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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey everyone, welcome back! Today’s workout is a 10 minute ab workout that’s gonna target every part of your abs, giving you that defined abs look! This workout is part of my 30 day flat belly challenge program, and I’ve put up a FREE workout calendar for you guys so check that out! Now I’ll be doing this challenge myself, to get back in shape so do join in, share your results #chloetingchallenge, so I can do a before/after video of my results as well as yours! so let’s get started! Before we start, I’d really appreciate it
if you could smash that thumbs up button, drop me a comment, and share this “FREE” workout
program with anyone who needs it. Now lets start this workout with in and
outs. Put those arms to the side and pull your knees into your chest. Remember you squeeze and engage your abs the whole time. the next exercise is Spiderman plank. Get in a plank position and bring in those
knees sideways. Again, we’re engaging the core here so don’t
let your legs do all the work here. Leg circles are next. Get flat on the ground and place your palms
next to your hips. These are really going to work your lower
abs so keep pushing guys. Now turn over into a plank position again
and we’re doing plank with hip dips. This is one of my favourite exercises. This works your obliques so do this slow and controlled and feel that burn. Now swap around again with your hands next
to your hips, we’re got reverse crunch. You’re probably starting to feel it now in
your lower abs, but keep powering through, let’s do this together. Alright stay flat on the mat, we’ve got some crunch with pulse next to work those upper abs. Keep your legs in a 90 degree angle, and crunch
forward with your arms straight. Again remember Engage those abs and use your
core muscles to do those crunches. Next we’ve got some flutter kicks, we’re already
half way through the workout so good job guys. You can crunch up and do flutter kicks at
the same time or you can lie flat on the ground. Crunching up a little while doing flutter kicks is definitely a little bit more difficult. Next, we’ve got russian twists. Have your heels touching the floor or you
can lift it off the floor and twist from side to side. Again, tense that core and do this slow and
controlled so your abs are doing all the work Now flip around and get into a high plank
position. We’re doing some crossbody mountain climbers. bring your knees forward towards the opposite
elbow and burn those abs Alright now flip around onto your back again,
we’ve got just 3 more exercises to go and we’re now doing bicycle crunches. You’ve got a slight recovery in the next few
exercises so I want you to give it your all for this exercise and feel that burn. Make sure you squeeze that abs. And now flip around and we are doing planks
with bunny hop. Hop to your left and crunch those abs, back
to plank, then hop to your right and repeat. We’re almost done. So keep pushing guys Alright our last exercise is high knee so
stand up and go all out here guys. Get those knees up as high as possible, and
engage your core the whole time, now let’s smash this. Great job everyone. Don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button
and drop me a comment if youve enjoyed it. Also don’t forget to share your progress with
everyone! If you’re not subscribed yet, smash that subscribe
button and turn on notifications because “me love you long time”. See you in the next workout, bye!

100 thoughts on “10 Mins ABS Workout To Get FLAT BELLY IN 30 DAYS | FREE WORKOUT PROGRAM

  1. ok so im gonna update everyday for 2 weeks so please give me motivation!!!
    So my plan is to do this video and another video of her ab workout video every day:) also, im like a chubby kind of person and managed to lose a lot of weight this summer so now im just really focusing on making my body look goood 🙂

    day 1: I was struggling and in lot of pain but i did it! Obviously no results yet lol ill keep you all updated again tmrr
    day 2: I was still struggling, and no abs yett :)) I also ate a lottt today so im gonna be doing her 10 minute HIIT

  2. so i’ve decided to do the workout and try it myself (p/s: i’m not counting the calories i consume daily. and note that i am bloated 💗)

    day 1 (08/19/2019): to be honest, it was so difficult but while working out, i’ll never think of stopping because thinking of stopping halfway throughout the workout is telling your brain that quitting is an easier option 💪🏻

    day 2 (08/21/2019): okay guys i mostly managed to do it every workout without stopping except for the last 3 exercises but it’s alright 😔 and i can see lines already but it’s not so obvious and this is only day 2! 😭💗

    day 3 (08/25/2019): oops i did slacked out a little bit but next time i’ll try to be more consistent! it‘s a little bit hard to workout because i did ate a lot this past few days 🙁 but i’ll improve myself after this 💕

  3. Day 1: so sore had to take so many breaks but I’m excited to start this journey off
    Day 2: so much worse than day 1! Sore from yesterday so it made it much worse but I’m proud of myself for doing it
    Day 3: still having about 2/3 tests per set! I’m pushing myself now it’s getting sore as anything but I’m still going
    Day 4: I didn’t take any breaks for the first 3 sets! Sore but feels like it’s getting easier

  4. day 1: was really hard, probably did half time😂
    day 2: woke up feeling extra sore, literally laughing hurt me
    day 3: still sore from yesterday & i can’t see results yet but i haven’t taken any pictures so i will now. the exercise was still really hard considering i was sore since yesterday’s work out. have been eating healthy & not as much. ONLY drinking water
    day 4:

  5. Help! I don’t think I’m doing some of these right because I feel the burn more on my legs than my abs. Can someone help me?

