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What’s going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj, and in today’s
video here we’re talking about testosterone. And I’m going to be giving you ten ways
related to training nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle that can increase testosterone
levels naturally. Testosterone is crucially important when it
comes to gaining muscle, of course. It’s the most important muscle building
hormone in the body and it’s a limiting factor in determining how much muscle you
can gain and how quickly you can do it. And it has a ton of other very important effects
as well. A lot of people don’t know this but over
the past couple of decades testosterone levels in the average North American male have been
steadily decreasing. Some research showing by as much as about
twenty percent and one in four men now have testosterone levels that are below the healthy
range. That can bring on quite a few negative side
effects. Decreased muscle growth, obviously, fat gain,
lowered sex drive, less motivation. You’ll probably feel more fatigued. You’ll have mood swing, possibly, even depression. And it can also negatively impact your cardiovascular
health and even increased the risk of prostate cancer too. So following these ten tips can help to make
sure that you fall in within the optimal range. Now, keep in mind that if you already are
within the normal healthy range then applying these tips probably isn’t going to increase
your testosterone levels high enough to where you’re actually going to noticeably build
more muscle from it because for that to happen test levels have to be increased by a pretty
large margin that usually can’t be done naturally. But the moderate increase that you can get
can help out in terms of boosting libido, improving your mood, your energy levels, et
cetera. And these tips also have other benefit aside
from just boosting testosterone that genuinely can carry over and help you build more muscle
in other ways. And on the other hand if you are legitimately
below the optimal testosterone range right now then these tips definitely can give you
boost when it comes to building muscle and burning fat at a faster rate if they’re
able to take you from below average levels up to healthy levels. So, ten tips to naturally increase testosterone;
Tip number one, this is a very basic one but it has to be mentioned and most of you guys
were probably doing this already, but that is maintaining a regular weight training and
exercise plan. People who exercise on a regular basis have
higher testosterone levels, plain and simple. And intense resistance training is one of
the best things you can do both in terms of increasing actual testosterone levels and
improving androgen receptor sensitivity as well. And if you want to get the strongest effect
here then make sure to center your workouts around big, basic compound exercises that
hit multiple muscle groups at the same time. Make sure training with sufficient intensity,
so I’d say about a rep or two short of failure on most sets is a good guideline. And don’t use excessively long rest period
either. But bottom line, if you’re currently living
a relatively sedentary lifestyle then getting into the gym at least three days per week
with some additional cardio thrown into the mix, that’s going to be one of the best
things you can do. Tip number two, don’t over train yourself. So just because some weight training is good
doesn’t automatically mean that more is always going to be better. And over doing it can actually have the opposite
effect on your testosterone levels especially if you are already lead an active lifestyle
outside of the gym, maybe you have a stressful job, all those things are going to add up. So make sure to regulate your overall training
volume and frequency. You don’t need to spend hours and hours
in the gym, five or six days a week to get results in the first place. This is a pretty individual thing though,
so I’ll link a previous post that I did in the description box that goes over ten
over training signs and symptoms to look out for and how to properly manage them. But if your strength levels are stagnating
or decreasing, you’ve lost motivation to train, maybe you’re just feeling tired and
burnt out and not sleeping well, you have chronic joint paint, those are all going to
be signs that you might need to cut back a bit. Tip number three is to maintain a healthy
bodyfat percentage. So healthy meaning not too high because excessive
bodyfat is correlated with higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels but it
also means not allowing your bodyfat levels to drop too low. Trying to stay shredded year round with ripped
abs and striated shoulders might sound good but the reality is that that’s actually
not healthy and it’s not sustainable and going too low will have a direct negative
impact on testosterone levels as well. The lower you go the worst it’s going to
get. Anybody who’s dieted down to pretty low
levels of bodyfat, myself included, will tell you that the difference you feel in terms
of lowered libido, energy and motivation is very obvious and it clearly bounces back once
your bodyfat levels increased. So in my opinion, if your goal is to maintain
a decently lean and aesthetic physique but also keep your testosterone levels optimized
then somewhere between about ten to fifteen percent bodyfat for a male is probably going
to be the range that you’re going to want to stay in, and even ten percent is pretty
low for a lot of guys. I’d say probably more like twelve percent
is a safer bet. This is just an estimation though, because
there’s always going to be genetic outliers who can’t go lower than that without side
effects but for the average guy with average genetics dropping much lower than about twelve
percent is probably not going to be ideal in terms of keeping testosterone levels maximized. Tip number four is to make sure you’re consuming
enough dietary fat. So there a direct relationship between dietary
fat intake and testosterone levels, and the last thing you want to be doing if you want
to keep those test levels optimized is to be eating low fat diet. Keep in mind that dietary fat does not make
you fat, excessive total calorie intake is primarily what makes you fat. And consuming enough fat each day is critical
for keeping testosterone in the proper range and just for balanced overall health as well. So as an approximate guideline, I would say
