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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

welcome back good morning I hope
everyone’s having a great day I’m having a great day I am going to do one of my
son like favorite workouts I’m gonna work out my bottom half of my body so I’m doing today is I’m using your your
butt nice and round 17
you 19 and 20 all right
this will rinse and up we’re gonna use our dumbbell I’m gonna do like a squat we’re going to do 10 this is 15 pounds
but you don’t have to do use anything seis eight two more nine and said this one it’s much harder you
can definitely fill it right in here leave those all right hey drink next
time we’re going to do it or use this chair I heard a bell a little bit okay I put my feet
underneath like that a lot about C and then I will do a twenty five situps
so and I’m doing full sit-ups not halves of this too and my apps I’m throwing it in my legs
and I’m filling it in my water so that was a great 10-minute home workout for
you to get in shape and just stay in shape you don’t need to be a stick and
for hours and hours a day but you do need to be consistent under what you do
do so if you guys like this video and you want to see more workout videos
please give it a big thumbs up hit that subscribe button and I’ll notification
and I am about to go wash off now I’m sweaty Oh Phil Knight now you guys all
so much for watching love you all

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