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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, I’m ERock, Program Director
for the Tough Mudder Boot Camp. Today, I have a 10 minute total body
workout for you, involving sandbags. We’re going to do 10
minutes long, six exercises. Let’s get kicked off. First exercise is going
to be hang cleans. Bring the bag to the waist, hips
hinged back, and drive that bag to the rack position. Three, two, one, begin. Awesome. Notice how moving those hips back
keeps the back nice and flat. Core stays tight, jumping up. Remember, it’s all about
developing that power, that hip power that you’re going
to need for a Tough Mudder course. We’re going to do 10 reps of
a hang clean before moving on to the next exercise. Now, move as fast as you need,
because form is of the essence here. Scale the weight up
or down appropriately, but maintain good proper form. Once you’re at that 10th rep, we’re
going to move into our squats. Feet move out slightly, and begin. Down to the bottom, hip
crease below that knee. Heels stay down, chest stays up tall. I love the sandbag for this exercise. It’s challenging your core. You’re forced to keep
your chest up right. This is a great exercise. Great job, guys. How are you feeling, squad? Great. Nice. There we go. Moving on to the sit ups. Now, Suzy’s going to demonstrate
the sit up without a bag. Greg’s going to bag up right here. For the sit up, press the bar– press the bag over the top
of the head, and begin. One, two– good job, guys. There we go. So notice how you can keep the
feet butterflied, right here, or your knees bent. Your call. Now, just keep your heels rooted down
to the ground and really extend up. Greg is showing the proper
way to do the sit up here, keeping the elbows fully locked. Shoulders are engaged the entire time. All the way to 10 reps. Guys, I know it’s getting spicy
already on the first round right here. Remember, it’s not about the intensity. I want you to move correctly. Intensity will come. Next is going to be the bent over row. Kick the hips back. Let the chest go forward
towards the ground. And then pull to the chest. Here we go. One, two– perfect. Good. Proper form. The hips don’t bounce. The shoulders are staying
nice and organized. And back is staying nice and flat. Heels are rooted in the ground. This is great form. Guys, you are looking so good. Perfect. Finally, shoulder to– shoulder
up and over is that next move. We got to get those shoulders in
here, just like Hold Your Wood on a Tough Mudder course. And, begin. We’re going to dip from
one side to the other, extending that elbow
nice and long, pushing through that shoulder at the top. There we go, for 10 total reps. Now, if you’ll notice, the
hips are dipping slightly. This is going to develop
that power that you’re going to need to get through
that Tough Mudder course and be more efficient
in all these movements. The last exercise is a deadlift. Keeping the back nice and
flat, keeping the bag as close to the center mass as possible,
go ahead and stand through, pushing your glutes and
hips forward to the top. And begin. Excellent. Now remember, we’re not trying
to squat into this movement. We’re hinging into this movement. The hips lead, the chest will follow. So if you think about
pushing the butt backwards, keeping your weight in your heels,
you will accomplish this rep very, very nicely. There you go. And 10 is done. We’re going to rest
30 seconds right now. You feeling good, squad? Great. Nice. Feeling great. Nice. You guys are looking good. 30 seconds rest allows
you to recover, lets your body kind of like understand
what’s happening to it. And we’re going to begin
again in just a moment. So grab a quick drink of water, high
five your partners if you want to, and let’s talk about the
implements themselves. We have sandbags out here. But simply, you can change these out
for dumbbells, a kettlebell, a medicine ball. Four, three, two, one. We’re going back to those hang cleans. Hips hinge back, standing nice and tall. Excellent. Once again, we’re looking for absolute
extension through that hip, a big jump. So move as fast as you
can stay in proper form. You guys are looking great right now. Excellent. Plus, the cool thing about the
sandbags is that grip strength element. We all know, at Tough Mudder, you need
grip strength, upper body strength. The hang clean of a sandbag
is going to do it for you. Move those feet out and
begin on the squats. I love this. Hips are going back and down. The knees are tracking right
in line with those ankles. I’m loving this already. The sand bag, once again, on the front
rack position, challenges the core. You have to support that bag
by squeezing those abs or else you’re going to fall forward. Here we go for those sit ups. How we feeling, Greg? You ready for another set of these? Feeling spicy. Feeling spicy. I know you are, at home. This is simple stuff. And begin. Awesome. Sitting all the way up. Now, notice how Greg has now moved his
feet into a more bent position here. This way he can drive his heels in the
ground, really root his butt there, and he can sit up all the way through. I love the extension. Head comes through
