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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up guys it’s Max Barry, owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this is your 10 minute intense cardio workout to burn belly fat
fast – let’s go! This high-intensity circuit consists of eight exercise is
one minute each 15 seconds rest between you don’t need any equipment for this
workout it’s a 10 min hiit cardio abs blast! Bes sure to get in a quick warmup first and
were about to get into this thing right now all right time to burn belly fat I’m gonna be here with you the entire 10 min workout 321 go…first exercise is jugglers, kinda like high knees just keep moving now truth be told, every time we bring those knees above the wait, we’re working those lower abs legs are already feeling blasted. keep moving the whole time guys…if you want to lose belly fat then keep the intensity up next is 10 x 10 crab kicks and mountain climbers crazy abs and cardio then broad jump forward, to reverse buttkickers next exercise is burpees, had to do it, haha! classic move just keep moving good, next move is low jacks stay in this low squat position, 321 go keep you back flat butt down keep moving the whole time in and out with the feet, this a killer inner thigh workout feeling good now we’ve got twenty
seconds left lets push through together, if its too much stand up kick it out like i just did stay with me stay with me the whole time
low jacks 7 seconds left on this interval we’re going straight into this next
move right here guys this is going to be a sprinter variation two inside two outside high knees in and out with the feet whole time now if this gets too much like I said just
go straight up sprinters or jog it out keep it intense, that’s how to lose belly fat fast proud of you guys for getting this thing in were going to now work the care and cardio with tis next move hit the deck, plank gravity jacks, four reps on the forearms, four reps on the hans last move finish this cardio hiit workout strong guys 3 side to side plyo squats and then drop down give me the best pushup that you’ve got awesome job guys, we hop you liked this workout, if you did smash the like button and subscribe to our channel share this with a friend if you think they will like it too if you have any questions or comments, post them in the comments section below
thanks for watching this video have an awesome day!

30 thoughts on “10 MINUTE CARDIO WORKOUT TO BURN FAT (PART 2) | Best Cardio Workout Routine To Lose Belly Fat Fast

  1. If you really want to make a life altering change to your health you need to understand the mitochondria(engines) in our cells. Utube "the secret to stop aging via oxygen" a 10+ minute animated movie

  2. I have great belly fat 've had it now for 12 years but finally it is time to fight fatty thanks you greatly appreciate the vidoes can finally look forward to a flat stomach I sweat like crazy to follow your videos, it's time to burn fatty now enough is enough

  3. Do we have to practice this exercise every day to lose weight, or we can specify the number of days a week for practiced

    Hussam From Saudi arabia

    thanks man

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  5. Hey Max !!! Appreciate the video will help me mix up routines
    Need to shred some New York weight with the summer coming up !!!

  6. ive been eating alit lately I like to get taller but it goes to my stomach again so thx Max your video can help

  7. I knew what's coming when you said "our next one is the classic, had to do it". Classic is always the best among all. BTW great workout. I just did it after my shoulder workout, is it fine to do so?

  8. can you answer this , so I am wondering if I do this will it make me loose my butt and thighs ? because im not tryna loose majority weight from their I'm not really fat at all I'm 5'7 around 170-178 pounds & a female and Im just tryna loose some belly fat seeing that the title said "lose belly fat fast" I know spot reduction isn't really goal but I wanna keep some meat, I just don't wanna go skinny doing this any answers??

  9. My usual workout has been getting too easy so I added this to the end of it and dear god did it kick my butt! I love it!

  10. yessssssss I fish the whole workout I don't think I'll be able to move tomorrow but I like that I'm getting better and better everyday I started a weight loss program 5 months ago I was 297 lb and when I started I saw this video and I tried it and I was unable to do not even half of the video today 5 months later 105 lb lighter I decided to try it again I am glad and proud of myself that I was able to do the whole video thank-you bro for your videos they are very helpful and inspirational I got 30 more pounds to go I got this

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