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Here are 10 people who took the idea of body building a little too far
#10 Moustafa Ismail The world record holder for the world’s
largest biceps measured at a whopping 31 inches! Amazing as it may seem it still makes him
look misshapen and grotesque. #09 Gary Himing
Himing reminded the world of the risks in the world of bodybuilding when he died on
stage while in a competition in Victoria. Also it reminded us to the world’s callousness
when it comes to these risks when the show continued after his body was removed from
the stage. #08 Sally McNeil
Sally is not that rare since not only men are drawn to bodybuilding. She has forsaken
feminine curves for toned muscles. Unfortunately steroids can take a toll on your psyche which
Sally emphasized after she shot her husband in the chest out of jealousy.
#07 Bertil Fox The effects of steroids can remain long after
its use is discontinued. Bertil Fox shot his wife and mother-in-law after which he was
sentenced to life in prison. #06 Chad Brothers
Chad was also a victim of steroids when he fell down on a machine while working out.
He went into a rampage destroying equipment police had to use two Tasers to bring him
down after which he passed out and died one hour later.
#05 Ruben Arzu Ruben was jailed for assaulting a couple breaking
their bones with his immense strength after years of pumping iron. It makes you wonder
how you can defend yourself when they snap. #04 Anthony D’Arezzo
Anthony’s is a sad story of dying for the sake of body building. He had a heart condition
which was made worse by steroid abuse. Even after advice from doctors to discontinue this
practice he did not stop. He died in a hotel a day before a competition he joined was to
take place. #03 Gordon Kimbrough
Another case of steroids affecting the mind Gordon was a timid man before getting into
bodybuilding but later family noticed a change in him it culminated after he murdered his
fiancée in a jealous rage when he thought he found another man.
#02 Gregg Valentino Gregg was the previous record holder of the
world’s largest biceps but since that time his bodybuilding still continued until his
biceps started oozing pus and when he tried to squeeze it himself his arm exploded and
had to be stitched up. #01 Andreas Munzer
Andreas Munzer was well known in the world of body building he was rushed to a hospital
after complaining of a stomach pain where he died in the operating table. His autopsy
revealed the toll extreme bodybuilding does to the body: his heart was twice the size
of a normal human, his liver had numerous tumors and his genitals were shrunken

5 thoughts on “10 People Who Took BODYBUILDING Too FAR

  1. Wow! Yes way too far indeed! The only level of body building I appreciate and envy would be the classic superman shape – but anymore than that is just sick. WHAT!? Shrunken junk? Oh hell nooooo! I am staying the health away from body building at all costs! aint gunna have my junk shrunk (((shivers)))

  2. not too far physically bc thats mostly mental issues and/or the persons body just couldn't handle it look at people along the lines of Ronnie Coleman

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