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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Just tryna get to in time we’re supposed to be writing with me Life goes by fast. Let’s slow down We got older where did it go now? Back in time when all the I was you and me Hi guys my name is Emi and welcome back to my channel. So as you guys can see today I’m not sitting on my sofa back at home, and I’m here in beautiful trip Sri Lanka with my boyfriend: Chad If you wanted to watch my travel log. It’s right up here And this morning, I’ll be doing a 10-minute standing abs workout with you guys, because a lot of you have requested one and Whenever you want to workout your abs But sometimes depending on where you are you might not want to get that on the floor so here you go, just workout every Time I do it actually feel the most soar and the most Burn on the side of my waist my obliques right here You disturbed me! You shouldn’t sit below the AC But, no pain no gain. If you want to work on having a smaller waist then you have to put in the work Remember to be mindful to really engage your abs and to really crunch them up throughout the whole workout So we’re really training the abs muscles, so if you’re ready let’s go Because we’re traveling and we didn’t bring our big tripod So this is a set up in the room press the coffee table Then the chair then my laptop then my book and my schedule book and then the small tripod with the King All right guys Last start with a good old jumping jacks to warm up the full body and get the blood flowing to your muscles and get your Heart rate up so it facilitates the fat burning process for the rest of your workout Start with stading position, feet together arms by your side, jump with your feet apart and at the same time bring your arms above your head Quickly hop your feet back to and lower your arms back to your side. This is one rep Continue for 45 seconds, you jump up higher and also faster to increase the intensity These should be getting a heart pounding and your breath quicker. You might be sweating a little bit too. Good start guys Next one is standing side twist crunch. We’ll be working on the left side first Stading with feet shoulder-with apart Fingers lace and place your hands behind your head Then crunch your abs as you raise your left knee up and twist your upper body to the left as if you’re trying to touch A right elbow with your left knee. This is one rep Repeat on the same side for 45 seconds be mindful to work on your side ABS on the left and really crunch them up every Time you twist and turn your body You should be feeling as like burn Next we’re doing the same exercise but on the right side so that we’re training both side off the edge This time crunch your abs as you raise your right knee up and twist your upper body to the right as if you’re trying to touch your left elbow with your right kne. The key here is not the speed But how hard you squeeze the side of your abs every time you crunch up This is perfect for shaping the waist so let’s keep it going You guys are doing awesome, rested and let’s move on to the next one 4 ways kick Standing squat stand so feet wider than shoulder-with apart toes pointing out Hold your fist in front of your chest and we’ll shift our weight To our left leg and then crunch the Abs as we kick the right leg up to the front Leg back to the floor and kick to the right side as we squeeze and crunch the right side off the ABS Will then shift our weight to the right leg and? Repeat the same by kicking the left leg up to the front and next to the left side The harder you squeeze your abs and the harder you kick. We are burning the belly fat and sculpting the abs Another one down, fifth is side elbow touched knee, this time will first work on the right side Starting position is same as the second exercise Stand up tall with hands behind your head But this time raise your right knee to the side as you bend your body also to the right to try to your right elbow With right knee you are squeezing your right up leaks the right side of the Abs really hard This is one rep repeat for 45 seconds keep breathing and punching the Abs. Let’s go for the burn Halfway done, only five more minutes ago. Next one, we’re repeating the same exercise, but on the left side Remember we’re not doing it as fast as possible The most important here is to do it in a controlled manner to make sure we’re feeling a burn on the side obvious Sixth times for to go, seven is toes touch Same starting position hands behind your head crunch your abs as you raise your left leg to 90 degrees up and at the same time Release your right arm to tap your left toes with your right fingers Try to keep both your arms and leg straight if you can with a slight bend in your knees alternate between sides for 45 seconds Remember to keep breathing and work your core for every single rep We’re almost towards the end guys, keep going, work out Abs and keep burning Eighth is side drop where we’ll really work on a final slope and off the up these Again same starting position fingers laced behind your head We’ll do the right side first where we’re standing up tall and then slowly Curling the right side off the ABS as we bend our body to the right then stand back up tall and this is one rep As you can see here I’m slowly dropping my body to the right Counting at least two to three seconds before I come back up So that I’m really focused on using the side at muscles and giving them a slow burn repeat on the side for 45 seconds Alright guys only two more minutes ago. We’re not giving up Let’s finish it strong ninth is the same as the last one, but we’ll be doing the left side this time Remember to count to two or three seconds as you bend your body to the left, keep up with a burn We’re almost done with a workout no quitting here. Nine done let’s move on to the last exercise high knees for an intense burn on not just the ABS But also a full body cardio to blast the fat With your elbows next to your body, palms facing down Pop up by crunching your abs and driving your right knee towards your palm And then quickly place it back onto the floor follow immediately by driving your left knee towards your palm Continue to hop as quickly as you can Remember the faster you go the harder you crunch your abs the more calories you burn and the more you burn your belly fat We’re almost there guys. No stopping keep hopping if I can do this you can do this, too And we’re done, thank you for sticking it out and finishing this workout with me we’re not quitters Amazing what you guys? Tomorrow, you’ll feel the burn even more and even on the day after But for now let’s stretch it out a bit if you want a more comprehensive stretch, you can also try my 10 minute stretch Which I’ll link it up right here. Hope you guys enjoy the workout Give it a thumbs up if you do and remember to subscribe and turn on post Notification by clicking the bell button next to it, so you won’t miss my new videos, and I’ll see you again very soon

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