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What happens if you do a hundred push-ups every day Do you really think this is a good way to build muscle and improve your strength? Well it depends on different factors the first problem with this kind of training or the strict number of reps a hundred push-ups a day can be very hot or very easy depending on your level if You are able to do five or less reps max this challenge can be too tough for you You will need a lot of sets and it’s hard for your body to adapt. If you do this every day without rest If you are able to do 15 consecutive push-ups 100 pushups a day is very challenging And you might be able to improve your strength and both muscle mass at least in the first weeks But it’s the same problem as the person with the 5 reps You build up strength and muscle mass while regenerating and not during the training session So if you get sore, and you don’t let your body enough time to regenerate you will kill your own progress Now if you are able to do 30 push-ups, or even more 100 pushups will be quite easy and not a challenge at all Then it’s no problem to do it every day, but the stimulus will not be sufficient to get significant gains as you can see the major problem with this kind of challenge is that it’s not individual a Challenge has to be adapted to your level and your goal to be effective The next point is that hundred push-ups are not hundred push-ups If you do your reps very quickly hundred reps are not that hard as if you do your push-ups slower if person one does hundred push-ups with one second time on attention for each rep and person to the hundred push-ups with four seconds for every rep person one will do all push-ups with hundred seconds time under tension and Person two will do the push-ups with 400 seconds time under tension So person two will keep the muscles 4 times longer and attention than person 1 even if both are doing hundred push-ups The next problem with this kind of training is that hundred push-ups a day is not progressive of Course if you are beginner you will improve the strength and build muscle, but after a few weeks. You will stop making progress Doing the same exercise with the same amount of reps over and over will lead to nothing in the long term as Already mentioned you can change the rep speed Besides from that you can also change the amount of reps How about doing two hundred reps instead of hundred if 100 pushups that they are very easy or too hard for you You could also change the progression in order to make progress Doing more and more reps will change the focus of your training If you start with push-ups, and you train in the low to middle rep range you can build up muscle and improve your strength But if you are able to bust out 30 or more reps it becomes more and more a strength endurance focus training If you want to stay in a lower rep range you can make the exercise more challenging Just do a hundred Archer or even one on push-ups instead of regular push-ups As you have seen in our push-up videos there are different push-up variations Some are easy some are harder some will focus more on your shoulders and some will focus more on your chest or triceps Include some variation instead of doing the same over and over again The last thing you need to know about a hundred push-ups a day Challenge is how you should do them to make them as prolific as possible Should you spread the sets over the day, or do them as fast as possible in one session well both is possible, and it depends on your level and your goal a Good way to improve your performance is to split the sets over the day For example you can do 20 push-ups now You can split this into 10 sets of 10 reps and do one set every hour With this you don’t train till fatigue and rest almost one hour until you go on with the next set If you want to train every day you should keep in mind to not exhaust yourself You do one third up to two thirds of your max rep and with this you can train more frequently as if you were trained to fatigue Otherwise you would need more time to recover and then couldn’t train every day This method works even better if you choose a progression that you can do about 6 to 10 reps with This is great to increase your max rings with that lower rep range or to increase repetitions very fast in a higher rep range But it’s not the best way if you want to boot muscle This method also doesn’t work with the hundred push-up challenge if you are able to do only a few reps or a Huge lot of reps in this case you have to decrease or increase the total amount of reps No matter, which intensity you choose aim for five to 10 sets per day The next way to do it of strict sets If you can do 15 reps you can do about seven sets to reach the hundred reps with two to three minutes rest in between With this method you exhaust yourself in nearly every set This method is great to build up muscle, but it only works. If you earn the right rep range If you can do five or less reps you will build up more strength than muscle mass It’s also total nonsense to try to get hundred reps with this method if you can only do five reps max You will end up doing 20 to 30 sets until you reach the reps And if you do this every day you will beat down your body and decrease your progress Instead of hundred do it with 30 reps If normal push-ups are quite easy for you You can change the progression to make the exercise harder And work in a lower rep range if you are able to do thirty reps or more you will improve your strength endurance But to get that hundred reps you will only need about three sets it might work, but it might work better with more volume So you could increase the total amount to 150 or 200 reps? The last method is to do them as quick as possible and only rest a few seconds This is a good way if you are able to do more than 15 reps Otherwise the rest time will be too low and you will need too much time to do it Bust out a few reps like about 10 then rest for like 10 to 20 seconds and do it until you reach the hundred reps This method is also more for improving strength endurance and you can set up the amount of reps like in the example before You could also try to set a time of five minutes, and do as many reps as possible in this time So let’s compare the three methods again First was set spread over the day with high or medium intensities 1/3 to 2/3 of your max reps and a long rest of about an hour Second was all sets in one session with medium rest times of two to three minutes and hundred percent max reps every set The intensity should be medium Third was doing a specific amount like 100 reps in the lowest time possible or the most reps in a given time like 5 minutes Too short rest of 10 to 20 seconds and up to 50% of your max reps The intensity needs to be pretty low for that To change the intensity you just pick another progression in which you can do more or less consecutive reps All in all this way of training could be done for a few weeks But you should either include some kind of progression over time or switch to another method after a few weeks It’s okay to mix things up a little bit, but there are better and more effective methods out there to increase your fitness level The best of those methods are included in our comprehensive workout programs Which will help you to build up a solid base of strength and muscle mass so visit our website now and try it for yourself Use the code. 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100 thoughts on “100 Push Ups a Day Challenge | Does it really work?

