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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up guys is Max Barry and Jess, and this is your 10-minute partner workout 9 moves no equipment 10 minutes of fat burning awesomeness this routine combines bodyweight cardio and abs exercises so grab a buddy and let’s get into this partner workout right now alright guys time to get into the 10-minute partner workout jess ready to do this all right let’s fire it up guys first move five seconds for toe taps one drop three two one go one two three four five one two three four drop it nice it’s good to get into a little rhythm with your partner yeah you did and that will happen that part of the fun on these partner exercise drills one two three four oh ok we’ll get that heart rate up right away and we’re having fun going to keep bring things keep moving Jess and I are going to be here with you the entire time getting it done we got another 10 seconds oh it’s crab will bring workout partner like a doctor today dance a couple three two one time good stuff all right heart rates up now we’re going to go into a mobility upper body and core work walk out one walk out to my pots so start a little further playing deep breath we jump three two one go walk down to hot 512 walk back now when we do these collect keep the legs pretty straight yeah so we get that stretch through the hamstring to back up breathe teeth movement now we already got the heart rate up right now working for another body as you call them we’re also mean that nice stretch so it’s kind of a built-in warm up 20 seconds keep going to back up 15 seconds keep working partner yeah make sure we get to that bottom portion or a nice pipeline where we give those box no go to it that’s it to one time good remember each move 50 seconds 15 seconds transition next move is going to be toe tap reverse lunge and we’re going to be facing each other we’re going to go outside foot and go three two one touch reverse lunges down top reversal on jess is your good time Batman now that you talk about it one night only the little bit weird and that’s okay they want to get a global chemical lunch we’re going to switch legs and a few second here 32 good other side stay right there tap it out yeah tap it out oh this your design good the least one of our design now there is a wipeout factor yeah let’s get as low as you can on the back lets you hold it without the knees banging rental case not consistently I see it so often on youtube and of instagramers people doing lunges their fan on the ground yeah so get the technician to I think we went over yeah manzar how such a good time with that one so good legs and feel good superhero plan guys were going down I’m going to light lit up that would cut down on this in the air or in the air I keep it pointed down that’s up to you if you want to point the toe out a little more that work so just let’s slow it down a little bit and really get that tight control it’s actually one of those lose that’s harder slower so we already been the heart beat up both of us are huffing and puffing so we’re trying to lock it down got carried away on that last one we love the budget five seconds three two one look nuts whoo sweaty and breathless already got it good work in the nick of it next drill is at target drills just going to start down to low squat and I’m going to be going hi nice to her hands three then two to one going right up now notice jettison a nice local most water she’s on our heels to such foot bottomless live and we’ll switch now one of your partner’s slowing down a little bit probably go right here march out not even going back and I’m going to go ahead down in a second three two one switched up give your partner a nice target that’s appropriate with that we can make more card back yeah I think just love to work hard to love it good 15 7 we have you get tired you can march it out or just bring a little over otherwise not gentle know something funny five seconds going three two one nice whoo good ok last couple of drills together it’s going to be a plank toe touch we’re going to be facing away from each other in a plan and we’re going to show up as high as you can with control hit the deck three two one tap test and we’re both in a good swing position as we’re tapping at Allen up high and tap as high as you can work this is too much for doing a partner let’s go a little lower load that photo tap and what happens it’s very unstable when only three points or touching clit so whenever we lift an arm or leg it’s less table more core work let’s go go hi Harry call it nice tired yeah and there’s like that synergy you get with your partner and it’s always a good bonding when you sweat together three two one hi whoo good oh man swimmin feeling good pepper in it awesome cardio and abs all day maybe now we’re going cross back knee drive this is a one that there is a big one about that can we walk that drive it up now this one we’re going to start on this without and then we’ll show you how to progress it first want to master that then you can go no touch tap go home tap go and it’s like a domino effect like a just Waldo property or if I fall on her that can happen okay switch yeah other leg come back a little bit and we drive it up good side of that budget makes good for you okay we’re making a little bit up and part of the phone guys cute all over no big deal somebody I’m publishing in any way probably works madam hope we did partner watch YouTube nice and we’re glad you did we’re here the whole time I’m or second like doing good too one little time nice okay let’s switch back last two drills right here together partner workout feeling good how you feel desam crabs toe touch this time we’re faced up and we’re going to tap it out opposite hand opposite foot tap now same rule applies here you go lower facility tap tap or we can go higher nice and high nice and high good now this position will really be hitting with the triceps nice and happy Otis jess’s hitch our way all the ground on this she likes to do more of a bridging position and I’m down with the hips a little bit lower which is fun both are good okay but for work those loose molester tabletop it up okay so I happen often I want to push her over the mistake lower just for that purpose you work in almost there tap it out so we’re getting core try chest and some Googlers to one time good all right last drill I bring in the morning guys finish this up you and your workout buddy this is a burger to finish it up hi low fives we’re goin 40 pie for download opposite hand three two one go patchblocks 7 2 3 4 into deck quit playing 12 please for backup with burning up lover yeah yeah just did that hand ready dawn part of that nice big fingers right here right to the end 2 3 4 half way since the last move work together we can stop now yeah two three step you get tired you’ll have to jump just tap it tap it tap it we’re going down w hang in there you called head back two three four let’s go again I’ll jump one to keep going three two one ah yes nice guy awesome partner workout you guys we hope you like that routine if you did be sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the Max’s Best Bootcamp YouTube fitness channel if you haven’t already share this video with a friend also want to thank my workout buddy today jess for coming down next time I’d appreciate you and if you guys are in the danbury Connecticut area come train with us at the boot camp to apply on our website at thank you for tuning you guys have an awesome day

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