the window at the top. Excellent. Suzy’s doing a great job. She’s got the modification,
still without the sandbag, and her feet are staying together. They’re staying down on the floor. Guys, we are already five minutes
through this 10 minute workout. Moving into those bent over rows,
one of my favorite exercises. And begin. Once again, hips are going
back, back is staying flat, and we’re pulling all
the way to the body. Now, a lot of us don’t
have pull up bars at home. This bent over row will not only
help you develop upper body strength, but that grip strength as well. A great substitution if you
don’t have a pull up bar. Moving on to the shoulder to overhead. All right. Dipping and driving, begin. All the way up and over, extending
through the elbow and shoulder. Excellent. Always remember, move your
feet out to a position that you can keep your
heels down during the dip. You don’t want your
feet in too close, where as your heels rise up off the ground
when you’re dipping underneath. Now, we have strength and power
being expressed in this workout. Guys, we’re almost there. We have the deadlift. And begin. Excellent. Greg has got a great
deadlift right here. Hips are moving back, shoulders are
staying over the top of that bag, and his hips are hinging. Strength and power are two of our
pillars in the Tough Mudder Boot Camp methodology. And that is what’s giving you– that’s what’s being expressed
in this workout right here. Nice, very nice. 30 second rest. You guys ready? I think we can maybe get at least
half way through another round. What do you say? Yeah. Oh, absolutely. These guys are hard chargers. If you’re at home working out with
us today, you’re also a hard charger. You, by doing this workout, are becoming
the best possible version of yourself. I believe in you. They believe in you. Let’s rock and roll. We got 10 seconds
before this next round. Here we go, for five, four,
three, two, one, hang clean. Excellent. One, two– perfect. Excellent. Now, as I said before,
you can scale this down. If you do not have sandbags,
you can use– get creative. I talk a lot about filling
the milk jug up with sand. It works out pretty good. Excellent. Three minutes remaining. We can do this, guys. You’re getting this thing done. 10 minutes is an
eternity, it feels like. Let’s go for those squats. Good. Now, let’s talk toe position. Heels are staying down. That’s very clear. You don’t want your toes to go out
so far that your knees cannot track in line with them. So, turn those toes in a little bit. Make sure you’re going all
the way down below parallel– yes– and you can get
all those ten done right. You’ll know it if you
feel those hamstrings. All right, sit ups. You guys ready? Ready. Begin. All right. They are fired up. You can tell the energy
is starting to rise here. This is good stuff. Perfect. Now abs, obviously,
everybody wants them. The sit up is a great way to get there. You can weight it down to add a
little bit of complexity to it. Plus, as Greg is doing right here,
we’re adding a whole lot of structure to that torso, keeping
that weight held overhead. Guys, we are two minutes
remaining of this workout. You can do it. Keep moving. Keep moving. Bent over row, once again,
one of my favorite exercises. You want your feet about shoulder
width apart, kicking back. Now I always say, if you
don’t feel your hamstrings, you’re not in the right place. Move those hips back until you
feel those hamstrings engaged and that chest is organized
over the top of that bag. And begin. Shoulders up and over. Press it. Guys, we’re almost done. Stay with it. You can do it. I love this. Good, powerful dip. You’re noticing, as we get
deeper in the workout, that drive out of the bottom
moving that bag up and over. That can be essential, right? We need to let our body figure it out. Let the hips move. Your arms are small muscles. Here we go for those deads. Ready? And begin. Up, there we are. Perfect. The hips, the glutes, the hamstrings,
everything right down here in your bottom half. These are your biggest muscles. Use them. Let your shoulders take a rest right
here, just hanging on that bag. Grip strength is engaged. We are one minute left of this thing. You guys can do it. Let’s push towards the end. Wow. 30 seconds? I bet we can start this last round. Here we go. We got it. Yeah? Oh, we got this. Look at this. Confidence. I love the confidence. Right on. Yeah. Yeah. We got this. If you’re at home right
now, you are also fired up. I bet you can get at least
another few reps right now. Let’s see what’s going on. Grab that quick drink. Take that breath. Yes. Look at Greg shaking his arms over here. How’s the grip feeling? Feels good. Feels great. Yeah. Awesome. The grip strength is essential. Here we go for five, four,
three, two, one, and begin. Guys, only a couple hang cleans. Let’s go. Here we are for 10,
nine, eight, beautiful, let’s go for four, three, two, one. And that is time. Nice job. Nice job. Thanks for watching. Remember to subscribe to the channel,
watch more videos, and comment below. And we’ll see you at
a Tough Mudder soon.

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