  6. people in the comments: I will do this workout everyday and I will make sure to keep you guys updated:
    Day 1:✅
    Day 2:✅
    Day 3:✅
    Day 4:✅
    Day 5: cricket cricket
    where y'all go?😂

  7. Hey Guys! I'm going to try this today and I'll update the results everyday possible 🙂

    1 st day- I am so tired but honestly it felt worth it and my stomachs kinda shrinked down a bit I swear!( I did this exercises 2 times today)

    2 day- the workout was harder today but worth it and I'll be going swimming in the evening

    3 day -✔

    4 -I couldn't do it properly but still managed to

  8. I've actually gotten a slimmer waist and am gradually getting an ab line definiton! It works y'all so do it smh

  9. This is my first day, 22/08

    D1: My weight is 61.5kg and I measure 1.68. I couldn't do the exercises in a row, since I got tired but I could finish them

  10. I’m forcing myself to comment on this video today (after doing the workout) so that I will have some incentive to return and comment again tomorrow. Wish this outta shape girl some luck! 😂🥵

  11. – (my English is bad, sorry for that) –
    <So I did this one and a another exercise for like 8 days rn and I am seeing a small change until now. I'm thirteen years old and I have a small soft cute little belly that my friends wants to touch for some reason… But soon they can't heheheh. I am not going to do a diet because I don't think it's needy, I'm only thirteen years old so…. I will continue to do these 2 workouts util I get my flat belllyyyy!! And I'm aswell gonna update!<3>
    Day one It was veerrrryyy hard, I was sweating so much!!!! I've never sweated so much in my life…
    day two It was hard but not as hard as day one! My belly feels a bit stronger!!<3
    day three I was really tired but I struggled to exercise anyway, guys be strong and promise yourself that you'll make it!
    day four Not a big change at all, but this time it was very hard!
    day five I'm seeing a small change!! Not as hard as yesterday..
    Day six same as day five
    Day seven My belly is smaller idk? Now Chole have gotten her shape but I haven't.. I guess it is harder for me but I'll keep going and I will reach my goal!
    Day eight Same as day seven!
    Day nine Today I ran 4,8 km with my school and walked 5,2 km so if u add that together it'll be 10 km omgggggg I'm shOOk nvm I were not so tired but my legs were hurting but I still needed to train so I did that anyways it was kinda annoying. No change but ofc do I see a change from day one to now!
    day ten No changes, IM eating to much CAndy I need to stooopppp
    day eleven My belly feels kinda small
    I'll keep update, if I forget please remind me in the comments love u guys and believe in yourselves!<3 YOU CAN DO IT

  12. Day 8 and I’m already seeing results! I haven’t really changed my diet, I’ve just been eating smaller portions and less junk food. Despite being bloated because of the time of the month it is for me, I’m still thinner than I was a week ago. thanks chloe c:

  13. Day 8 and I’m already seeing results! I haven’t really changed my diet, I’ve just been eating smaller portions and less junk food. Despite being bloated because of the time of the month it is for me, I’m still thinner than I was a week ago. thanks chloe c:

  14. Heyy…I want to really take this challenge.. but I can't 😭 I have coccyx pain.. so I can't seat properly.. I just do planks types exercise. Please sister suggest me…that types of exercise. If you don't understand .. just search coccyx pain. You got everything.

  15. i’ve been doing this workout along with “11 line workout” for 3 months… and let me tell u, it’s great!! 💪🏻❤️

  16. First of all: This work out really works! Even if at the beginning you just “try” to follow Chloe… My personal experience: I finally decided to seriously get in shape after giving birth to my second child (5 years ago!). I was exercising a bit but never my abs. Due C sections I was honestly a bit afraid. But after 5 years should be obviously possible, I thought. The first 3 days I couldn’t even follow but I felt great. Then I noticed I had no back pain anymore and was very motivated. Fist week – already feeling stronger. 10 days – was very happy and proud. 2 weeks – I started to feel burning pain and stitches in my lower stomach and in my scar for 2 or 3 days till I went to the doctor. She said I have to stop the work out for one week and after I can begin again slowly. First month once a week. Second month twice. And never often than every second day. It‘s sad… i was feeling so good and happy.

  17. im gonna keep updating y’all daily👸🏻⭐️
    day 1 : okay, it wasnt as hard as i thought it was gonna be, my lower abs are definitely burning. my bones are a bit bad, so i didn’t do the high knee part, instead i did a plank for 40 secs.

  18. I'm going to do this everyday and actually update, I will also be doing the slim leg workout x

    Day 1= completed the workout but took 2 long breaks. I cannot do the bunny hops at all haha.

