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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey everyone, so today we have another 10 minutes intense Ab Workout so many you guys have been asking me for another one. It’s been I think nine months So yeah. Here it is, this is definitely harder than the first one but I can always make it easier just slow it down. So yeah… Lets do this so before you get started empty your bladder because you’re going to tense your ab the whole time and Accidents might happen so, you know Just to be on a safe side The first exercise is cross body mountain climbers. This is so great to bring the heart rate up It does amazing stuff to the ABS Especially the lower abs bring one leg in at a time But cross it over so that you’re reaching your elbow with the opposite knee Keep your core engaged and try to do it fast Next we have crunch So start with your hand resting on your hips then crunch up until your hands touch the knees Lower your body down slowly and don’t let your head touch the ground and then crunch up again Keep your core engaged and contracted the whole time. That’s very important Next, we have up and down plank, this is a really great one Remember to engage your core the whole time. This also helps to build your upper body strength. So that’s really good Now we have reverse crunch, I love this There’s a couple of variations to reverse crunch, but we’re doing it this way today So press up with your core muscles lifting your hips off the ground This works amazing on your lower abs don’t swing the legs too much and keep it as steady as you can Next we have plank jacks Another amazing plank variation. So playing exercises are absolutely great for your abs So yeah, that’s the reason why I like to incorporate planks in my workouts. Remember to keep your core tight the entire time Now we have seated crunch So lean your upper body back a little almost like a c-shape So being in this position force you to engage your core the whole time Cross your fingers keep your elbows straight and bring your leg between your arms Hover your legs above the ground the whole time and this is a killer But if you can’t do this, then you can rest your arms on the side and that’s a little bit easier Next we have crunch with leg drop So I start with your arms stretched out behind your head and legs extended Then crunch up and bring your legs up at the same time Then lower down your legs slowly and have your legs hover above the ground the whole time Don’t let them touch the ground. But if that’s too hard, then you can rest your legs on the ground for a split second Next we have the good old plank and get your call and tuck in your butt don’t let it poke up too high or drop down too much and just Enjoy the burn guys. Enjoy the burn Now we have heel touches this is great for obliques, but I was clearly dreaming about something else when I was doing this exercise So yeah, please excuse me The last exercise we have here is plank with hip twists. This is my favorite ab exercise saving the best for last Remember to keep your core engaged at all time Three more seconds and That’s it Congrats everybody you can do this after a hit workout or an upper body day Or you can do it along with my other intense ab workout Please give this video a thumbs up if you like this and thanks so much for watching guys I’ll see you in the next video. Bye

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  1. cross body mountain climbers, cruches, up and down plank, reverse crunch, plank jacks, seated alternating crunch, crunch and leg drop, plank, heel touches, plank with hip twist

  2. my favoutiteeeee ab workout of yours by far, idk why ahahaha
    started my fitness journey around 2 months ago now and i've probably done this ab workout over 30 times ahaha I'm determined to get to the point where I can power through it like you <3

  3. Does anyone else the day after the workout have this weird feeling like in the middle of ur stomach?? Reply if u did

  4. Starting today! I'm going to try to do it everyday for a month, and update. I have problems with constancy 🤣 Also, sorry for my bad English.

    Day 1: It was hard, this hurts my arms more than my abs (weak arms).
    Day 2: Still as hard but I did it without stopping. Definitely felt the 🔥

  5. I don’t so much want abs I just want a flat tummy with the line in the middle so I can feel comfortable in a bikini, but I have no motivation.

  6. I really enjoy your videos! they really help me. I love it. and I mostly love the ab work outs. cuz that's the part where I have more weight on. lol I always feel refreshed and less lazy and sleepy when I do these ab work outs in the morning when I can't sleep and I I just lay there in bed cuz I just don't wanna get up yet. lol

  7. I’m going to try this and log!!
    Day 1- not too hard, pretty average diet, only did the workout once though
    Day 2- abs are sore. Did it twice, ( once in morning once at night) no results yet
    Day 3- sorry I haven’t updated, but I did it once, small results
    Day 4- Very small results, like I noticed now when I sit down there’s not rolls on my stomach and my stomachs a bit flatter
    Day 5- Same as before but I can see a line going up my stomach?

  8. you know that whenever someone says that an exercise is 'great' or 'amazing' ITS GONNNN BE HAAARDDD.
    but good for you anyways, i love your videos!!!!
    lol i am so late

  9. Whow! When I was doing these intense workouts for abs I actually see some changes! I lost at least 1-2 pounds a week! I love these types of workouts! I love seeing myself loosing some pounds. Before I used to gain 2-3 pounds in every 3 days! This really works! 😊😅😭😍🙃

  10. Girls I know a lot of us need encouragement and support from each other and a lot of us don't get that from our irl family and friends so what I would like to do is form a support group on discord for us (now that I'm thinking of this more of enough people want to join I want to make a server for us) anyways I just thought of this now when thinking of updating in the comment section (because we all know how easy it is to lose track of this) but if we had an actual group we could actually form a support system! Sorry I'm making this up as I type this is exciting we can make friends and support each other and share tips and all that with each other like a sisterhood or a good friend group this is a great idea! Heck yes guys I'm totally making this a thing message me on discord and I'll start putting this together for us ❤ ❤ I hope people actually get to see this comment because I think this is a cool idea and AAAAAAhhhhHhhH I'M EXCITED!! AamiahPapaya#5784 is my tag so message me whenever (I'm always online but usually invisible) I am so so super duper excited to meet you guys I love new friends! And thank you for taking the time to read this huuuuuuge message lmao I apologize for it 😆 I'M JUST SUUUPER EXCITED!!!

