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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Morning guys, [so] today. I’m going to film my favorite 10 minutes at work out these exercises I’ve been doing them ever since I started my fitness journey to have always been part of my routine even when I was doing Kayla’s BBg or now that I’m doing crossfit or in which were doing pole dancing [I’ve] always wanted to have abs like that’s one goal that no matter what I was doing [I] still want to stick to that. It’s [the] reason I started my fitness journey like I want to have [abs] so today is a public holiday in Hong Kong so I’m Sorry to disappoint you but my boyfriend Chad is not here [because] he needs to work if you’re here to see Chad I’m really sorry. He’s not here. It’s just me today I was gonna wait for him to do this video But I thought [I] should be a strong independent lady who doesn’t need to rely on her boyfriend What’s up YouTube is your boy Chad? So these are some of my favorite moves for the core, and they’re just so short 10 minutes So even if I have a really busy day. I still feel [like] I can [squeeze] [clean] and just get some workout done You can do it anywhere at home when you’re traveling in a hotel room. [oh] one time I was actually doing them in the airport when I was waiting for transit these workouts are great for beginners if You have never done any exercise before I think these are still manageable. Maybe at first It’s a bit more difficult to follow through but once you start doing them more Maybe two or three times a week after a while. You [should] be able to follow them. Are you ready? Let’s go Give you guys, so I’ve come down here downstairs of my home to film my workout I was going to do it at home but it’s was too small and the backgrounds really messy So I thought since I have such a huge space here It would be a better location to do my workout, and he set up my met over there All you need is the mat no equipment’s needed is really simple. So are you ready? Let’s start We’ll first start with a starfish crunch to work the lower abs Lie on the mat arms above your head and spread arms and legs out to the side Crunch your abs bring your right hand to touch your left foot and bend the opposite side Remember to also bring your head and shoulder up breathe in as you come down and breathe out as you come up Keep going just a few more seconds to go, four, three, two, one We are done for the first exercise now moving on to the next one for Mountain Climbers start in a plank position Do it slowed and controled. Your back should not be arch. It should be neutral and your hand right below your shoulder Go in your ab bring one knee into your chest and then switch leg remember to keep your core tight, [okay]. Let’s go Keep going you’re almost there, 2, 1, done click races Turf a lying on the mat lay flat with your arms at the side mix together and try to keep them as straight as possible throughout the whole exercise Lift your legs until [they’re] pointing at the ceiling and then lower them back down until they are hovering just above the ground Keep breathing make sure your back [is] flat on the ground [if] your back starts to come up your legs don’t have to go Five more seconds to go try to get one more in there Neck is going straight to slow punch lie [on] your back with your knees bent fingers interlocked behind your [ears] So weaker your torso towards your knees bring your shoulders off the floor Hope to a second with your lower back pressed to the floor so slowly lower your body back to the starting position This is my favorite core exercise because it’s easier I’ll hind me to catch my breath and recip it but at the same times to keep on He’s got you [leek] Roll is very similar to like maids But this time as you lift your leg up straight first bring the knees towards your chest then straighten your legs and point towards the ceiling or the sky Again try to keep your back flat on the floor and don’t forget to breathe and I was looking for Mahmoud Abbas disappeared in a run back you’re finding no We’re steadily you [ever] [know] everything you know so you know stop the time that time for your dear? No, she’s got a six you see You’re halfway there if you’re still with me here give yourself a pat on the buttocks that’s what [fifteen] to [thirty] seconds after this exercise if you need We will move on to the second half off the workout at five this is another one of my all-time favorites It’s great for both your core and your offbeat Place your hands behind your head you can interlock your fingers elbows out to the sides lift your chin up raise your legs and tense your abs to crunch your body forward in order to touch your right elbow to [your] left knee and then Left elbow to your right knee similar to the motion you’ll make while pedaling a bicycle [by] you Hang in there. I know that this exercise is super difficult. [I’m] also dying myself right here. Keep on going It’s just a few more seconds to go. Oh my gosh. I lift up with Opportunities to cycling with hip stick roll onto your site restaurant forum try to keep your leg straight and do little Houses put your body weight off the floor suck in your belly [to] [your] [spine] until you lift your body up Creating a straight line between your shoulder and hip and lower your hip [down] to the floor and then lift up again She just wants to [lay] for a baby She’s got to say that we’ll be doing 30 seconds per side so now switch sides Good Okay, guys don’t feel bad if you’re struggling here because I am as well, this is tough, this is hard But it’s going to be worth it Next one he’ll touch fly on your back with your knees bent and your hands next to your foot Slightly raise your upper body off [the] floor and with one hand reach down your side to your heel Return to the middle and repeat to the other side reaching to touch your hand to your heel keep moving from side to side This is also make circe. I hope it upbeat. We got to work hard for the summer body And I was think about you reverend Mahmoud Abbas disappear in a run Barca finding nowhere Stiffly you [were] flow everything you know so you know stop the time that time [Via] [dare] [know] she’s got a six you Trying to keep him or he trying to keep all the goal When he looks in the eyes, he gone only you safe when she says Last [to] [lab] hang in there life is pretty simple get into push-up position on the floor now Bend your elbows 90 degrees and rest your weight on your for app now hold it for me I always put my phone in between my hands and watch videos during my claim time would just fly by All right Don’t [try] [it] keep talking okay guys finally It’s our last exercise, but also the most of the kalon And we square wheel Fixed elevation and four-stroke by now your apps already be burning and this last one is going to be a killer But tony [I] swear this is one of its best exercises for your lower, abs Lift right leg up 90 degrees off the floor stay there and have your left leg up Both legs should be right next to each other pointing [to] the ceiling then lower the right leg down slightly off the ground Keeping your s engage followed by the left leg then lift the right leg again and repeat the whole process both We should not touch the ground Remember to engage your tummy muscles. The whole time suck in your belly button – which is fine [keep] going guys. It’s only 60 seconds even [though] right now feels like forever finish it strong three two One we did it Good job guys. We’re done. Oh my God. That was a killer workout my abs are working so much right now I hope you are as well. [if] not do it again [one] For me and I’m going to [depress] I Have so sore it’s going to be even worse I hope you enjoy this video. Give me a thumbs up if you made it so here Tell me which [exercises] not that you hate the most [prefer] to my channel for more help in finishing

