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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey everyone so finally we have our first lower ab’s workout So this is definitely one of the most Requested videos so far so a lot of you guys asked me how to get rid of lower belly fat So it is a combination of cardio and also ab exercises these exercises today are going to help you to tone your lower abs area and At the same time is going to bring your heart rate up and burn some fat, so if you want maximum result then you should try to do it after a heat cardio so yeah, let’s get started so again with ten exercises 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off and our first exercise is flutter kicks Rest your elbows on the mat engage your core and try to keep your legs as straight as you can If you’re not too flexible, then keep a slight bend on your knee, this is a great exercise for your lower abs and your hip flexors [Music] The second exercise is leg drop now I’m going to rest my back on the mat and my hands on my butt or next to my butt Then bring both legs up and slowly bring them back down and hover right above the ground Never rest down on the ground then bring them back up again so the key is to drop your legs really slowly and Yeah, this is another really great lower abs exercise [Music] Next we have reverse crunch. Reverse crunch is the ultimate low ab exercise Keep your knee bent at 90 degrees then use your core muscles to raise your hips off the floor This actually works your whole abs, but really focus on your lower, abs [Music] Next we have mountain climbers with a twist so bring your right leg in then sweep Your knee to the left then do the same on the other side Do it slow and control and can feel the burn on your abs especially your lower abs always remember to keep your core engaged [Music] Next we have plank jacks This is definitely a killer at this point and always remember to keep your core engaged Keep your core tight and squeeze your abs [Music] Next we have leg extension crunch so rest hands on the side of your hips Then extend your legs and bring them back in this is absolutely Amazing for lower abs. I get cramps just doing this [Music] Next we have plank hops so this is going to bring your heart rate up again Start with a high plank then jump both legs back in. Keep your core tight and breathe [Music] So the next exercise is bicycle crunch. This is another great exercise for your abs You can do it fast or slow depending on how you feel doing it slow, and control allows more core engagement and doing it fast is going to bring a heart rate up [Music] Next we have plank. Any sort of planks are great for abs so make sure that you don’t poke up your butt or Drop it down. Keep your core engaged and this helps to tighten up your lower abs area too [Music] Last but not least is high knee. Keep you core engaged Bring your knee as high as you can This is absolutely amazing for your low, abs and also your lags [Music] That’s all guys. I hope you enjoyed today’s workout If you have stubborn lower belly fat try to do some hip cardio as well, you can do hip cardio before this workout Yeah, please give this video a thumbs up if you liked this, and I’ll see you very soon. Byeee!!!!

100 thoughts on “10 Min Lower Ab Workout | LOSE Lower Belly FAT

  1. Ok ik she doesnt only do lower ab workouts to get that body. How do u get it ok sometimes ppl get weird ab results. Its like flat then the middle part just sinks in and then abs at the bottom (idk v hard to explain). How do u get a fully flat stomach

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  3. Chloe ting i have 3 questions I've been thinking about this all the time and my question is it ok to get interrupted while working out, when exercising and i do this one do i have to do to another work out video to get rid of my belly fat, and my last question is do i have to go diet 90% of the day and everyday?

  4. Day 1 and I'm already VERY tired, I'm gonna try doing this everyday to see the results

    Day 2 and I may have finished ones quicker because I couldn't do certain ones that well

    Day 3 I'm doing pretty well now, trying to do everything for the full 50 seconds. Not seeing results yet eventhough I didn't expect any

    Day 4 still hurts but it doesn't take as much work as before

  5. I’m doing this workout because I have faint upper abs and my lower abs have fat so I’m trying to burn them. I’m also doing leg and arm workouts along with trying to lose weight. I’ll see how it goes.

  6. Doing this the day before school starts. My goal was to lose most of my weight of the summer (I’m literally 270 lbs) and I just wasn’t motivated until July and I was staying on a workout for awhile then I got a cleaning job and i had a lot of things going on and I kinda just forgot about it. But it’s weird how to you can stay on a workout and feel 10 x better and the seconond you forget to do it or skip it, it makes you not want to workout. Like it makes you feel like what’s the point of your just going to miss it again.

    The point is even if you do miss or skip one day, you need to get back to the grind even if you body and mind doesn’t want to. Because if you do start on that workout again your going to love the burn and love how you start to look. Even on the days your tired and not feeling well it will boost your mood! Keep going! You’ll reach your goal and even past that. Keep working hard. 😁❤️

  7. Thank you 🙏 I try this tomorrow August 24,2019. I’ll be back after 1 week…🙏🙏waist line is 30inch. My weight is 54kilos. I’ll be back after 1week. Thank you 🙏

  8. Everyone you NEED to try this it really helped its just takes a few days 🙂
    1st you need to have patience if you don't…your not going anywhere
    2nd have a positive attitude. Looking in the mirror and lifting up your shirt to see your improvement while telling yourself you can do it helps a lot.
    3rd Drink LOTS of water
    4th don't eat bc you feel like eating.Eat when your hungry.
    5th Don't eat and watch tv/electronics it makes you eat more since your distracted by what your watching
    And 6th while your doing your workout take big breathes. Inhale on easy parts and exhale on hard parts 🙂

  9. First day: C'mon first day doing this and I can see difference already, I feel motivated and fresh, my belly of course stills there but the fat burning It's visibly girl (sorry my English) I'll be back tomorrow ❤️

  10. First time doing this today and couldn't keep up. I've been trying to lose weight and tone up for a year and I'm really hoping this would work on me!