  1. I fucking knew it. That slow myth is propaganda from the military to get strong people outside of the military to lose progress. Just like the japanese convincing their enemies to break their bones on cement and wood.

  2. a few years ago i did thousands upon thousands of pushups (500 per training) just to challenge myself. and in all honesty
    all it did was make me very good at pushups, also that was the point in my life when I was the skinniest

  3. I did it for a month and tore my pec. Was looking good for a minute though. Be sure to stretch shoulders and back and it’ll be good for you.

  4. I like this challenge.

    I improved every single day (mainly because of muscle memory).

    When I first started doing it seriously, I was able to do 20 in a row the first day.
    The next was 25.
    Then 30. Then 35.
    After two weeks, I reached 50 push ups in a row.
    I could've easily reached 100 push ups if I had a month more.

  5. This is a series of videos of my 100 times per day push-up challenge. If you can, like or comment to cheer for me. Many thanks ❤

  6. Video starts "What happens if you do 100 pushups a day?" Well you see the answer is in plain sight, see that the trainer is kinda bald? Well thats what happens but if you wanna be saitama, dont forget about the 100 situps and jogs everydays

  7. does it need to be 100 push ups continuously or can we do them by taking taking breaks between them. i can only do 20 push ups in a row .can someone reply to my question

  8. So.. i do 100pushups every day with an 8kg bag on my back, until fail. I do slower full range reps usually 15-20 but at the (80-100nd pushups) i can do only 5-10. Next morning i dont feel sore. Is this good or should i change something? I would appreciate help and suggestions!

  9. I did this challenge for a few months. It screwed over the balance of the muscles in my chest. Always focus on the weaker side guys.

  10. Sorry guys i need your help
    I can do 11-15 reps per set
    But i only got rest for 20-30 second
    Is that effective for me?

  11. My goal is to do 100 push ups in a row.

    My method however is repping it till failure then rest 90 seconds. At the moment I can only do 30 in a row.

    So my sets end up like 30, 25, 15, 10, 10, 10.

  12. Start on your knees, build your strength and work towards full sets. Full extensions are key to developing early muscle strength in key areas of your shoulders and triceps. I went from 100 a day to 400 a day, doing sets of 50 by the end of the month. Regardless of the workout, change your diet and you will see faster results 🙂

  13. Me: wow it's already 10 pm, let me watch a fitness video before going to bed

    *Gets Motivated

    Me:(Does 100 push up before going to bed)

  14. Fuck, everyday watching these perfect bodies trying to get inspired, because scoliosis my back is so weak 🙁 but not giving up

  15. I'm a firmly against this challenge, because it's just not a challenge. A few years ago I tried it (I could do like 10 reps max) and divided it over morning, afternoon and evening. I didn't know what real workout was back then so I thought that it was hard. Looking back it was literally nothing. I definitely discourage this.

  16. if one can master the push up, they can progress to doing something else like work on pull ups and dips.

  17. To be honest your gonna get some weird looks if you just bust out ten press ups outside the bus stop

  18. Salut. Pourquoi est ce que c’est écrit en français et vous parlez anglais ? Can you speak French?

  19. Hola, soy de mexico. Su canal es de los mas completos respecto a calistenia se refiere.. tienen un gran contenido y me ha ayudado a progresar mucho. Por lo tanto me gustaria que incluyeran la traduccion en sus videos al español.. seria de mucha ayuda. Gracias!!

  20. Do for 3 years: 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and run 10km, eat banana in the morning. When you get bald, you'll know you're ready to kick the butt of monsters.

  21. I do 5 min dynamic stretch and 100 "jumping jacks" (4×25 of different types) and GOOD pushups (pause at bottom, perfect form, etc) to failure every morning. It's not to build muscle, just for getting the blood flowing and getting loose. I doubt doing 100 pushups a day will do shit for gains.

  22. I do more than 100 push-ups, that's becase i be exicited, i started doing 10 reps, 20, 30 , now i can do 50 just foucus, stayhard

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