100 thoughts on “10 min Intense Ab Workout: No Equipment At Home Routine to Burn Belly Fat

  1. hey I'm going to be posting my progress on here:)
    day 1: this was so hard to do, I did most exercises for about 30 seconds and took 15-second breaks in between each. I also modified a few because they were too had to do. I'm also on day 3 of doing the 15 minute thigh fat burning workout so I think I will either do this one every day as well or every other day
    idk ill keep u guys updated:)

  2. Does anyone have any replacements for the side plank hip dip? I have knocked knees so I physically can’t put my feet together since my knees are more inward than they should be.

  3. I have a pool party coming up and my crush will
    Be there and my Freind and I are wearing a two piece so yeah wish me luck

  4. I am so sorry, but when it came to the side plank hip dip I could hardly lift myself up and on my left side I had to use my extra hand to help give me a little push. Like I was dying just trying to 😂

  5. This absolutely shed my food baby in a matter of 5 days and really cutting out my junk food and replacing everything with healthier options. I feel so good wooooohhh the problem is, it will return in like 3 days aka 3 hours XD

  6. MY WAIST AND ABS BURN SO MUCH ( but hey i lost 2inch off my waist over the month which is GREAT) BTW EMI IF YOU READ THIS COMMENT “YOUR BODY IS GOALS, LIKE A QUEEN”

  7. Thank you Emi for this workout video, but I think that this workout would be so much more effecive and easier to do if it had instructions on how to breathe while doing the exercices.

  8. Hi Emi! I am new to your channel and I was doing your workout since wednesday this week… I would like to ask.. can you make a workout for thighs without lounges?

  9. I have been doing emi’s workouts for almost two weeks and I went from 151 to 140 !!! Thankyou so much ❤️

  10. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  11. I just want to say,I'm doing your workouts and I love them,they make me sweat more than other youtubers that does workouts videos,so i hope i can finally lose weight and get the body i always wanted,love you,thanks for making me wanna workout and thanks for the inspiration❤

  12. Starfish crunches
    Mountain climbers
    Leg raises
    Slow crunch
    Leg roll
    Ab bike
    Side plank hip dip
    Heel touch
    Leg elevation (4 strokes)

    These comments usually help me so much, didn't see any here so here you go!

