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CHANDLER KING: When other people watch me
they say, ‘Oh, my god! How do you do that?’ CHANDLER KING: And they are so impressed.
But when I do it, it’s not that hard. It’s pretty easy. CAM J KING: She’s always wanted to be a
gymnast as long as I can remember. CHANDLER KING: My favourite thing about gymnastics
is that I get to meet new people and I get to go to a lot of places and I get to show
off my new skills and I get to perform. CHANDLER KING: I do love performing. CHANDLER KING: On floor I get to perform more
and show off all my cool dance moves and personality. The whole gym would just stop and watch when I start to do my floor routine because it’s really sassy. COMM: At just 10 years old, gymnast Chandler
King is on the fast track to becoming an Olympic star. RAJAUL KING: Chandler started gymnastics quite
some time ago. I would say about 6 years ago when she was about 3-4 years old. We kind of noticed she had a little gift for balance and strength. LATOIKA KING: Around 6 years old that’s
when she said, ‘I want to go to the Olympics.’ That’s when she, kind of, really got serious
and that’s when she started doing a lot of hours. She practices almost 30 hours a
week and you hear sometimes, you know, ‘ Oh, why do you make your child do that?’ No,
you can’t make a child be somewhere for that amount of time, like it is her passion.
When she comes home she is still flipping in the living room. She is still practicing
on the beam. CAM J KING: She is constantly doing tricks
and stuff, like around the house. CHANDLER KING: Oh my god Daddy! RAJAUL KING: She embraces the moment to perform
in front of people and in front of the lights, you know, and to perform well. BRIAN GEMBERLING: She has a drive. It’s
her personality. She always wants to be the best. She is a kid that thrives off the competition. COMM: Chandler recently shot up from level
4 to level 7 out of a possible 10. BRIAN GEMBERLING: She exceeds on bars for
sure. She did level 7 this year and she definitely was undefeated on bars. She went 95, which
is obviously the best of the 100. Bars is the event that the US struggles on a lot.
So, she has a great opportunity. CHANDLER KING: Bars is not my favourite but
that’s the best event that I am best at. I normally win a lot of medals on bars and
some on floor. My favourite gymnastics trick to do is double packs off the bars into the
pit. BRIAN GEMBERLING: She just turned 10 years
old. So, she is definitely on the feeder track towards the Olympics. LATOIKA KING: Last year she had an accident on bars and we had to call the ambulance to
the gym. We were really nervous. It didn’t turn out to be anything on the CAT scan but
she, kind of, injured her neck a little bit and had a concussion. CHANDLER KING: Oh my god, that’s the best thing I’ve, I’ve ever done in my whole
life. I did 5. BRIAN GEMBERLING: I wish I saw it. Got it
on camera I guess. RAJAUL KING: As far as how many medals she
has, I would say about 30-40 medals at this point. LATOIKA KING: But it’s never been about
the medals for her. Like, even when she gets first prize, like, I am like, ‘I will put
your medals on this.’ She is like, ‘No, I am fine.’ CHANDLER KING: What we are looking at is all
of my medals that I have won this year and a lot of them are gold and silver. Some of
them are bronze. COMM: With numerous competitions under her
belt, Chandler is already on the invite list to the US National Squad. At this rate the
Olympic team should be well within her reach. RAJAUL KING: I am not scared to say it I am
super proud of her drive. I am super proud of her focus. I am just super proud of her
being able to handle it all. Because it is a lot when you think of a 9 or 10 year old
performing in a sport that requires so much concentration and so much discipline and so
much time and effort. Whatever she decides to do, her character is being built right
now. CHANDLER KING: My main goal in gymnastics
in the future is to go to the Olympics and make gold all around.

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