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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– What’s up everyone? It’s Chris Heria, welcome to another video of Official Thenx. Today we’re gonna be doing a
calisthenics shoulder workout. I love this workout because
it builds my endurance for stuff like handstands,
handstand push-ups, and more advanced movements. So let’s see if you can
keep up with this routine. (energetic electronic music) Alright, so let’s get started. The first exercise we’re
gonna do is wall walks. We’re gonna go towards the
wall, hands on the ground, shoulder width apart,
then we’re gonna start walking up the wall as high as you can. Once you get to the top, you
can press with your fingertips so that you don’t fall forward. This will keep you close to the wall. You also want to get to as
close to the wall as you can because this is gonna help your technique and your handstand overall a lot more. So once you’re here,
you can come back down. You actually don’t have
to hold it for that long. So you come back down, try
not to touch the floor. Come back up. We’re gonna go for five, so this is two. (energetic electronic music) Alright. So you can take a little
break if you want. Really you want to take
a break until you feel like you can keep on going. You don’t want to be like waiting too long or feeling like you’re completely fresh. We want to keep that fatigue-ness and be able to endure through it. So the next exercise is handstand shoulder taps. You can do it facing a wall, but I would prefer if you did it with your nose facing the wall, like a handstand wall walk. So we’re gonna go up. And from here, as close
to the wall as you can with your fingertips pressing
and your feet tight together, we’re first going to be
coming up on your fingers. Then, coming up with your hands. And finally, coming up
to shoulder to shoulder. So, you’re gonna choose a
progression that works for you and then we’re gonna
try to go for 10 reps, something like that, whatever. So let’s go for 10 reps. Choose the progression that works for you and get started. (energetic electronic music) You guys can feel free
to get down like that or you can just walk
down as slow as you can, whichever one is more comfortable. So the next exercise we’re gonna do is handstand push-ups. And we all know you can do
handstand push-ups like this, facing the wall. But today I want you to do it this way. Now, we’re doing all of
our exercises this way and the reason why is because
when you do a handstand towards the wall this way,
the weight of your body gets distributed and
gets forced to be stacked on top of each other, so
it helps your technique and it also helps to feel
what it’s gonna be like to actually hold a good form handstand. So we’re gonna do our
push-ups that way as well and you’re gonna feel
it, it’s a lot harder than doing it the other way. So let’s go. (energetic electronic music) Get as close as you can,
push with your fingertips so you don’t fall. Alright. So the next exercise we’re gonna do is handstand kick-ups. We’re gonna go up to the wall and you’re gonna kick up into a handstand and you’re gonna try to keep your arms as straight as you can. You can try going up with one foot and meet up at the top, feet together. Try the other foot. And eventually, you want
to do it with both feet and keeping your arms straight. So we’re gonna kick up
and then we’re gonna try to come down slow as you can. So handstand kick-ups negative. (energetic electronic music) Okay, so we’re almost done. Next we’re gonna go into
elevated pike push-ups. So we find an elevated surface and we’re gonna try to
hold a pike like that, legs straight from the
hip and then straight from the hip down to your hands. So we’re gonna assume the position. Hop up, put the crown of your head down as you’ve done before
with a handstand push-up and begin, let’s go for 10. (calm electronic music) Amazing. Alright, so lastly, we’re gonna go into a handstand hold. You can choose to hold
against the wall for endurance and try to max out as long
as you can or you can try to just do a freestanding
hold and try to max that out as long as you can. Let’s go for holding on
the wall, let’s do it. In fact, let’s do both. (energetic electronic music) (exclaims loudly) Alright. Oh my gosh, so now you
should be feeling it. Let’s go ahead and let’s
hold now on some parallettes, freestanding for as long as we can. Let’s go for it, this is the last move. (calm electronic music) It’s a little wobbly. Okay. (energetic electronic music) (exclaims loudly) Alright, so as you can
see, just calisthenics. This is a killer shoulder workout. I’m drenched, but mainly
because we don’t put the AC on in here. So you want to do this
routine four times, okay? Complete four routines
to complete this workout. If you guys want to see
more workouts like this, subscribe, but most
importantly go to, where we have endless programs and endless information,
knowledge to lead you on the way to doing stuff just like this. Thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget to like,
comment, share, subscribe and let us know what you want
the next video to be about. Peace. (energetic electronic music)

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