to get about twenty five percent of your total calories from fat. You can go higher than that depending on what
sort of diet you’re following, but I wouldn’t go much lower than that and I would say that
about twenty percent would be the minimum. And fats contain nine calories per gram, so
just take your total daily calorie intake multiply it by 0.25 and then divide by nine
to get the number of grams of fat to eat. Tip number five is to get enough deep restful
sleep each night. The highest amount of testosterone gets produced
while you sleep and chronic under sleeping is going to raised cortisol levels and reduced
testosterone as well. And sleep is hugely important way beyond just
increasing testosterone levels. You need it for proper mental focus, training
performance, optimizing other important hormone levels as well besides testosterone, so this
is not something you want to overlook. And I did a previous post outlining seven
tips that you can use to get the very best sleep possible and I’ll link that in the
description box below as well if you want to check that out. Tip number six is to lower your overall levels
of daily stress. Stress is a killer, not just metaphorically
but actually in the literal sense because it increases your risk of a pretty lengthy
list of diseases an it keeps cortisol levels chronically elevated which decreases testosterone
as well. So I understand that in modern society a lot
of us are leading pretty busy lives, we have a lot going on, we’re constantly under pressure
in variety of ways. This is something that I personally need to
work on as well but if you want to keep your overall health and hormone levels properly
balanced you want to at least do the best you can to lower your levels of repetitive
daily stress as much as realistically possible. So that means maintaining a healthy, minimally
processed wholefood diet and exercising regularly, of course, sleeping well, trying to lower
your levels of work related stress as much as you possibly can and taking time for yourself
to relax and unplug as well. So, spending time with friends and family,
doing hobbies that you enjoy, just trying to maintain a more lighthearted attitude in
general toward things, meditation can help s well. And even things like laughing more often and
even having sex more often have been shown in research to increased testosterone levels
as well. Tip number seven, consume enough zinc. About one third of the American population
doesn’t meet the RDA for zinc and that can increase estrogen levels and lower testosterone. And this is especially important if you’re
training hard in the gym because gets depleted from your body through sweat. So you can increase your consumption of zinc
rich foods or the other option is to supplement with it to make sure that you’re getting
enough. Twenty to thirty milligrams of zinc, ideally
in the form of zinc citrate, with a meal once per day that would be a pretty standard dose
and if you don’t sweat a lot or if you’re already eating a lot of zinc rich foods then
you can go a bit lower at about ten to fifteen milligrams just to be safe. Tip number eight is to consume enough magnesium. This is another very important mineral that
plays an important role in keeping your test levels in check and just like zinc it also
gets depleted from your body through sweat. So, magnesium rich food can help and supplementation
is also an option here at two hundred to four hundred milligrams per day with a meal either
in the form of magnesium citrate, gluconate, or magnesium diglycinate. And magnesium also has the added benefits
of improving sleep quality as well if your current intake of it is too low. Tip number nine, moderate your alcohol intake. Now, alcohol itself is not some horrible,
evil substance that you have to completely abstain from in order to stay in great shape. I did a post about bodybuilding and alcohol
intake awhile back and I’ll link that in the description box as well, but you do need
to apply some basic moderation here and not go overboard with it if you want to keep your
testosterone levels maximized. So the equivalent of about one to two drinks
per day probably won’t be an issue and it can actually have certain health benefits,
and even drinking more heavily once in a while, if you’re going out partying or something
like that, probably isn’t going to be an issue as long as you’re doing it relatively
infrequently. But if you’re having multiple drinks, multiple
days per week to the point of getting decently buzzed or you’re getting aggressively binge
drinking every single weekend then that can definitely add up and have a measurable effects. So if you want to keep your testosterone levels
fully optimized you don’t have to cut out alcohol completely but moderating your intake
in combination with the other tips I’ve mentioned here is probably going to be a good
idea. And tip number ten is to get out in the sun. That’s because vitamin D intake is correlated
with testosterone production. The lower your vitamin D levels are below
the healthy range the lower your levels of testosterone are going to be as well. And because of the indoor lifestyle that most
of us lived nowadays, almost fifty percent of Americans are actually deficient in vitamin
D. So if you can get out in the sun about thirty minutes a day that will definitely
help and if you want to make sure your vitamin D levels are fully optimized or you’re in
the winter months and you live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sun then vitamin D
supplementation is also an option. Technically speaking you’d need to get blood
work done to know exactly how much vitamin D you should be supplementing with but two
thousand to three thousand IUs per day is a good guideline for most people. So, that covers it. Ten ways to increase testosterone levels naturally,
these aren’t the only tips there are but these are definitely some of the main ones. And these are all very important things not
just for boosting testosterone levels but also just for maintaining proper overall health
as well. So even if your testosterone levels are already
within the optimal range I’d still recommend going through and making sure that you’re
following all of these tips for the other benefits that they provide as well. So thanks for watching, guys. If you find this advice helpful and you want
to get all the step by step tools you need to gain muscle and lose fat at your maximum
potential; the workout plans, the meal plans, supplement guides along with one-on-one coaching
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