Activated and just ready to work we have work to do today Now give me a couple jumping jacks If you don’t want to jump you can just step from side to side and still do your arm motions But this is to get your heart rate pumping get your whole body warm get all your joints ready to move Good keep going You look good Okay Go into wide squats put your legs as wide as you can and just drop that booty to the floor go as low as you can manage but just do your best it’s just the warmup so you don’t have to do the most just yet when it’s time to Do the most I will let you know and we will do the most together Okay, finally we’re doing leg sweeps abs are engaged and you just sweep one leg at a time Good This gets both your inner thigh and your outer thigh and that side booty area, yes Also Our first move here is hip drives you’re a kneeling position and you’re going to squeeze your booty to go up into that kneeling position once you go down if that’s Bothers your knees do glute bridges instead Abs are engaged and you’re squeezing your Booty to go into that upward and kneeling position again if your knees are, you know? Like most of our knees tend to get a certain age Don’t do this do glute bridges instead. Those are a bit more gentle on your knees and you still get to activate your booty Activate your booty booty activate your booty. You look good. Keep going Almost there Put some swag into it. I like it That was awesome next up we have donkey kicks. You’re going to get on all fours Keep your abs engaged and just extend your leg. We’re going should you focus on one leg and then switch to the other leg? Okay, let’s do it when you’re doing this Don’t worry about doing it fast the slower you do it the better because when you’re doing it Really slow it increases the amount of time that the muscle is working and that’s a good thing Good. Keep going You want to make this super intense don’t even let your knee rest when you pull it back in oh go ahead switch Go ahead and switch legs so busy talking ko ko ko Yes, if you want this to be even more intense Don’t let your knees rest when you pull it back in just hover and extend it again by your up those glutes You are killing this workout you’re so good Okay, you’re going to do fire hydrants next our favorite exercise abs engage AUP. I’m sorry. You raise your knee Raise your knee Why does this exercise look like this who? Invented this exercise. I need to know. All right, let’s start with one leg This is a great exercise for your side booty That hip dip area. There’s nothing wrong with hip dips I really just feel like I should say that out loud But if that’s an area you want to target this is one of those exercises that does a great job of targeting that area You’re doing good. Okay, go ahead and switch your legs and do the other side as well We want balance You don’t want one side of your booty to be looking like peachy and just mmm and then the other side to be like left out We are inclusive around here. We include both butt cheeks in all exercises. Okay? Awesome, okay, we’re going to do leg out pulses These are like fire hydrants except now your leg is straight to the side We want to hammer out this muscle Till I can do no more keep your abs engaged and do your best to just keep your back and your core stable As Much as possible. The only thing that should be moving right now is your legs that can be a bit tricky, but you got this Do your best if you find it really difficult to keep your legs extended and raised you can do another round of fire hydrants It’s okay. Go ahead and switch legs and do the same thing on the other side and then the more you do this workout the easier it gets for you and you will eventually be able to Stretch your legs out and do the fancy stuff Keep going Can I just say stretch your legs out Wow Wow Now we have our favorite they were exercised glute breeches core is engaged You are squeezing your booty to go up and you’re trying to keep your heel Under your knee Are you ready? Let’s go after this you have one more exercise One more you get a break. This is going by so fast and you are doing such an amazing job. It’s unbelievable do your best You don’t have to do the entire timer. I’m just reminding you you can take a quick break, you know Nobody is judging. You. Just do your best you’re showing up You’re doing great Do your best push through it push through you got this you got this you can do this squeeze squeeze squeeze I wish that were my job just to tell people squeeze squeeze squeeze You’re doing amazing Okay Last exercise before the break glute bridge hold you were just going to hold in that glute bridge position Your ankles directly underneath your knee abs engaged booty clinched and you just stay there It’s like a squat hold except it’s a glute bridge Just hold in that position if you need to release briefly and get back into it you can do that but challenge yourself This is the last exercise before the break just hold it Hold it in that position Look at the ceiling think of the stars the moon the Sun Think about how hard you’re working right now to reach your goal and how awesome it will be when you reach your goal Just imagine yourself at the finish line. You can do this You are showing up and you are strong you is smart you is gracious Coco, why are you twitching? It’s almost impossible to stay still for me. Have you noticed? Yeah there Yeah, that’s not part of the exercise. You did it though. It’s amazing We’re gonna keep this short and sweet and end this right here for YouTube But if you want the full 30-minute version of this workout, please visit my website And get a free week of workouts on me. I Finally want you to put a slight bend in your knee and just give yourself a huge hug I want to remind you that what you did today is good for your body. You are amazing You are showing up. You can reach your goals Keep being beautiful and I’ll see you in my next workout video Thank you so much for working out with me today Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already and I will see you in my next workout video You

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