  11. if feel like shit bc everyone in the comments seems to be good and i’m just here suffering and unable to do the whole thing without stopping it

  12. Hi I don't know if anyone cares but I would like to share my current physique, so I can look back at how much progress I've made later.
    Last week I started my weight loss journey for the sake of my health and happiness

    Current weight:178 pounds
    Goal: 130 pounds
    Height:5'6 ( luckily my body type is an hourglass so I store fat in places that don't make me look obese)
    Current routine:
    4 days a week exercise
    1.Ab workout 20 minutes interval training
    2.Full body workout
    3.Ab workout 20 minutes interval training
    4.Full body workout
    (along with mostly clean diet)
    I just wanted to know if anyone has any tips for what I could do that would be more efficient at fat burning than what i'm already doing. I've been frustrated lately with how I look and I'm willing to put in the work to fix it if anyone has any advice.

  13. Eu vou atualizar

    Dia1:eu morri,parei tantas vezes aaa
    Dia2:hoje no caso,parei só 2 vezes pra beber água,eu to morrendo,volto amanhã
    Dia3:não pausei e meu abdômen Ta queimando aaaaaaaa

  14. thank you chloe this is free… and so good! ive been doing these daily for some time and i can already feel some improvements!😊😊

  15. oh my after doing this for about 3 weeks i guess i totally can see the difference . i totally lost half of my annoying flabby tummy. i will totally do this every week 4 times a day😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊

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  17. 10 exercises, 50seconds on, 10seconds rest
    0:45 Crossbody Mountain Climber
    1:43 Crunch
    2:43 Up and Down Plank
    3:43 Reverse Crunch
    4:43 Plank Jacks
    5:43 Seated Alternating Crunch
    6:43 Crunch and Leg Drop
    7:43 Plank
    8:43 Heel Touches
    9:43 Plank with Hip Twist

  18. i was in the middle of this workout and my noes just started pouring blood so it pushes your body hard

  19. Her first video on the abs workout made me want to kill myself at first because it was so hard and I literally did it for a month, non stop, and the results were… I don't even know how to say it. Amazing doesn't even describe how much her workout videos changed my life. I was literally some stupid kid going through the internet looking for some workout videos and found something that was actually worth the pain

  20. These are the first workouts I’ve tried that actually challenge me. I’m a competitive athlete that works out every day so usually these videos are too easy and I get bored. But with your videos, I stay motivated and challenged throughout the entire workout! I’ve already done 3 of these today 😂 thanks so much Chloe! ♥️♥️♥️

  21. When i do crunches or other exercises similar to crunches my neck hurts and it somehow hurts more than my abs. I think i put too much pressure on them without being able to control it. I don't know what i do wrongly..🤷🙍

  22. Wow I really enjoy this! Gladly I'm used to this because Of your other workouts so it wasn't that tough as I tought it would be! It's such a good burn I love The feeling in my Abs <3
    Thank you for this workout

  23. This may be a stupid question, but… I have to "suck in my belly button to my spine" during the whole time, right? (sorry for my english 😂😅😅😅)

  24. 1-Cross body mountain climber
    2 crunch
    3- up & down plank ( I never do it 🌚 ✌ )
    4-reverse crunch
    5- plank jack
    6- seated alternative crunch
    7- crunch and leg drop
    9- heels taps
    10- plank twist

  25. فٰٰ໋̲ــدؤཻ̲໑ۿﮧ الــٰ໋̲عـٰٰٖمཻر̲ج ۦ˛⁽😻💗₎⇣ صّـْْ(☑)ـْْحّ ماافتهم عليج ب̷ّـــٰۧس ،️🧡 تمارينج تجنن احبج موت love you

  26. I did this workout for 3 months, my belly is so flat!! Do i have abs? No, bc I wasn't eating right 😆 I just wanted to have a flat belly and this helped so much.

    In some positions my abs actually show up (I really don't like prominent abs, I'm that boring xd) my core is stronger and if you touch my abdomen is like a rock!! I definitely recommend this to whoever wants to try it!

    Just some disclaimers:
    – I have been doing exercise for more than 1 year now.
    – I was already skinny when I started to make exercise and this workout, I was just flabby and I didn't like it.
    – I ate whatever I want bc I can't afford a super healthy diet.
    – I made this workout five time a week with other workouts.
    – I didn't make cardio or hiits, I'm pretty sure you will get better results if you do that.
    – Everyone is different, this may have worked for me but maybe not for other people and that's ok, a lot of workouts hasn't worked for me.
    – I saw results pretty fast. I just like to stuck with a routine 3 months and the changed it.

  27. Guys I don't know if while doing this workout, should I suck my stomach in all through breathing in and out or blow my stomach out while inhaling and suck it in while exhaling? Please help, I've been doing this and I noticed I became more bloated.

  28. Thank u for this video. I've been doing this for 1 month tomorrow and now I could say that my waistline was 28 and now i am 25 and a half.. i will continue doing this exercise.

  29. Gonna do this one.
    Day 1: Check
    Day 2: Check. My stomach hurts.
    Day 3: Check
    Day 4: Check
    Day 5: Check
    Day 6: Check
    Day 7: Check
    Day 8: Check
    Day 9: Check
    Day 10: Check
    Day 11: Check
    Day 12: Check
    Day 13: Check
    Day 14: Check
    I often don't lose weight from these workouts (especially not now with the Christmas holidays), but the workouts help me with maintaining my weight.

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