  11. Definitetly, one of my favorites workouts! I started this ab execise since 2017 and honestly it's been of great help. Any time i gain belly fat I do it and I am back into shape❤

  12. Flutter kicks
    Leg drops
    Reverse crunches
    Twist mountain climbers
    Plank jacks
    Leg extension crunches
    Plank hop
    bicycle crunches
    High knee

  13. I didn’t get shredded for summer (spent the whole time in doors and didn’t go to a beach or pool anyway) so now I’m going to get shredded for the winter! 😜 Hey, we should do it for ourselves and not for others just to see anyway!

    I’m really excited to see the progress I make with your videos!

  14. I’m going to do this challenge and keep you guys updated please remind me ☺️
    🌼starting tomorrow 🌼

    I’m currently 56,15 kg my goal is to look good hehe 🦋

    🌸day 1:

  15. Me: omg I’m getting results! My stomach is near flat!

    Body: uno reverse card
    Bruh you jinxed it 😉

    Me: omg my stomach 😭😭 my frigging results >:C

    Seriously though, when I was finally happy about results, I jinxed myself, now I’m bloated AF again :’( Any advice? (FYI I’m eating clean and on calorie deficit so idk what’s up)

  16. I want to start abs workout but booty workout too. Is it okay to work on both areas at the same time. I was thinking to start workout like for 30mins abs and 30mins booty a day. Is that okay? Because I read some comment that said its not good for body so I'm curious. Heelpp!!

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  18. I do crunches every day up to 100 times. But my belly fat doesn’t change that much. I’m so fed up because of my belly fat. If someone have a good idea pls share with me

  19. This workout is really great and for those who don’t want any kind of jumping in their workout you can do “shoulder planks” in place of plank hops and “mountain climbers” in place of high knie and oh a top this is only 10 minutes do this every morning before going to school or work u will see result in just a week ☺️

  20. Hi Chloe,
    I follow your workouts on a regular basis….and I'm really thankful to you.
    God bless you.

  21. i’m gonna do this for three weeks straight with one rest day each week

    day 1: i was exhausted and my abs hurt so bad. just to be clear i have a triangular shaped body with narrow hips and wide shoulders. i’m extremely pudgy around my lower stomach and abs. i hope this works. i’m already eating relatively healthy, but now i’m gonna cut out unneeded sugars completely.

  22. This isn’t hurting/burning and it’s not working! I know I’m doing it right why doesn’t it hurt. No I’m not taking breaks in between etc. help

  23. Ganna keep an update

    Day 1: really hard but made it😞

    Day 2: abs hurting allot but made it

    Day 3: it got easier but it still hard I can see very little change

    Day 4: got easier really tired

    Day 5: took q break but I'm back

  24. We r always doing it in my gym groups work outs..but my lower back starts to pain and im obese so thats the reason theres a lot of pressure on my back. What should i do?

  25. My legs were in agony while doing high knee all of a sudden, I think I pulled a muscle. What should I do? I can’t even do low impact high knee!

  26. Am I the only 1 who is lasy to put workout clothes on so I just workout in jeans

    Never workout in jeans it hurts guys

  27. I do this at the end of my strength training workout and It’s definitely flattened my stomach out! In case anyone was wondering if it works. I do 20 min stairs, 45 min strength training then finish with this to hit my abs at the end, 3-4x a week

  28. Flutter kicks
    Leg drops
    Reverse crunches
    Mountain climber twist
    Plank jacks
    Leg extension crunches (in and outs)
    Plank to squat
    High knee

  29. Gonna try theses today need to work on core strength I have like none what’s so ever never was a fan of sit-ups I used to be able to do planks easily those were my punishment exercises my dad used to make me do (military family) so I was always in push up position now I can barely hold a plank for 30 seconds 😅 college really got to me so wish me luck 🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. Thank you so much love! I've been looking for a good lower belly workout. I need a lot of help in that area! I hope to see a change! XOXO

  31. Chloe
    My heart rate will get high normally if I did this workout only is it enough ?
    Because if I did some hitt or cardio I wont be able to finish with this 😔 I'm gitting tired so quickly can you give me some advices to lengthen my workout time ?

  32. I did this for 1 week and i already saw that my stomach was less then before. I also eat healthy. I did this every evening. And i love u. Thanks for your good videos.❤😊

  33. People i did this just for 1 week and i saw results. And now i'm doing it again. I'm eating only healthy things. So wish me some luck. Thanks u

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