    Day 2= Felt really bloated today. Workout was tough. Felt even more bloated afterward for some reason. X

  19. I want to lose weight as well as some belly and thigh fat because I feel so insecure about them, but I'm so inconsistent so I'm going to track my daily progress here. So hopefully I'm going to actually do the workout daily this time and see results as well.
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 112lbs
    Stomach: 23 inches
    Thigh: 15 inches
    Also please like and comment to help motivate me ♡

    Day 1( August 22): ✔️
    Day 2 (August 23): ✔️
    Day 3 (August 24): ✔️
    Day 4 (August 25): ✔️
    Day 5 (August 26): ✔️

  20. hi i wanna try to get back in shape before school starts soooo i am gonna try my best to keep track of every day (dont hate me if i miss a day)

    ☆day 1- this hurt sooo bad but i did it and hopefully tomorrow it will be easier ☆

    ☆day 2- this still hurt but it was already easier also i already see slight results so hopefully this will keep me motivated ☆

  21. Hi Chloe. Thank you so much. This is first day i follow your video. I will try to do this 30 days. Hope i can be like u. 1 day: 1m50, 50kg. Will be update

  22. i want to try and see if it works on my body type
    day 1: phew that was hard! the leg circles and plank with hip dips were really challenging :0
    day 2: didn't do it.. just cardio
    day 3: i felt like dying hahah literally.. way harder than the first day. hip dips are really painful and hard phew.

  23. Is there a way to make reverse crunches a little easier or a way to modify it? I have a hard time doing it because my abs are weak and I do have some tummy fat so I can’t bring it up as high as you do

  24. Your workouts are incredible. I literally LOOK FORWARD to them. Why? Because you're fun and engaging. These programs are highly intelligent and well designed. AND I see results. Quickly. Thank you so much for offering your expertise, at no cost. These workouts are such a gift as are you. Today is Day 5 of the Lean Thigh Challenge, and I'm really looking forward to the next 25 days, and then starting another one of your awesome challenges! You're amazing. Thank you from my whole heart!

  25. Hey guys..Okay soo I don't have a flat belly and my thighs have so much fat in them, i'm a short height-ed girl and I wanna look slim So I'm starting this..

    I promise to ya'll i'll keep updating!

    DAY 1 – 25-Aug-19 –
    Started!..I wasn't able to do some activities like that bunny hop and mountain climber.

    DAY 2: 26-Aug 2019
    I'm feeling sored in the abdomen and back area but I woke up at 4:30 am..clinged to bed till 5:15 am..
    I did the workout!!! It was easier than yesterday. I also did some yoga exercises to calm down my sore muscles. I am clicking pictures of each day..Guys it motivates a lot.

    Day 3: 27-Aug-19
    (Less sore in abdomen and back area, i think shoulders might get sored)
    So, I did the workout, i felt lil burn in my tummy area..but my shoulders are starting to hurt, i guess because of the planks, bunny hopper and mountain climber positions. I think its very small change, slow..I looked in the mirror and ws unable to find much difference..but i'll push more!!!! 14 DAYS!
    (Waiting for day 4) 🙂

  26. Working out for 30 days! I’ll be also doing the other workouts on her program!
    Day 1: This was very hard for me. So far no results!

    DAY 1: ✔
    DAY 2: (sore from day 1, mentally dying) ✔
    DAY 3: I had to stop for some exercises because of how tired I was but even though all the struggles I MADE IT ONE MORE DAY! hurraaay ✔

    (I'll keep u posted 💛)

  28. Great video! I love the workouts and the lay out, i think its great how you give us that little sneak peak of what's coming before we start out reps! Makes it smoother keeping up! Thanks girl!

  29. Ok so started this workout today, I'll be updating everyday:
    •DAY 1: Ok so, I'm not gonna lie it was difficult and I couldn't understand very well the exercises (it was my first time doing them).

  30. Day 1: I can see my cat judging me from across the room. I had to stop every other exercise for a break, but it’ll be worth it when I finally get that flat stomach I’ve been wanting for forever!!! I’m so tired!!

  31. 🌱 day 1 : it was really difficult but I did it ! My tummy is like her "one week ago"
    🌱 day 2 : my body hurted during the night 1-2 lmao, but I did this workout twice !

  32. So im gonna be updating on how this is going for a month:
    Day 1: Done. Feel the burn! Its good.
    Day 2: Done. Still burning.
    Day 3: Done. less burn this time, but i guess thats ood cuz it shows my body can handle it? idk.

  33. 30 day Flat Belly Challenge:
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: 🛌
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29
    Day 30:

  34. I really need motivation to work out. I’ve been trying but I loose interest or focus once I do it. Anybody got advice, tips, encouragement anything literally please send them my way. I really need to loose weight but I never finish through. Please and thank you

  35. I have been doing the workout for 12 days now and I had been noticing the changes. If anybody cares, then I can share my progress ❤👍

    Do like if you want updates.. I wont leave you halfway coz I'm determined to do the entire 30 day challenge 💪💪💪

  36. I did this work out and by the third day I saw a lil bit of fat from my stomach disappear, but then I stopped cause I got lazy. But now I’m actually gonna try to make it through at least 1 week

  37. How does anybody deal with the soreness or is it just me? It’s only day 3 and I can’t even myself sit up without feeling so sore 🙁

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