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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Strong and muscular arms are every man’s
desire, aren’t they? Even without the rest of your body ripped, you look immediately
handsome with those sculpted biceps and triceps. Not to mention that arm strength helps a lot
in everyday activities too! But what if I told you that you could get your arms beefed
up at home with just some pushups? Now, before we proceed to the training itself,
it’s important to understand how pushups work. In general, they are perceived as chest
exercise, targeting pectorals and shoulders the most. However, pushups are much more versatile
than that — it only depends on how you do them. Performed correctly, they are beneficial
almost for your entire body: abs, back muscles, neck, and of course, arms. All you have to
do is keep the right form to avoid injury and improve your results.
Today’s pushup workout will focus on making your biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles
bulkier and more sculpted, and you’ll achieve that in just 10 minutes a day. So let’s
get started! 1. Standard pushups
We’ll begin with the classic just to get you pumped up for the workout and used to
keeping the correct form. To perform standard pushups, get into the
plank position: put your palms firmly on the floor so that your hands are directly under
your shoulders. Keep your arms straight, propping your entire upper body on them. At the same
time, straighten your legs behind you and prop them up on your toes. Your body should
form a straight line from the neck down, with your neck neutral and your core tense.
Now start lowering your body by bending your arms at the elbows. The movement should be
slow and controlled. As soon as your chest touches the floor, push yourself back up in
the same manner. Don’t let your lower back sag to the floor, it could result in back
pain! Do 3 sets of 5 reps for the first time. Trust
me, that will be enough if you’re new to this exercise. Just make sure that the rest
between sets is no more than 10 seconds. Also, if you find it too hard to do pushups from
the plank position, try propping your lower body on your knees — it’ll reduce the
weight you have to lift off the ground. 2. Diamond pushups
Now let’s get to those beefy arms already! This pushup variation has a pretty name and
pretty good results if you want to target your biceps.
Prop yourself in the standard plank position and bring your hands closer together. Spread
your fingers apart so that your thumbs and index fingers make the shape of a diamond
(hence the name). Now start lowering your body to the floor. Once again, keep your back
straight and only work with your arms. You should feel the tension in both your biceps
and triceps, along with your shoulders and chest.
As you go down, make sure your elbows are parallel to your body, not pointed outwards.
This way, your biceps will work harder. Try to touch your chest to your fingers, and then
go back up the same way. Do 3 sets of 3 reps for this exercise, again
resting no more than 10 seconds in-between. It’s an advanced technique, and for an unprepared
person, it might just be too tough to do more. 3. Pushups with reversed hands
Now this one is a real challenge, but it will target your biceps like nothing else. It might
be a good idea to start with the knee-propped plank from scratch because it can be super
hard for a beginner. So you’ve been warned! Stand in the initial pushup position and move
your hands lower down your body, aligned with somewhere around your mid-back. Now reverse
your hands so that your fingers look at your toes. If you’ve managed not to drop to the
floor at this, you’re already doing great job!
Lower your body by bending your elbows and tucking them to your sides. Once you nearly
touch the floor with your chest, push yourself up.
With this exercise, the number of reps is irrelevant, so just do 3 sets of as many reps
as you can until you fail. Don’t worry if it’s just a few — as you train and do
it regularly, your strength and stamina will increase, letting you do more and more reps
with each try. And because of its intensity, you’ll see your biceps and triceps grow
like there’s no tomorrow! 4. Single-leg pushups
This kind of pushups will not only target your arms, chest, and back, but also improve
your coordination and balance. Don’t sway! Get into the standard plank position, stretch
your legs behind you and put your hands directly below your shoulders. Now slightly raise one
foot off the ground and then do a pushup. Upon going up, try not to wobble, and raise
yourself in a steady, controlled movement. When you’re back to the plank, switch the
foot and repeat a pushup. Continue switching feet like this with each rep.
This variation makes the load on your arms even greater thanks to the need to balance
yourself. And if you want to increase the work of your biceps and triceps, move your
hands closer together, kinda combining the exercise with diamond pushups.
Do 3 sets of as many reps as you can and give yourself a bit of well-deserved rest after
you’re done! 5. Gorilla pushups
Ever wanted to legitimately repeat that signature King Kong move? Well, you’ve got it! Gorilla
pushups are full of bursting feral power, so imagine you’re a ferocious primate and
get down to it! As usual, get into the plank position with
your body straight as an arrow. Now, this is the only exercise where you don’t need
to be slow — quite the contrary, in fact. Quickly drop down to the floor and then use
your arms to explode upwards and lift your upper body off the ground. While in the air,
slap your hands on your chest and put them back down fast so as not to fall. Feeling
like Monkey King yet? This explosive exercise helps increase burst
power of your arms and shoulders. Again, do 3 sets until failure. At first, you may want
to give yourself a break and do no more than 3 5 reps, but as you grow in strength, make
sure you do more reps too. This won’t let your muscles get used to the workload and
continue growing. And that’s it! These 5 exercises each take
no more than a minute of your time, and give yourself another minute between them to rest
— so in total, you’ll get 10 minutes a day. Do this workout three or four times a
week, giving your body a rest every other day so that your muscles have time to grow.
Also, this is kinda obvious, but still don’t forget that proper eating is one of the key
factors in building muscle mass. So if you want your biceps big and bulky, eat more protein-rich
foods like eggs, almonds (don’t be too hard on these, though), cottage cheese, and chicken
breast. Reducing your carbs intake also helps a lot, so ditch that chocolate bar and replace
it with some nuts instead. And if you want even faster results, combine
the pushups with other exercises targeting your arm muscles. For biceps, the most effective
ones are bicep curls with dumbbells and barbell raises: they directly work these muscles,
making them firm and rounded. For more prominent triceps, try doing bench dips and dumbbell
floor press. As for your shoulders, there are dumbbell
lateral and front raises as well as dumbbell incline row. It’s important to mention that
shoulders are probably the hardest to target separately because different exercises work
different shoulder muscle sections. So to get nice and rounded shoulders, you’ll need
to target each of those sections specifically. And last but not least, don’t forget that
there are two types of muscle mass you can build: lean and bulky. If you want to stay
lean, make your strength exercise routine low-resistance, with many repetitions, and
combine it with aerobic training to burn fat. This approach will give you a slim figure
without bulking muscles of a bodybuilder. If big muscles are exactly what you aim for,
though, you should do the exact opposite: short sets of high-resistance exercises. Take
heavier weights, for example, and perform as many reps as you can, but make sure you
physically can’t do more than 12 at a time. Also, don’t forget to eat properly and mind
your calorie intake. So do you know of other short and effective
workouts for big and strong arms? Share them down in the comments! If you learned something
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100 thoughts on “10-Minute Pushup Workout for Big and Muscular Arms