  13. I HATE plank the most while I love the AB BIKE! The burn was painful but I LOVE every second of it! Thanks for the video Emi ❤️

  14. It's been about three weeks of me doing your HIIT workouts. I'm overweight for a 5'5 person. I can defo see tiny changes in my body. Like I can see faint lines of my abs and shit and now when I touch my arms I can feel the bulging muscles!! THANK YOU!!! ❤

  15. I’m going to do an update on every time I do this workout since I just like to comfort the people who want to do this, but a reminder I’m 13 years years old so my results may be faster or slower than yours❤️ Aso, I do this ab workout with Emi’s 15 minute thigh fat workout everyday. I just mentioned it here so I don’t mention it everyday ⬇️

    Day 1: This workout was very new and hard for me, so I did every exercise for 50 seconds instead of 60, I sweated a lot, and was basically dead at the end of the exercise.

    Day 2: Today was also hard, especially the Ab bike and the plank. Those were the most difficult for me, and I could definitely feel the burn in my lower abs in every workout.

    Day 3: Today I didn’t have enough time to do it so unfortunately I had to do half of it only.

    Day 4: It was soo hard to do it all but I managed… still pausing midway to rest for a couple of seconds then continue.

    Day 5: Although I felt lazy and unmotivated today, I didn’t wanna skip the workout so I did it, and to my surprise, it was SOO easy!! I made ALL OF THEM with ease, and without resting for a whole minute!😊 I also feel a huge difference in my body. I feel lighter, as in these 5 days, I’ve lost 1 kg or 2 lbs, if you wanna say it in American😄. Not only that, but with the other exercises I mentioned above, I feel that my thighs are getting way smaller! 🙂

    Day 6: I just looked at my belly (😂) and realized I haven’t looked at it closely for the past week… it’s gotten so much smaller than day 1!! And, I had a big belly!🤣 I’m so surprised and proud that it’s almost flat now! 😊 all of that in just 6 days! Emi’s workout is DEFINITELY worth the try if you wanna see effective results 🙃

    Day 7: Today was SUPER easy for me to do, and I did all of them without resting! I’m still struggling with the mountain climber, but I did it all in 1 minute without stopping, and instead of being tired at the end, I was full of energy!

    Day 8: Once again, I feel very good after this exercise, but I sweated a lot, and that’s good; it means I sweated a lot of fat out😂
    But now, I can master ANY exercise of these without resting for the whole 60 seconds, and I can do them with ease.
    Btw just because I made them easily DOES NOT mean that you will not be in pain. Because remember, No pain, no gain, when you’re in pain, it means you’re burning more and more, so just a reminder 🤗🙂 hope you’re doing this with me too 🙂

    Day 9: I finished this workout without breaking a sweat and it was very easy for me. I feel lighter, I’ve lost weight, and I’m very productive everyday, in addition that my stomach’s getting flatter by the day.
    Reminder I don’t diet and, this weekend I even ate lots of junk food, but I drink 1 gallon of water a day 🙂

    Day 10: Even though every exercise KILLED me, I held it for the whole 60 seconds. And believe me, I’m receiving very good results so never give up!!

    I lost count of the days but this is probably my 10th week or so.. idk!
    Now, every single exercise passes by so quickly I don’t feel it and I’m not in pain and struggle as I was from my first week! Also, guess who has a flat belly!! ❤️❤️ definitely try this workout if you wanna see fast and obvious results!! I highly recommend it😊

    This is the end of my update! 🙂
    I hope you read at least some of it, and that I motivated someone out there to do this like I did because there was no one to motivate me when I needed the inspiration 🙁 ❤️

  16. love this workout but i can’t even balance for the side plank hip dip which is disappointing lol, i can’t balance on my left arm at all and my right elbow just digs into the ground! haha

  17. I remember a year ago i started working out with your videos, then i started going to the gym and now i am seeing this again and i am so happy i found your videos a year ago. Thank you so much i learned a lot from you

  18. I love all the excercises but i'm having trouble with the last one i cant keep my legs strayed when i bring them up. Can you give me some tips?

  19. each comment/like i get is worth one day i workout. so 3 would be i have to do this workout 3 days in a row! anyone who sees this comment has to do the same 😂

  20. Day 1 was pretty difficult but I did it😅
    Day 2 Omg!! all over my body hurts
    I feel so sore I can barely move , especially can't cough😖😖

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