  1. After watching this video I have incorporated some of these pushups into my over 100 pushup a day challenge I am already doing.

  2. Everytime I start to see gains in my chest and arms from a push up routine my left shoulder and left elbow start to mess with me and hurt.

  3. I know of a 10 minute routine.

    For the first 30 seconds you do amrap, then rest the next 30 seconds. Repeat 9 more times.

    You wanna pick a variation that is within your 5-20 rep max. Do one arm push ups with perfect form, or one arm one leg push up, and maybe even elevate your feet to the height of your waist, or maybe one arm straight bar dips even.

    Same thing for pull ups.

    Workout 2-3 times a week. And everyday do a set of push ups till failure.

    Each week you will get stronger and increase your reps.

  4. I lift a weight of 10 kilos 50 times a day 100 times a day 5 kilos and do 50 situps and 50 squats and i still cant do a pushup lol

  5. My gym membership card just expired. And I'm saving for a new computer, so I have to resort to bodyweight workouts. This will help greatly.

  6. I am 12 and I can perform all this with little to no sweat, while some other people older than I am have trouble with diamond pushups..
    bruh moment

  7. I need this video to be a better Quarterback so I found out I need a good arm so why don’t go to my favorite YouTube?

  8. 3 sets of 1-5 reps with 10 second breaks is so terribly inconsistent.

    If you want strong arms, you will have to do bicep push ups and diamond push ups on a hard difficulty. Do 5 reps with 3 minute breaks between sets.

    Why 5?

    1 rep with high difficulty will increase neurological strenght and will start building muscle fiber.

    20 reps will build up muscle endurance, capilarisation (bloodflow) and will make the muscles bigger (not stronger!).

    5 is a great balance between the 2 extremes.

  9. for having bigger arms….: use from drop sets just in one set & drop weights for 8 times for bicep & tricep like mike mentzer….

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